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Last updated: Tue. Jun. 05, 2012 - 08:23 am EDT

Fort Wayne births, through May 20


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through May 20.

Fort Wayne

•Aaron M. Fuller to Shannon R. Sawin and Eric M. Fuller.

•Addisyn L. Booher to Heather N. Booher.

•Adisynne M. Hunter to Erin M. and Dustin M. Hunter.

•Adonis I. Brown to Michelle Davis and Quincy I. Brown.

•Aerionna L. Gaylor to Angela M. Gaylor.

•Ah S. Ma to Ah Z. Za and Mamad Raseik.

•Alessandro C. Mendez to Jillean E. Mendez and Jose E. Mendez-Sanchez.

•Alexander J. Baughman to Andrena F. and Charles W. Baughman.

•Alexander L. Shappell to Kathryn A. and Wesley A. Shappell.

•Alexander M. Grawcock to Courtney C. and Zachary A. Grawcock.

•Alexander S. Shie to Abby A. and Scott D. Shie.

•Alina E. Falk to Shannon M. and Michael A. Falk.

•Aliyah M. Perez to Lesley A. and David Perez.

•Amal A. Salam to Haja A. Hashim and Ali A. Salam.

•Amelia S. Ice to Olivia D. and Luke C. Ice.

•Amilia M. Griggs to Shirley A. Smith-Mirelez and Uriah T. Griggs.

•Amra Hrustic to Enisa B. Hrustic and Remuzdin R. Lokmic.

•Anthony J. Rainey to Colette M. and Patrick J. Rainey.

•Antonio A. Gil to Alisha B. and Andres A. Gil.

•Aryanna M. Koester to Amanda M. Koester.

•Aubrey J. Davis to Julie R. and Tyler F. Davis.

•Balveen K. Panesar to Karamjit Kaur and Parvinder S. Panesar.

•Barrett A. Elam to Mary A. Wilkinson and Kody G. Elam.

•Beckett J. Maroney to Cara L. and Brandon S. Maroney.

•Benjamin F. Kidd to Amber R. Kidd.

•Bennett G. Anderson to Tracey B. and Bradley T. Anderson.

•Bolaoluwatito E. Yussuf to Adebola V. and Rauf B. Yussuf.

•Brayden C. Beam to Shyann C. and Jason C. Beam.

•Britney P. Ruiz to Carmen Ruiz.

•Caleb A. Silva to Emily K. and Ramon L. Silva.

•Cali A. Bill to Lindsay J. and Brandon P. Bill.

•Cash C. Hernandez to Sierra M. Hernandez.

•Cecilya R. Peterson to Alicia G. and Jack H. Peterson.

•Charles W. Nussbaum to Emily J. and John E. Nussbaum.

•Collin D. Buell to Ashley R. and Christopher D. Buell.

•Conor P. Collentine to Rachel L. Otis and Daren P. Collentine.

•D Aun K. Duncan to Shanay T. and Deon A. Duncan.

•Dalton W. Holloway to Crystal A. Pruitt and Michael A. Holloway.

•David M. Carswell to Joyann L. Alphabet and Michael Carswell.

•De Quan S. Lee to Shanquila L. Lee.

•Deion J. Steele to Deyonna Y. Jefferson and Randall D. Steele.

•Destiny A. Sims to Teshia A. Sims.

•Devon C. Flotow to Kendra A. May and Cody D. Flotow.

•Devyn I. Monge to Olga M. and Mauricio Monge.

•Donavan M. McDaniel to Angela R. Martin and Michael R. McDaniel.

•Elaena R. Harrison to Anna C. and Benjamin J. Harrison.

•Eliana R. Warner to Tatiana Patino and Scott M. Warner.

•Ellie P. Vallejo to Nicole F. Keylon and Adam R. Vallejo.

•Emery L. Blythe to Anna E. and Benjamin A. Blythe.

•Emma L. Moore to Starr L. and Ronald J. Moore.

•Emryk L. Lichtsinn to Tristin B. and Nicholas L. Lichtsinn.

•Evelyn J. Taylor to Jamie L. Kelley and Anthony P. Taylor.

•Faith J. Lee to Casey L. and Joseph M. Lee.

•Gabrielle A. Spare to Adrienne R. and Adam M. Spare.

