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Last updated: Tue. Dec. 06, 2011 - 12:52 pm EDT

Birth listings: Fort Wayne residents


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Oct. 9.

Fort Wayne

•Aaron E. Bassett Jr. to Kristin A. Daub and Aaron E. Bassett Sr.

•Abdallah H. Alshuweily to Sanai K. Raty and Haider H. Alshuweily.

•Adelei O. Bastian to Molly J. Richman and Derek E. Bastian.

•Adrian C. Bixby to Amanda J. Terhune and Nathean C. Bixby.

•Aiden J. Gunkel to Desiree D. and James J. Gunkel II.

•Airyana J. Logan to Jessica L. Logan.

•Alice R. Pion to Jessica L. Geisler and Aaron M. Pion.

•Alise A. Nard to Helen A. Nard.

•Alivea L. Parker to Ashley S. and Andrew S. Parker.

•Alyssa G. Foss to Jessica D. and Gabriel D. Foss.

•Amora S. Craft to Myesha N. and Stephen T. Craft.

•Anahi M. Gavina to Marilu Gavina.

•Andrew W. Watson to Kamala J. and John Watson.

•Angelina E. Rios to Jessica A. Nieto and Felipe G. Rios.

•Annika L. Sommermeyer to Sarah J. and Joshua D. Sommermeyer.

•Anthony A. Vasquez to Alba N. Sanchez and Salvador A. Vasquez.

•Antonia D. Baughman to Jaclyn C. and Dean A. Baughman.

•Arabella J. Garcia to Mercedes M. Flores and Eric L. Garcia.

•Ariana E. Milton to Ariel N. Staller and Erin C. Herd.

•Asa M. Beck to Jessica L. Cochren and Stacy M. Beck.

•Ashlyn S. Tone to Sara A. Karriker and William A. Tone II.

•Athena M. Byerline to Sara E. Palmer and Benjamin A. Byerline.

•Aubrey A. Freed to Jennifer A. and Lowell J. Freed.

•Aubrey G. Jaxtheimer to Amy J. Burton and Jacob S. Jaxtheimer.

•Auden M. Weber to Abby M. Lotter and Michael T. Weber.

•August A. McGuffey to Melissa C. McGuffey.

•Avant L. Wallace to Danielle L. Carter and Brandon J. Wallace.

•Avaya L. Henderson to Kelsey R. Hamilton and Curtis L. Henderson III.

•Averie M. Kurtz to Megan M. and Brent W. Kurtz.

•Azarael G. Contreras to Maria C. Contreras.

•Bayron C. Reyes to Areli Sanchez-Castro and Carl F. Reyes.

•Beckham W. Panyard to Susan E. and Joshua M. Panyard.

•Benjamin Cruz to Francisca Tello and Jose F. Cruz.

•Bennie J. Coyne to Jennifer J. and Matt A. Coyne.

•Blythe H. Beeman to Stacy L. and Jeffrey B. Beeman.

•Brady W. Urschel to Elizabeth A. and Adam S. Urschel.

•Braylen G. Smith to Brittney S. Summerville and Braxton M. Smith.

•Brian M. Blake to Kimberly S. and Joshua M. Blake.

•Brittiney J. Bates to Brittiney M. Kyles and Christopher D. Bates.

•Brogan D. Verfaillie to Nicole M. and Bryce B. Verfaillie.

•Caitryn S. McMeeking to Rachel L. and Brian D. McMeeking.

•Charlotte A. Sherman to Katie A. and Dustin J. Sherman.

•Chloe B. Dunifon to Aubrae R. and Christopher B. Dunifon.

•Christopher A. Greer to Nikaha T. Greer.

•Christopher J. Owens to Mary M. Johnson and Joseph J. Owens.

•Claira J. French to Tina M. French.

•Colten H. Strassburger to Elizabeth G. Strassburger.

•Connor M. Beck to Katherine A. Harden and Ryan L. Beck.

•Da Karai J. Trotter to Alisha D. Teague and Thomas E. Trotter.

•Da Niyah L. Hampton-Buchanan to Samantha B. Buchanan and Donald E. Hampton Jr.

•Damian A. Lukins to Rebecca A. Lukins.

•Dartavis J. Gentry to Johniqua M. Holmes and Drayon M. Gentry.

•Davianna J. Johnson to Celestine R. Johnson.

•David E. Pozuelos-Lemus to Suri M. Lemus and Hector E. Pozuelos.

•Deacon W. Christman to Karissa N. Caprioni and Nicolas W. Christman.

•Deonesti K. Simpson to Chela J. Simpson.

•Destiny M. Brundige to Brittany C. Lechleidner and Clayton J. Brundige.

•Dietrich E. Mann to Ruth M. and Christopher M. Mann.

•Dominant T. Taylor to Moriah N. Taylor.

•Elijah D. Reid to Nicolle M. and James J. Reid.

•Elizabeth A. Bell to Jennifer N. and Ryan C. Bell.

•Ella M. Jones to Jordan J. Green and Johnathan L. Jones.

•Elyse B. Todd to Brooke N. and Eric M. Todd.

