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Last updated: Wed. May. 09, 2012 - 07:57 am EDT

Area births, through May 6


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through May 6. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Kensley E. Mumaw to Tara A. and Brandon D. Mumaw.

•Kira M. Masters to Marie L. and Ryan D. Masters.

•Lillian A. Squires to Amanda K. Thomas and Christopher A. Squires.

•Michael A. Gulick to Brandy M. Coburn and Bradley A. Gulick.


•Naomi A. Laur to Lisa S. and Timothy D. Laur.


•Ellee L. Hanen to Lara K. Thompson and Ryan F. Hanen.

•Samuel R. Worthman to Joanna C. Worthman and Jonathan E. Pilling.

•Teeva R. Gerber to Dixie D. and Wes W. Gerber.


•Molly E. Dohl to Mary K. and Douglas R. Dohl.

•Paul A. Warner to Kala A. and Joshua P. Warner.

Columbia City

•Alexis A. Livengood to Shelbi L. Heiman and Anthony A. Livengood.

•Audrey S. Leestma to Andrea M. and Scott M. Leestma.

•Braylon J. Preston to Kara L. and Travis A. Preston.

•Elias J. Miller to Jessica D. and Jason J. Miller.

•Jackson A. Trout to Tiffany D. Trout.

•Kamden S. Hess to Jacquelyn M. and Matthew S. Hess.

•Levi S. Francis to Abbey L. and Kyle E. Francis.

•Lilliana G. Mullins to Pamela L. and Marcus C. Mullins.

•Lucas A. Zimmerman to Lisa C. and Stephen A. Zimmerman.


•Hazel M. Miller to Marie M. Miller.


•Destiny L. Gattis to Sierra L. Wible and Richard L. Gattis II.

•Evan M. Wolford to Nicole E. and Michael G. Wolford.

•Kathryn G. McKinsey to Lydia K. and Nathaniel A. McKinsey.

•Mae C. Lichtle to Angela K. and Marcus C. Lichtle.

•Terry L. Boothby III to Amanda L. Mendoza and Terry L. Boothby Jr.

•Zayne M. Currie to Kylyee C. Boxell and Jared M. Currie.


•Syvannah M. Delong to Amanda D. Shook and Christopher M. Delong.


•Walden H. Sewelin to Denise M. and Dustin L. Sewelin.


•Jacob A. Schlabach and Lila A. Schlabach to Neva and James L. Schlabach.


•Angus L. Vost to Judith K. and Benjamin P. Vost.


•Arianna E. Snyder to Marceia L. McDonough and Brian W. Snyder.


•Kellan T. Miller to Kristin T. Barney and Zachery M. Miller.

•Rudolph V. Struna to Kelley M. and Marco Struna.

•Tyson B. Szaferski to Emily S. and Maciej T. Szaferski.


•Addison J. Bowman to Heather L. and David A. Bowman.

•Alexis C. Hall to Erica L. and Bryan P. Hall.

•Kali A. Smart to Angela N. and Kraig S. Smart.

•Noah M. Scheiber to Brittanie E. and Zachary W. Scheiber.


•Chloe J. Bradley to Sabra L. and Skylar J. Bradley.

•Jeremiah G. Wade to Julie L. and Aaron L. Wade.

•Vivian R. Martin to Melissa D. and Tyler J. Martin.


•Misty-Leigh M. Gonzales to Malisa A. Gonzales.


•Benjamin L. Hietbrink to Jennifer R. and Shane L. Hietbrink.

•James A. Kurtz to Jessica L. Miller and Dustin J. Kurtz.

•Jordyn B. Carcione to Stephanie M. and Joseph M. Carcione.

•Ryleigh M. Larimore to Leslie A. Boxell and Todd B. Larimore.


•Bria M. Zurcher to Melinda A. and Jonathan D. Zurcher.

New Haven

•Angel L. Schmidt to Alana M. and Frank Schmidt.

•Cohen R. Barnett to Kristina M. and Nicholas P. Barnett.

•Daelee R. Clark to Miranda E. Woods-Clark and Richard R. Clark.

•Jayda A. Singh to Jessica K. Singh.

•Lucas J. Gerig to Barbara and Jonathon J. Gerig.

•Presley P. Woods to Ashlee L. Curry and Jeffrey W. Woods.

•Zachary A. Starry to Barbara L. and Scott A. Starry.

North Manchester

•Kandace L. Niccum to Krystal A. and Marcus J. Niccum.

•Lucas A. Leeka to Amy E. and Philip A. Leeka.


•Blake E. Westfall to Aliana E. and Jared L. Westfall.

•Destini D. McCluskey to Teresa D. Kunberger and Paul McCluskey.

•Mason D. Baker to Kari L. and Ryan P. Baker.

•Mercy M. Meyer to April M. and Brandon R. Meyer.

Pleasant Lake

•Kevin R. Noll, Nathan G. Noll and Paul J. Noll to Theresa E. and Glenn R. Noll.


•Gavin R. Woodruff to Amanda C. and Neil C. Woodruff.


•Austin B. Tolson to Rebecca N. and Billy J. Tolson.


•Bentlee A. Scott to Kristin C. Kittrell and Jordan A. Scott.

•Sophie R. Frush to Sara D. Frush and Korey C. Brown.


•Matthew J. Blevins to Kristin G. and Barry G. Blevins.

•Owen A. Johnson to Karen G. and George A. Johnson III.


•Jayden S. Stewart to Alyssa D. and Richard R. Stewart.

•Samuel N. Shetler to Katieann D. and Nathaniel S. Shetler.


•Baylie L. Brown to Jessica L. and Andrew M. Brown.

•Darell L. Delagrange to Mary and John E. Delagrange.

•Grace K. Lake to Daniella M. and Cory K. Lake.

•Tyson A. Cool to Jennifer A. Gordon and Taylor A. Cool.


•Blake W. Gerke to Jillian K. and Jonathan C. Gerke.

•Cameron J. Hoagland to Kristi M. and Chad J. Hoagland.


•Liam T. Ruffing to Jessica L. Ayers and Brandon T. Ruffing.

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