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Last updated: Fri. Feb. 24, 2012 - 12:57 pm EDT

Fort Wayne births


Editor's note: We accidentally missed publishing this list of births and are printing it now.

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records from Oct. 24-Nov. 6.

•Abagail R. Cornish to Diana M. Dennis and Lawrence M. Cornish.

•Addison E. Earls to Sarah J. and Michael R. Earls.

•Addyson M. Fairbanks to Anna V. Pop Yost and Paul M. Fairbanks.

•Adelaide L. Bonar to Sarah A. and Jon A. Bonar.

•Aiden O. Crawford to Tabitha R. Batchelor and Zachary E. Crawford.

•Alexander J. Barrand to Ashley M. Myers and Todd L. Barrand.

•Alexander W. Anderson to Heidi K. and Stephen W. Anderson.

•Alexandria S. MacDonald to Anika and Lucas S. MacDonald.

•Amaya B. Adams to Whitney K. Winkler and Floyd Adams Jr.

•Amiya A. Goldsby to Rashauda S. Wallace and Aaron L. Goldsby.

•Andres M. Romero to Lilia and Marcos L. Romero.

•Andrew T. Yeager II to Heather J. and Andrew T. Yeager.

•Angel G. Brabson to Bianka L. Gleason and Sean T. Brabson.

•Annabelle S. Blankenship to Heather R. Gamble and Toby A. Blankenship.

•Annylah R. Johnson to Antionette L. Johnson and Diquan D. Bratton.

•Anthony J. Hilger to Sarah A. and Joseph H. Hilger.

•Anthony S. Bolden to Brittany S. Bolden.

•Arius Z. Singleton to Shanitra R. Harris and Randy A. Singleton Jr.

•Arnav A. Siddha to Supriya K. Patil and Akshay A. Siddha.

•Aspen J. Reed to Kellie S. Buchs and Shawn E. Reed.

•Audra G. Estabrook to Julia D. and David E. Estabrook.

•Audrey Q. Danielson to Elizabeth Q. and Erik L. Danielson.

•Augustus P. Widmeyer to Christina M. Gratt and Joshua P. Widmeyer.

•Ava C. Talamantes to Sophia R. Vasquez and Manuel J. Talamantes.

•Ayarmin Swe to Nwet Than and Min Swe .

•Baby Price to Kayla C. Price and Kenneth S. Howard.

•Beverly C. Williams to Nicole L. Crume and Tryon J. Williams.

•Brooklyn M. Justinger to Amy J. Moynihan and Chad A. Justinger.

•Brynnleigh A. Ramsey to Jessi E. and Tyler D. Ramsey.

•Cadelia M. Pilling to Cadelia N. Kaylor and Jason C. Pilling.

•Callum V. Bebout to Breean R. Thomas and Darek L. Bebout.

•Camden J. Seitz to Ashley N. and Andrew J. Seitz.

•Carter L. Lyons to Crystal D. Stanley and Cy W. Lyons.

•Christopher J. Lehmann to Stefanie J. and Matthew L. Lehmann.

•Clara M. Hunsinger to Melita M. and Jeffrey N. Hunsinger.

•Cole M. Murphy to Rachel M. and Brendan H. Murphy.

•Colin J. Koepke to Amy T. and Daniel J. Koepke.

•Cooper D. Louagie to Nicole M. and Jonathon J. Louagie.

•Cora M. Nuthals to Kristen M. and Joseph L. Nuthals.

•Cordero L. Lashley Jr. to Tianna M. Bowman and Cordero L. Lashley Sr.

•Dakari M. Moore to Arielle J. Moore.

•Dal Lien to Ching Boi and Pau Thawng.

•Drew M. Larkins to Kathryn L. and Troy R. Larkins.

•Dylan J. Gray to Michelle C. and Scott J. Gray.

•Eliott D. Jeong to Sang H. Lee and Ernest C. Jeong.

•Eliza J. Mansfield to Micah J. and Michael O. Mansfield.

•Elizabeth G. Dick to Kimberly A. and Stephen A. Dick.

•Elleana M. Meyers to Tricia A. and Joseph L. Meyers.

•Emersyn J. Easley to Alisa J. and Nathan D. Easley.

