Garret and Olympia Ott

January 11, 2020

50th Wedding Anniversary Garret and Olympia Ott celebrated 50 years of marriage on January 3, 2020. The couple

George and Phyllis Angel

November 30, 2019

50th Wedding Anniversary George and Phyllis Angel celebrated their Anniversary on Nov. 2, 2019. They send loving

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Payne

November 30, 2019

60th Wedding Anniversarsy Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Payne of Fort Wayne, IN celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary

Ray & Verla Bailey

November 30, 2019

61st Wedding Anniversary Congratulations to Ray & Verla Bailey who celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary on Nov. 28,

Richard and Kathleen Blauvelt

November 30, 2019

74th Wedding Anniversary November 30th Richard and Kathleen Blauvelt also celebrated 5 family generations. Son Bill Blauvelt,

Joe and Josephine Pasqualetti

November 23, 2019

60th Wedding Anniversary Joe and Josephine Pasqualetti celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on November 7th, 2019. They celebrated

Jim and Carole Walcutt

November 9, 2019

60th Wedding Anniversary Jim and Carole Walcutt celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on November 2nd. They are the

Charlie and Marilyn Rhoads

October 26, 2019

70th Wedding Anniversary Charlie and Marilyn (Ott) Rhoads were married on October 29, 1949, and are celebrating their

Bill and Jennifer Sorg

October 26, 2019

50th Wedding Anniversary Bill and Jennifer (Hammerstein) Sorg celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a mass at

Adrian & Debra (Parker) Campos

October 12, 2019

25th Wedding Anniversary On October 15, 2019, Adrian & Debra (Parker) Campos will be celebrating their 25th

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