Clairus and Betty Dew

June 9, 2018

75th Wedding Anniversary Clairus and Elizabeth (Betty) Dew of Ft. Wayne, will celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary June

Aimee Burdick and Christopher Miguel

June 2, 2018

Wedding Announcement Mrs. Nancy Burdick and Mr. Christopher Burdick announce the engagement of their daughter, Aimee to Christopher

Carolyn and Philip Miguel

June 2, 2018

50th Wedding Anniversary Philip and Carolyn Miguel wll be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on June 23, 2018.

Edward and Kathy Masloob

June 2, 2018

50th Wedding Anniversary Ed and Kathy Masloob will celebrate their 50th year of marriage on June 8th.

Roberta and Ronald Bultemeier

June 2, 2018

50th Wedding Anniversary Roberta A and Ronald A Bultemeier were married June 1, 1968 at Wayne Street United Methodist Church

Ray & Becky McGuire

June 2, 2018

50th Wedding Anniversary Ray & Becky McGuire celebrated their anniversary on June 1st. They have 2 sons and

Don & Connie Buckmaster

June 2, 2018

50th Wedding Anniversary Don and Connie Buckmaster were married 50 years on June 1st. They are the proud

Sam and Barbara Hayes

May 19, 2018

50th Wedding Anniversary Sam and Barbara Hayes will celebrate their Wedding Anniversary on May 18th. They will celebrate

Jack and Elena Fry

March 31, 2018

50th Wedding Anniversary Jack and Elena Fry of Fort Wayne are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on April

Hal and Roberta (Bobbie) Trump

March 24, 2018

Happy 60th Anniversary Hal and Roberta (Bobbie) Trump were married on March 22, 1958. They have 3 children:

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