•Gavan G. Gale to Lisa M. and Roddrick A. Gale.

•Gianna R. Lapan to Suraya N. and Christopher L. Lapan.

•Gina L. Cavacini to Martha L. and Christopher J. Cavacini.

•Gracee F. Biggs to Amy F. and Joseph R. Biggs.

•Graysen E. Snyder to Kari N. and Kent A. Snyder.

•Ha M. Da to Ar B. Da and Mat Sdit.

•Hadley A. Hill to Leslee A. and Brian A. Hill.

•Har S. Nar to Har B. Bar and Twar L. Her.

•Hazel A. Esquivel to Jamie J. Trammel and Santos Esquivel.

•Ibrahim I. Avetov to Zahirah S. Abdul-Haq and Aram R. Avetov.

•Jackson D. Metzger to Lacey J. and Jason L. Metzger.

•Jacob Sabaiz to Elisa Romero Morante and Eliazit Sabaiz.

•Jai Ana A. Whitley to Saunquelle J. Whitley.

•Jakob A. Meek to Rachel L. and Franklin J. Meek.

•Jamarri K. Hutcherson to Kayasha R. and De Von D. Hutcherson.

•James D. Stanski to Emily C. and Scott C. Stanski.

•James M. Wayment to Sara M. and Don M. Wayment.

•Jamington M. Hill to Angel L. and James Michael J. Hill.

•Jamiya D. Johnson to Nicole D. and Ronnie L. Johnson.

•Janeli E. Villalta to Jocelyn M. Villalta.

•Janeyra Villagran-Lima to Thelma Y. Lima and Isabel E. Villagran.

•Jase A. Current to Tracy M. Owens and Jacob A. Current.

•Jasmeen Singh to Lisa D. Kowalski and Ravinder Singh.

•Jayah N. Magee to Jaysha K. Woodson and Jawan N. Magee.

•Jayden L. Carswell to Alisha L. Stettler and Quinshun T. Carswell.

•Jayden M. Uhrlaub to Heather E. Uhrlaub.

•Jayden R. Gibson to Ashley S. Chaney and Brian S. Gibson.

•Jayden T. Miller to Kamika M. Miller.

•Jaydon M. Teders to Kristina V. Teders.

•Jayvin D. Hutchins to Shondra M. Hutchins.

•Jesean D. Mathis to Halie E. Campbell and Jarmarcus D. Mathis.

•Jhordyn S. Jenkins to Tracey D. Scott and George C. Jenkins.

•Jordan M. Taylor to Jaime M. Taylor.

•Jose E. Alfaro Jr. to Maria R. Salazar and Jose E. Alfaro.

•Jose M. Vasquez to Amanda M. and Rigoberto Vasquez.

•Joshua Gaytan to Guadalupe and Alejandro Gaytan.

•Josiah J. Langston to Janice A. and Joseph M. Langston.

•Jovany Dominguez to Elizabeth Dominguez.

•Jude D. Seymour to Sarah N. and Ryan N. Seymour.

•Jude S. Wirgau to Dorena C. and Samuel S. Wirgau.

•Julianna S. Kelley to Johnell G. Kelley.

•Julio S. Dureza to Katrina C. and Jimmy J. Dureza.

•Julissa R. Nino to Gabriela Y. Lemus and Marco A. Nino.

•Ka Moni L. King Jr. to Laquisha D. Scruggs and Kevin T. King.

•Kaden J. Robinson to Acacia S. Moore and Melvin L. Robinson.

•Kaelyn S. Manny to Kierston A. Ladd and Zachary R. Manny.

•Kamarion S. Henderson to Karissa D. and David A. Henderson.

•Kamyah A. Stalling to Shanelle R. Stalling.

•Karvel M. Sims-Paschall to Mykael D. Sims-Paschall and Ketron M. Paschall.

•Katherine A. Castaneda-Linares to Gisela Linares and Andres F. Castaneda Alvarez.

•Kendall E. Martin to Amanda M. and Travis J. Martin.

•Kenneth M. Markham to Shari E. and James C. Markham.

•Kevin S. Bautista to Maribel Bautista.

•Lainsley M. Snyder to Dana N. and Nathaniel L. Snyder.

•Lashea M. Rohrbach to Atheia B. Rohrbach.

•Lilly C. Tompkins to Shonna M. Tompkins.

