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Last updated: Tue. Jan. 22, 2013 - 02:42 am EDT


Cheap Shots: Notre Dame dominates story time

Are there other popular Irish tales that need reviewed?

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Notre Dame's investigation into the hoax involving Manti Te'o and his fake girlfriend has prompted a closer look into some other well-known Notre Dame stories.

Turns out, Knute Rockne's famous phrase was the less-inspiring “Try not to stink it up for the Gipper,” Lou Holtz and the Fighting Irish leprechaun mascot were, in fact, the same person and Charlie Weis was actually a Chicago-area plumber named Chuck Smith.

Te'o and his parents have agreed to be on Katie Couric's syndicated daytime talk show for their first live interview since the hoax became public. You know what that means: Oprah's ticked.

You can't print that

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs yelled that the New England Patriots were “arrogant (expletives)” after the Ravens knocked them out of the playoffs.

That must have stung the Pats, coming from the wallflower, low-key, rarely talkative Ravens defense.

Oh, brother

Did you hear two brothers, John and Jim Harbaugh, will be coaching against each other in the Super Bowl? If not, it is expected to be mentioned 4,374,341 times in the next two weeks.

The buck doesn't stop here

A candidate for the New York Jets general manager job said owner Woody Johnson told him Tim Tebow was “forced” on Johnson and president Neil Glat.

So, when a team has a completely lousy season but blames it on the backup quarterback, it's an alternative definition for Tebowing.

Wrigley feeling Sosa again?

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts said he may be open to reaching out to retired slugger Sammy Sosa, who left the team on bad terms in 2004. If they fix the relationship, Sosa could be an honored guest the next time the Cubs play in the World Series, providing he's still healthy at age 113.

There is a free lunch

New York Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire bought lunch for 600 Madison Square Garden workers Monday before the Knicks game with the Brooklyn Nets. If he doesn't watch it, he's going to spoil the image of the self-centered superstar athlete for everyone.

Power to the people

NASCAR fans will vote on the length of the race, pit stops and how many cars will be eliminated after the second segment of the exhibition Sprint Unlimited season kickoff at Daytona International Speedway.

Many feel this is the first step toward new empowerment for NASCAR fans that won't stop until they reach their ultimate goal of voting Dale Earnhardt Jr. the winner of every race.

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