Pastor Wayne E. and Martha Smith

September 5, 2015

Pastor Wayne E. and Martha Smith Pastor Wayne and Martha celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary on August 26th.


Dennis and Rosemary Butler

September 5, 2015

Dennis and Rosemary Butler Dennis and Rosemary Butler are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. They were married


Dwight and Martha (Deam) Siela

September 5, 2015

Dwight and Martha (Deam) Siela Dwight and Martha are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary with a family dinner.


Guy and Peggy Zimmerman

September 5, 2015

Guy and Peggy Zimmerman Guy and Peggy are celebrating 65 years of marriage, on September 8th. They


Michael and Carolyn Aker

August 29, 2015

Michael and Carolyn Aker Michael and Carolyn celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on August 28th.


Ivey and Travis Lowe

August 29, 2015

Ivey and Travis Lowe Ivey and Travis will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on September 2nd. They have


Joseph and Shirley Weldon

August 29, 2015

Joseph and Shirley Weldon Joe and Shirley will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a family celebration


Jerry and Kay (Lipp) Dager

August 29, 2015

Jerry and Kay (Lipp) Dager The Dagers celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday, with a family dinner at


Harold and Patricia Ohler

August 29, 2015

Harold and Patricia Ohler We have been blessed! Celebrating 65 years of marriage, with five generations of

Byron and Barb Ulrick

August 29, 2015

Byron and Barb Ulrick Byron and Barb, of Fort Wayne, recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on August

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