•Emery A. Knoblauch to Amber L. and Christopher C. Knoblauch.

•Emma J. Rarick to Amanda L. and David W. Rarick.

•Emmanuel Ruiz to Ema Mondragon and Carmen Ruiz.

•Emmi M. Vayavong to Thuykieu Pham and Anousone K. Vayavong.

•Franklin J. Hockaday to Melinda A. and Michael K. Hockaday.

•Gabriella L. Golden to Stephanie J. and Robert L. Golden.

•Gerardo V. Martinez to Maria D. Sanchez and Gerardo Martinez.

•Giovanni M. Kindig to Emily A. Lichtsinn and Austin M. Kindig.

•Gloria D. Hoih to Kam L. Cing and Lang K. Mang.

•Grace E. Martin to Sally M. and Jeffrey A. Martin.

•Hadley K. Blair to Chanda K. and Chad R. Blair.

•Haley C. McGuire to Jennifer M. McGuire.

•Harmony K. Washington to Lakeisha P. Breham and Melvin A. Washington Jr.

•Imani L. Clopton to Shanterri A. Clopton.

•Isaac A. Mehreteab to Suzan H. Abraham and Adonay Mehreteab.

•Isabelle C. Carboni to Jessemie A. Hill and Tyler A. Carboni.

•Jace N. Lapsley to Tara B. Eads and Austin D. Lapsley.

•Jack P. Gabbard to Mary V. and Clinton S. Gabbard.

•Jacob E. Karl to Angela R. and Jon A. Karl.

•Jacob M. Planck to Janae N. and Timothy M. Planck.

•Jacobi J. Williams to Ashley M. and Shannon T. Williams.

•Jaden D. Poindexter to Jazmin L. Wallace and Joseph D. Poindexter.

•Jadon L. Stephens to Brittany L. and Jonathon R. Stephens Wabash

•Jaivion L. Brown to Stephanie M. Brown.

•Janiya L. Harvard to Carie S. and Darren L. Harvard.

•Januel A. Maldonado to Tania J. Gonzalez and Jose A. Maldonado.

•Jariah M. Hunter to Shyra M. Collins and Jarrell A. Hunter.

•Javion M. Allen to Vanessa L. Saylor and Michael T. Allen Jr.

•Jayla-Jo A. Stevens to Jennifer N. and Nicholas P. Stevens.

•Jaylee M. Marks to Paige N. Fremion and Joshua R. Marks.

•Jaylin D. Boone to Jessica W. Vinson and Geivon D. Boone Sr.

•Jazarah N. Bull to Jasmine X. Cayson and Naquan L. Bull.

•Jesse D. Roush to Brandi L. Sholar and Ryan K. Roush.

•Jesus A. Perez-Ramirez to Lucia Perez-Ramirez and Martin Diaz.

•Jonathan Diaz to Susana and Rafael Diaz.

•Jonathan M. Prosser-Pippins to Lucretia S. Prosser and Jonathan J. Pippins.

•Jorden R. Creppel to Christina O. Mutz and Shane P. Creppel.

•Joseph O. Chapman to Rose M. and Kyle E. Chapman.

•Joshua J. Handwork to Michele L. and Chad J. Handwork.

•Jude E. Gatchell to Korine L. and Joseph C. Gatchell.

•Julian M. Garcia to Rebecca A. and Vincent B. Garcia.

•Julian R. Klug to Amber D. and Cameron R. Klug.

•Kaiden W. Maughmer-Boatright to Lindsay M. Maughmer and David W. Boatright II.

•Kaleb M. Williams to Litsha D. Williams.

•Keaton A. Shafer to Jaimi L. Osten and Gale E. Shafer IV.

•Kedron J. Walker to Anna L. Walker.

•Keenan C. Blakey to Kelly A. and Adam W. Blakey Sr.

•Kellan M. Jensen to Leah K. and Michael S. Jensen.

•Kellen M. Gerbers to Deborah C. and Kevin M. Gerbers.

•Kelsey Y. Lopez to Dilma V. Lopez Polanco and Dorester A. Cardona Martinez.

•Kennedi L. Shafer to Jaimi L. Osten and Gale E. Shafer IV.

•Kerri N. Chambers to Kristina N. and Donald A. Chambers.

•Kezia L. Stoneman to Jessica M. Dugger and Blake C. Stoneman.

•Kristian M. Henderson to Misheela M. Belcher and Desmond D. Henderson.

•Kristianna T. Holden to Dominique D. and James C. Holden.

•Ktavia R. Brooks to Keyana S. Brooks.

•Kyra M. Haudenschild to Janet R. and Mark A. Haudenschild.

•La Raya S. Grigsby to Skye A. Grigsby.

•Lai La A. Finan to Bionca M. Hernandez and Devon L. Finan.

•Lamarion L. Cooper to Sypairra D. Cooper.

•Leona D. Morgan to Brittany F. Varney and Daqwan M. Morgan.

•Leyton H. Hammel to Angila M. and Nathan J. Hammel.

•Liam W. Zahm to Holly R. Chapman and Brandon W. Zahm.

•Lillian E. Neff to Rebecca L. and Jason M. Neff.

