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Last updated: Tue. Sep. 25, 2012 - 04:58 am EDT


Cheap Shots: Belichick can't keep hands off refs

Speaking of hands, what was Tony Stewart doing?

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New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick could face disciplinary action after grabbing the arm of a replacement referee after the Patriots' last-second loss to the Baltimore Ravens. As punishment, he could be A) fined, B) suspended, or C) forced to watch a looping video of his team's defense.

Smoke and goose

A video of NASCAR driver Tony Stewart grabbing the rear end of Kevin Harvick's wife caused a ruckus last week, but Stewart explained it's a friendly joke that's been going on for years.

Incidentally, that's not the first time Tony Stewart and rear end has been used in the same sentence.

Throwing in with the Irish

Did you see where Torii Hunter Jr., son of the baseball star, has committed to play football at Notre Dame? Notre Dame coaches like him because of his speed, his hands and his projected ability to adjust to catching passes from any of 12 quarterbacks Brian Kelly anticipates using during his college career.

Old Dominion's air domination

Old Dominion quarterback Taylor Heinicke threw for 730 yards in a 64-61 win over New Hampshire on Saturday, breaking the single-game record of 716 set by Houston's David Klingler in 1990. Years from now, members of the New Hampshire secondary will not be telling this story to their grandchildren.

Reduced bounty in New Orleans

The New Orleans Saints have fallen to 0-3 after blowing an 18-point lead in a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and making themselves a long shot to return to the playoffs. But look at the bright side: Suspended coach Sean Payton has never looked like more of a genius.

Adding insult to injury reports

USC football coach Lane Kiffin walked out of a news conference last week because of a reporter's question about an injured player returning to practice. As a result, the Pac-12 is considering a new injury policy called “Don't Ask and We Won't Throw a Hissy Fit.”

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