Lucille Gilliom

November 21, 2015

Lucille Gilliom Lucille will be 102 tomorrow. She is loved by all!

Chelsea and Dean Rogers

November 21, 2015

Chelsea and Dean Rogers Chelsea Noelle Vickerman and Dean Wiggins Rogers were married April 11, 2015 at

Tom and Sally Furney

November 14, 2015

Tom and Sally Furney Tom and Sally were married November 20, 1965, at Calvary United Methodist Church,

Joe and Nancy Bieber

November 14, 2015

Joe and Nancy Bieber Joe and Nancy are celebrating their 50th Anniversary on November 20th.

Wayne and Helen (Gump) Waters

November 14, 2015

Wayne and Helen (Gump) Waters Wayne and Helen, of Fort Wayne, will celebrate their 65th Wedding Anniversary

Virginia R. Smith-Voelker

November 7, 2015

Virginia R. Smith-Voelker Virginia is celebrating 90 years with family and friends with an open house from 2-5pm,

Ashley Torres and Ivor Mollema

October 31, 2015

Ashley Torres and Ivor Mollema Ashley Torres, daughter of Vernon and Tonya Torres of Fort Wayne, Indiana,

Jack and Emily Everett

October 31, 2015

Jack and Emily Everett Jack and Emily celebrate their 60th anniversary November 5th. Jack retired from Container

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