•Emma G. Norris to Amy M. and Peter A. Norris.

•Emma J. McKinney to Brittany L. Shepp and Dustin R. McKinney .

•Emma P. Keller to Stacie M. and Isaac K. Keller.

•Emma R. Gratton to Jennifer A. and Matthew T. Gratton.

•Evalynn R. McKevitt to Whitney M. and Thomas W. McKevitt Jr.

•Evan W. Wolfe to Catherine P. Wells and Heath W. Wolfe.

•Ezekial P. Muan to Esther N. Niang and Lian K. Suan.

•Ezryah M. Szabo to Annastasia M. Bozynski and Kevin M. Szabo.

•Faraja D. Mmengulwa to Roza Daniel and Daniel M. Waenge.

•Gianni N. Page to Emily L. Mastelou and Leon Page.

•Grace M. Kilty to Jenna L. and Seth T. Kilty.

•Grayson A. Ruckman to Julie A. and Douglas L. Ruckman Jr.

•Harper J. Bolinger to Nicole L. and Craig M. Bolinger.

•Hombre W. Thomas III to Karrean J. Allen and Hombre W. Thomas II.

•Isabelle R. Cox to Anne M. Cox.

•Isla R. Blanford to Laura S. and Theodore J. Blanford.

•Jadis L. Bright to Brittany L. Bright.

•Jagger K. Zabolotney to Nicole K. and Frederick L. Zabolotney.

•Jamiyah M. Watkins to Chequitra D. Watkins.

•Jared M. Confer to Angie L. and Samuel L. Confer.

•Jason J. Smith to Monta S. Smith.

•Javier O. Truax to Lindsay R. Truax.

•Jaxson M. Craft to Emily A. Pearson and Kevin P. Craft.

•Jenna R. Coak to Diane R. and Shawn P. Coak.

•Jerimyah A. Barner to Deandra L. Barner.

•Jerzayh T. Sewell to Latoya J. Trotter and Jermorris T. Sewell.

•Johnnie V. Arnold III to Janel C. and Johnnie V. Arnold Jr.

•Josephine D. Worden to Angela L. and Eric D. Worden.

•Josue Sanchez to Michelle M. and Gabriel Sanchez.

•Juan P. Cutchin to Carolina and Marco A. Cutchin.

•Kaelyn M. Shie to Jill M. and Dean L. Shie.

•Kaleb M. Ruprecht to Kalesia F. and Matthew P. Ruprecht.

•Kamiya N. Reeves to Destiny M. Masterson and Montae A. Reeves.

•Kathryn H. Lane to Marcy S. and Jeremy L. Lane.

•Kayla Covic to Melita and Samir Covic.

•Kelly A. Willis to Nicole L. Vanderpool and Keith A. Willis.

•Kendall A. Boren to Olivia M. Boren.

•Kendrick J. Scott to Andraya R. Martz and Daion J. Scott.

•Kevin T. Munro III to Stephanie L. and Kevin T. Munro II.

•Korbin N. Taylor to Heather N. and Joseph L. Taylor.

•Laila L. Marquardt to Angela M. and Justin L. Marquardt.

•Laney L. Colwell to Shelby P. Colwell.

•Larissa S. Mudrack and Mary L. Mudrack to Amie M. Debolt and Chad A. Mudrack.

•Lavonte M. Fordcooper Jr. to Shmeka A. Ford and Lavonte M. Cooper.

•Layla N. Longworth to Lauryn K. and Nicholas L. Longworth.

•Levi Z. Goleeke to Jacqueline J. and John R. Goleeke.

•Liam M. Saunders to Nicole D. Carter and Quentin R. Saunders.

•Liam S. Swetphikul to Brianne L. Gilford and Vuthipong Swetphikul.

•Logan J. Kleber to Jennifer A. and Sebastian J. Kleber.

•Lorelei N. Reyes to Qinqing Xue and Kristofer-Roy G. Reyes.

•Luca G. Lebrato to Jessica C. and William S. Lebrato.

•Luke D. Melcher to Amanda J. and Jay M. Melcher.

•Lydia J. Jenkins to Melissa S. and Matthew S. Jenkins.

•Lydia L. Shane to Stevie L. Perrey and Keaton S. Shane.

