Arthur & June (Miller) Krauss

May 18, 2019

50th Anniversary Arthur & June (Miller) Krauss will celebrate their 50th anniversary on May 25th with an open

Rich and Diane Ciesielski

April 27, 2019

60th Wedding Anniversary Rich and Diane Ciesielski of Ft. Wayne celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on April 25th.

Don and Jeantee Wagoner

April 20, 2019

Happy 50th AnniversaryDon and Jeanette Wagoner are celebrating their 50th Wedding anniversary on April 26. They have 2

Merrell and Elaine House

April 20, 2019

50th Wedding Anniversary Merrell and Elaine House are celebrating 50 years of marriage today. They were married

Robert and Marilyn Crockett

April 6, 2019

60th Wedding Anniversary Robert and Marilyn Crockett of Fort Wayne celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on April 4.

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Parker

April 6, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Parker of Fort Wayne are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversay Gary Parker and Barbara

Herman & Idell Fowler

April 6, 2019

Happy 50th Anniversary Herman & Idell Fowler were married April 2, 1969 in Dewitt AR. A celebration

Jack and Betty Gething

March 30, 2019

70th Wedding Anniversary Jack and Betty Gething celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on March 27th. Their children

Tom & Dorothy Andrews

March 9, 2019

70th Wedding Anniversary Tom & Dorothy Andrews will celebrate their 70th anniversary on March 12th. They have 3

John and Sue Langas

February 23, 2019

50th Wedding Anniversary John and Sue Langas are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on March 1st, 2019.

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