•Lillian G. Osterholt to Lyndsey M. and Chad A. Osterholt.

•Lily M. Goldfuss to Amber A. and Edwin F. Goldfuss.

•Lincoln X. Sheridan to Brooke T. and Seth D. Sheridan.

•Logan J. DeKoninck to Brittney R. and John A. DeKoninck.

•Lucas W. Forrest to Jeri A. and Robert E. Forrest.

•Luisangel Hernandez to Erika Fuentes and Luis Hernandez.

•Luna S. Campos to Gabriela and Angel Campos.

•Luna Z. Ljubic to Zdenka Ljubic.

•Lybertee A. Presley to Lynda A. Martinez and Karlon M. Presley.

•Lydia D. McLeish to Ashley N. and Patrick R. McLeish.

•Macie R. Adams to Tasha M. and Zachery A. Adams.

•Maddox E. West to Megan R. and Jason J. West.

•Mae M. Fausnaugh to Jill M. and Joshua T. Fausnaugh.

•Malachi L. Brenner to Michelle M. and Matthew R. Brenner.

•Marcus T. Whitfield to Lanydra A. Whitfield.

•Mariah A. Willis to Toni L. and Brandon Z. Willis.

•Mario M. Baeza to Rosa M. and Mario Baeza.

•Marko Milicevic to Zehida and Milan Milicevic.

•Mason A. Weible to Darcy L. and Robert M. Weible.

•Maximus M. Wardlaw to Ashley M. Pointer and Nicholas M. Wardlaw.

•McKenzie D. Rothgeb to Amanda J. Rothgeb and Joshua J. Drown.

•Mia I. Bastress to Brooke M. and Jeffrey T. Bastress.

•Micayla L. Foust to Stacey L. and Jerry J. Foust Jr.

•Michael L. Ruhe to Paula J. and John P. Ruhe.

•Michaella L. Moore to Susan R. Cronin and Christopher S. Moore.

•Mo Ha Mad H. Uim to Wahee Mar and Ee Zar.

•Natalie A. Gavina to Marilu Gavina.

•Niang I. Saang to Hau Nu and Meng Pu.

•Nicholas W. Geist to Samanatha I. Perkins and Stephen N. Geist.

•Nicole M. Wall to Natalie C. and Kevin R. Wall.

•Noah A. Brown to Annette R. and Scott R. Brown.

•Nooraina Sabee to Katee Sabee and Anu Wa.

•Obeth Cardona-Felipe to Elva Felipe-Pereida and Obeth Cardona.

•Oscar D. Munoz to Catalina Gomez-Vazquez and Francisco J. Munoz-Ayala.

•Paul W. Ward IV to Lontondra S. Walker and Paul W. Ward III.

•Qytae D. Cooper Jr. to Sawayla C. McCray and Qytae D. Cooper.

•Rachel L. Arrington to Candice A. and Gary E. Arrington.

•Rebecca R. Cruz to Mayra I. and Gabriel Cruz.

•Reece O. Neal to Taren T. Roeback and Zachary L. Neal.

•Reylyn J. Mitschelen to Rebecca L. Charles and Michael S. Mitschelen.

•Rhaegan K. Lauer to Brittany R. and Todd D. Lauer.

•Rocio Macias to Rosa M. and Juan M. Macias.

•Rodolfo Montemayor Jr. to Rosa L. Medina and Rodolfo Montemayor.

•Ronald K. Ward Jr. to Teosha L. Scott and Ronald Ward Sr.

•Rowen E. Kellams to Danielle K. and Brad S. Kellams.

•Ruby-Rose I. Carpenter to Stacey M. Harrell and Nathan A. Carpenter.

•Saad S. Rid to Ja Han and Ra Phee.

•Samantha A. Stoner to Andrea H. Ferguson-Stoner and William J. Stoner.

•Samuel R. Stewart to Barbara T. and Ryan T. Stewart.

•Scarlette R. Grand to Krystal N. Jones and Tyler G. Grand.

•Serenity S. Huff to Dawn E. Moss and John W. Huff.

•Shilyn S. Bay to Samantha D. Thomas and Nicholas R. Bay.

•Sofia A. Rivera to Ashley A. Park and Dewayne A. Rivera.

•Ta Mya A. O'Hair to Erica J. O'Hair.

•Tavontae J. Warren to Ashley L. Warren.

•Tobias D. Burgette to Heather R. and Blake S. Burgette.

•Toiabah Salim to Ro Sy and Mat S. Lin.

•Tristian J. Shirely to Jameria D. Snyder and Austin S. Shirely.

•Tyler J. Butts to Jama R. and Sean R. Butts.

•Wyatt L. Smith to Jennifer R. and Justin L. Smith.

•Zander M. Compton to Amber N. Noble and Michael A. Compton.

•Zaw M. Hlaing to Thawe Thawe and Mya Hlaing.

•Zayden D. Simon to Shaikira U. Simon.

•Zin T. Han to Han H. Aye and Ah Khi.

•Zoey G. Brinley to Ronda A. Brinley and Stephen K. Brinley Jr.

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