•Macy A. Morris to Angela R. and Jeremey A. Morris.

•Maggie R. Langohr to Misty N. Murrah and Nicholas R. Langohr.

•Mahlayah T. Neal to Jaquilla S. Graham and Michael D. Neal.

•Malajia M. Moore to Brea S. Derrick and Melvin M. Moore.

•Malakye R. Pialur to Fereshteh S. and Michael M. Pialur.

•Marcus E. Gamez to Alexandria H. Rose and Tony M. Gamez.

•Marek T. Babb to Rayna S. Kaczmarczyk and Phillip J. Babb.

•Margaret L. French to Sarah A. and Samuel W. French.

•Marisol DeLuna to Maria De Jesus and Roberto DeLuna.

•Mason S. Hoover to Andrea L. and Gerald L. Hoover Jr.

•Mathias M. Stier to Donell M. and Mark S. Stier.

•Maya E. Cochran to Martha G. and Matthew L. Cochran.

•Maya L. Coak to Diane R. and Shawn P. Coak.

•Mia C. Conaway to Sara E. Allison and Brian B. Conaway.

•Mia E. Osborn to Jacklyn C. Cuellar and Jonathon M. Osborn.

•Michael K. Lamb to Felicia B. and Michael E. Lamb.

•Michael S. Moore to Linh T. and Thomas O. Moore II.

•Millie J. Longsworth to Jessie M. Gunter and Ian T. Longsworth.

•Naryah F. Freshley to Deasha R. Freshley.

•Nasya N. Berumen to Elysia L. Berumen.

•Nickolas C. Sharin to Tiffany R. and Nickolas D. Sharin.

•Noah P. Cyrus to Kayla L. Cyrus.

•Oliver G. Bell to Aimee R. and Andrew T. Bell.

•Olivia A. Miller to Melanie B. and Justin D. Miller.

•Paitynn A. Williams to Elizabeth K. Hopson and Devotrick L. Williams.

•Quantre K. Rencher to Quimesha S. Bratton and Tremaine L. Rencher.

•Quincy J. Hendrix to Brittany N. Wilson and Dedrick C. Hendrix.

•Raul J. Castillo to Mayra V. Sanchez and Raul A. Castillo.

•Reese N. Martin to Regina L. and David A. Martin.

•Ren L. Greene to Sachiko and Phillip U. Greene.

•Rhea D. Crum to Amanda N. Bobb and Ryan D. Crum.

•Riya J. Manck to Stacey E. Manck and Joseph K. Williams.

•Romans Tway to Ta K. Lin and La Tway.

•Ryan C. Raines Jr. to Vonna L. Bates and Ryan C. Raines.

•Ryan L. Baughman to Courtney L. Cox and Ryan A. Baughman.

•Sarah R. Halboob to Reham M. Al Japairai and Rafat S. Halboob.

•Seanteria R. Murdock to Aisia J. Jeffries and Sean R. Murdock.

•Shaad Khan to Sa H. Da and Mi Khan.

•Sofia N. Aguilera to Sarah A. and David Aguilera.

•Sophia M. Bradley to Melissa S. Oberley and Carson L. Bradley.

•Stella J. Morgan to Amy C. Morgan and Clinton C. Gillespie.

•Sydney A. Bailey to Laura A. and Patrick S. Bailey.

•Tanner G. Smethers to Leah B. and Andrew J. Smethers.

•Tavon S. Sewell to Stephanie L. Sewell.

•Thayaphi Phonemyint to Nan T. Oo and Phone Myint.

•Theo Z. Washington to Aleighsha Y. Busche and Thomas J. Washington.

•Travis J. Hernandez Jr. to Tiffany M. Elkins and Travis J. Hernandez.

•Vander M. Phillips to Hailey I. Bolin and Christopher M. Phillips.

•Veranika J. McAtee to Olga S. and James F. McAtee.

•Victoria A. Valenti to Amanda L. Pruente and Justin A. Valenti.

•Vincent R. Flynn to Lawanda J. Morgan and Stewart R. Flynn.

•Zamiryah M. Foulks-Eaton to Carla Foulks-Eaton.

•Zamora M. Bookersanders to Shyresha M. Booker and Frederick D. Sanders.

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