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Last updated: Mon. Mar. 05, 2012 - 08:05 am EDT

Area births, through Feb. 26


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Feb. 26. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Andrew H. Ernst to Katherine R. and David A. Ernst.


•Cienna R. Smith to Sarah R. and Todd P. Smith.


•Colin J. Clauss to Renee L. and Colby J. Clauss.

•Eden M. Benac to Brianne E. Benac.


•Addison J. Papaik to Rebecca J. and Nicholas E. Papaik.

•Elaina G. Krohn to Jamie L. and Benjamin K. Krohn.


•Chad T. Guerrero to Chelsey J. Klinker and Vincent Guerrero.

•Maxwell A. Riesen to Hillary A. and Jacob K. Riesen.


•Cruz J. Miner to Rebecca M. and Bartley A. Miner.

•Eliza M. Easterling to Brenna M. Easterling.

•Elyana G. Jones to Sarah E. and Tyler D. Jones.

•Lilianna R. Detrick to Gabrielle N. Detrick.

•Macie L. Murphy to Lanie E. Piety and Kyle P. Murphy.

•Madison I. Cutshall to Elisabeth A. and Leonald L. Cutshall II.

•Riker T. Beste to Jessica N. and Matthew T. Beste.


•Elayna R. Sherman to Jordan E. Sherman.

•Kroix L. Papenbrock to Lindy S. and Dustin J. Papenbrock.

Columbia City

•Alana R. Clifford to Jessica L. and Brad A. Clifford.

•Elayna S. Golden to Tera J. Stotlar and Marlin C. Golden.

•Grant A. Hetrick to Emily M. and Gregory B. Hetrick.

•Izabel E. Cade to Stephanie A. Baeske and Matthew D. Cade.

•Kallie N. Woodruff to Rachel E. and Andrew D. Woodruff.

•Lyla I. Martin to Erin E. and Jesse A. Martin.

•Rowan H. Lombard to Tara C. and James P. Lombard.


•Elijah J. Conrad to Mariah L. Raines and Travis J. Conrad.

•Graham L. Colclasure to Kelly A. and Seth M. Colclasure.

•Hannah B. Allen to Stephanie D. and Daniel R. Allen.

•Saladin Sinanovic to Sanela and Emir Sinanovic.

•Yesenia V. Barrientos to Gloria V. Langston and Oscar Barrientos.


•Amelia L. Thrush to Treva M. and Erik W. Thrush.

•Bane A. Elliott to Jamie R. Adair and Jeremy A. Elliott.

•Brayden M. Christian to Kourtney M. Hahn and Tyler J. Christian.

•Elizabeth F. Wells to Tasha F. Knott and Robert C. Wells Jr.


•Logan A. Graber to Rosemary and Andrew Graber Jr.

•Lucas J. Schwartz to Eileen and Joseph J. Schwartz.

•Melissa R. Graber to Kathryn R. and Raymond L. Graber.


•Archer G. Metz and Easton K. Metz to Rochelle D. and Greggory A. Metz.

•Brittin B. Gustin to Britney L. and Daniel J. Gustin.


•Bentley T. Dutkiewicz to Stephanie L. Kellogg and Brenden T. Dutkiewicz.


•Ibraheem K. Algaghmani to Naseem S. Abad and Khaled A. Algaghmani.


•David A. Turner to Jessica D. and Brandon M. Turner.

•Thomas B. Griffith to Heather H. and Christopher T. Griffith.

•Wyatt J. McDougall to Leslie N. and Matthew H. McDougall.


•Charlotte G. Schmid to Brianna K. and Clinton E. Schmid.

•Emma C. Hill to Audra L. and Jared M. Hill.

•Keeli A. Bell to Jessica A. and Brady M. Bell.

•Logan M. Lewis to Jerrica M. and Jason J. Lewis.

•Nolan M. Campbell to Jessica J. and Tyler S. Campbell.


•Kendahl M. Inman to Jo M. and James A. Inman.


•Colton M. Peachey to Lynnsey R. and Andy R. Peachey.

•Kaysie J. Bires to Sara E. Bires.


•Addison R. Wedler to Cindy A. and Derek T. Wedler.

•Kaleb R. Anderson to Lindsay J. and Marshall C. Anderson.

•Katelyn E. Edholm to Kelsey L. and Matthew R. Edholm.


•Levi M. Wechter to Leslie A. and John M. Wechter.


•Eden H. Markley to Janel D. and John E. Markley.


•Hayden R. Sitko to Ladaune R. and Eric D. Sitko.

•Holden T. Rogers to Andrea L. and Ryan J. Rogers.

New Haven

•Ace P. Leasure to Tabitha A. Anderson and Jay P. Leasure.

•Bryleigh M. Cobbs to Heather M. and Brad D. Cobbs.

•Christopher J. Musselman to Terra K. and Jeffery A. Musselman.

•Cole M. Dager to Mandy N. and Kurt M. Dager.

•Delila M. Schwartz to Margaret A. and Aden B. Schwartz.

•James M. Zehr to Marlene L. and Joseph L. Zehr.

•Levi A. Lengacher to Emily L. and Alexander V. Lengacher.

•Lukas J. Schmucker to Luella A. and Jesse J. Schmucker.

•Micah J. Dawkins to Mandy M. Branch and Gabriel M. Dawkins.


•Connor A. Riley to Janet E. and Michael A. Riley.


•Jaxsyn D. Stump to Elizabeth K. Stump.


•Selah P. Fingerle to Diane R. and Nathan D. Fingerle.


•Austin L. Hartnett to Amanda L. Hartnett.

•Kinsley M. McNair to Kristen M. and Michael C. McNair.

•Linley L. Miller to Molly L. and Sean M. Miller.


•Janessa A. Caldwell to Rachel C. Yoder and Keith P. Caldwell.

South Whitley

•Ainsley M. Metzger, Caleb I. Metzger and Tenley G. Metzger to Jodi M. and Ethan C. Metzger.

•Eli H. Campbell to Courtney R. and Timothy J. Campbell.

•Mya A. Sordelet to Amanda B. and Matthew D. Sordelet.


•Eve E. Eicher to Ada M. and Nathan J. Eicher.

•Jameson G. Graham to Danielle F. and Joseph G. Graham.


•Avery R. Swope to Kathryn P. and Steven E. Swope.

•Gabriella M. Morgan to Tina M. Smith and Jeremy L. Morgan.

•Henry L. Urshel to Lauren E. and Joseph H. Urshel.

•Maxwell P. Vogt to Melissa L. and Louis F. Vogt.

•Nola K. Miller to Sara B. and Scott M. Miller.


•Ayiden J. White to Shonoa K. and Eric J. White.

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