Larry and Connie Brown

October 24, 2015

Larry and Connie Brown Larry and Connie will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on October 30th. They

Pat and Dave Syndram

October 24, 2015

Dave and Pat Syndram Dave and Pat Syndram were married on October 29, 1965 and are celebrating

Tom and Twilla Steele

October 24, 2015

Tom and Twilla Steele Tom and Twilla will celebrate 50 years of marriage on October 30th.

Paul and Donna Fritze

October 17, 2015

Paul and Donna Fritze Paul and Donna celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on October 15, 2015.

Dave and Pat Smith

October 17, 2015

Dave and Pat Smith Dave and Pat Smith are celebrating 50 years of marriage. They have been

Jerry and Barb (Gary) Dirig

October 10, 2015

Jerry and Barb (Gary) Dirig Jerry and Barb, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, are celebrating their 50th Wedding

Bob and Kathy Current

October 3, 2015

Bob and Kathy Current Bob and Kathy will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They were married October

Robert and Cheryl Trammel

October 3, 2015

Robert and Cheryl Trammel Bob and Cheri were married on October 3, 1965. They both retired

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