20 Questions With …

Martin Fisher, photography by Neal Bruns

Martin Fisher

November 24, 2015

Martin Fisher is really is happy about Science Central. Find out his secret ambition as we play 20 Questions.

Eric Doden, photography by Neal Bruns

Eric Doden

October 30, 2015

Find out what Greater Fort Wayne Inc. head Eric Doden thinks we should be reading as we play 20 Questions.

Mark GiaQuinta, photography by Neal Bruns

Mark GiaQuinta

October 1, 2015

Find out why such a serious public advocate as Mark GiaQuinta used to hitchhike so much as he plays 20 Questions.

Melissa Long, photography by Neal Bruns

Melissa Long

August 28, 2015

After three decades on the air, television anchor Melissa Long trades makeup brushes for banjo.

Dorothy Kittaka, photography by Neal Bruns

Dorothy Kittaka

July 1, 2015

Despite the rich and deep experiences of a life well lived, Dorothy Kittaka is still busy and still growing up. Find out why as she plays 20 Questions.

Fred Lanahan, photography by Neal Bruns

Fred Lanahan

June 1, 2015

Fred Lanahan thinks passenger rail plus public transportation is just what we need.

Rev. Bill McGill, photography by Neal Bruns

Rev. Bill McGill

June 1, 2015

The Rev. Bill McGill speaks like a poet and leads from a place of authenticity.

Doc West, photography by Neal Bruns

Doc West

May 12, 2015

He’s the doctor who prescribes rock ‘n’ roll and lives for the music. Learn why as Doc West plays 20 Questions.

George Kalamaras, photography by Neal Bruns

George Kalamaras

May 12, 2015

IPFW professor George Kalamaras is Indiana’s Poet Laureate. Find out what he thinks of rhyming as we play 20 Questions.

Charles Miller, aka Tula, photography by Neal Bruns

Charles Miller

May 12, 2015

Charles Miller is Tula, whose life has not all happened on stage. Learn the rest of her story as he plays 20 Questions.

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