•Lincoln A. Loy to Jilleisa K. and Chad R. Loy.

•Lincoln J. Brown to Katie M. and Robert T. Brown.

•Logan J. Hansen to Brigitte S. Hansen.

•Logan P. Vlaskamp to Connie S. and Paul A. Vlaskamp.

•London A. Nieberding to Phyllis J. and Andrew B. Nieberding.

•Luca J. Elick to Isabella L. Alleje and Dennis J. Elick.

•Lucas T. Freeman to Rachel E. and Jared W. Freeman.

•Lucy M. Reidy to Rebecca J. and Jeremy L. Reidy.

•Luke A. O'Keefe to Pamela M. and Joseph P. O'Keefe.

•Madeline E. Delong to Amanda S. Delong and Marcus W. Prentice.

•Malachi J. Masek to Katherine M. and Paul R. Masek.

•Malyia D. Peterson to Shatyra S. Freeman and Roderick T. Peterson.

•Marcus Q. Sutton Jr. to Iceis C. Sutton.

•Mariah L. Ciocca to Maureen A. and Christopher M. Ciocca.

•Megan E. Gater to Kristen M. and Jeffrey B. Gater.

•Milani M. Glover to Mariana and Mark E. Glover.

•Moussa A. Nokour to Achta B. Moussa and Abakar I. Nokour.

•Naleigha N. Marbley to Jacqueline M. Marbley.

•Naomeyia V. Franklin to Manisha N. Franklin.

•Narreon D. Tyson to Jamira A. Tyson.

•Natalia M. Shuler to Alexis N. Reyes and Kaeron M. Shuler.

•Noah I. Woods to Marjorie I. Woods.

•Noah J. Art to Ann M. and Jason E. Art.

•Nova Michelle S. Naing to Amber B. Laro and Soe Naing.

•Olivia G. Sterling to Megan A. and Stephan E. Sterling Jr.

•Owen M. Rothgeb to Michale D. and Brian J. Rothgeb.

•Parker J. Steinlicht to Tina M. and Christopher M. Steinlicht.

•Paul A. Schipper to Elizabeth A. and Andrew G. Schipper.

•Rahiem S. Kubisty Jr. to China D. Craighead and Rahiem S. Kubisty Sr.

•Renezmyah R. Shaw to Susan A. Shaw.

•Richard J. Moran IV to Heather R. and Richard J. Moran III.

•Robyn R. Christen to Kristen M. and Kelly R. Christen.

•Rosa I. Romero-Sanchez to Maribel Sanchez and Miguel C. Romero.

•Rosalie J. Baumgartner to Jaime A. and Max M. Baumgartner.

•Samuel J. Sullivan to Monica A. and Ryan S. Sullivan.

•Sarenity K. Woods-Rogan to Zikeisha T. Rogan and Joshwaa L. Woods.

•Saverio C. Rice to Megan M. Rice.

•Savion M. Smith to Kiahara I. Smith.

•Shiloh P. Yarnelle to Hannah M. Yarnelle.

•Shurayar Yar to Sayge Da and Ari Sut.

•Soren A. Bird to Krista S. Bird.

•Stella A. Jacobs to Cherie L. and Carl R. Jacobs.

•Susan A. Htike to Snow Khae and Aung H. Shine.

•Tamera I. Payne to Cassandra L. Dandridge and Anthony A. Payne Jr.

•Tamya N. Thomas to Ebonie S. Thomas and Timothy A. Bennett.

•Thomas A. Bowen to Britney L. and Brandon J. Bowen.

•Tochi J. Agunanne to Christianah E. and Umunna E. Agunanne.

•Torrie A. Stewart to Camille L. Cansler and Brandon J. Stewart.

•Tristan A. Miller to Tyshia D. Miller.

•Victoria M. Collins to Tristann E. and Michael S. Collins.

•Wayne Qiu to Yanqing Qiu.

•William J. Folds to Jennifer N. Folds.

•Willian A. Aldana-Cisneros to Gilma E. Cisneros and Miguel A. Aldana.

•Zachary J. Blackman to Emily A. and Jeremy T. Blackman.

•Zachary L. Briggs Jr. to Jazmine P. Jamison and Zachary L. Briggs.

•Zanyla R. Smith to Marlena R. Smith.

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