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Posted on Mon. Nov. 12, 2012 - 12:07 am EDT

Stop tech temptation


If youíre like many people, you probably engage in tech-related activities that whittle away at your productivity. There are lots of tempting gadgets, devices and machines, which makes it easy to get distracted. To help you ward off tech temptations that lower productivity, here are a few tech mistakes and some useful organizational tips.

Turning on all app notifications. Thereís no easier way to get distracted than setting up notifications for all of your online activities in each of your gadgets. Limit the notifications you set up to those that are truly essential, such as calendar meeting reminders.

Texting anytime, anywhere. Never text in meetings, during family occasions, while driving or during any other important activity.

Dropping tech tools in a heap on your desk. A messy workspace is one of the most notorious killers of productivity. You simply canít focus with clutter around. In that spirit, donít drop tech tools such as your smartphone, iPod or tablet in a disarrayed jumble on your desk.

Saving files willy-nilly. Establish a simple filing structure for your digital files. Organize by project, by clients or file type. It just has to make sense to you. In addition, adopt a standard naming structure for your files. For example, give each file a descriptive name followed by the date.

Ė Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore,

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