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Last updated: Tue. Feb. 05, 2013 - 08:22 am EDT


Cheap Shots: Harbaugh or Har-bawl? Jimmy's crying

Is Ray Lewis ready to put up with some real pain?

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San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh criticized referees for what he thought were two missed penalties on the team's final drive in their Super Bowl loss to the Baltimore Ravens. If it's any consolation, the referees weren't too fond of Harbaugh's play calls in that series, either.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh felt empathy for his younger brother Jim after beating his team in the Super Bowl. In fact, John later regretted pulling the plug on the lights on Jim's side of the Superdome when Jim was trying to read his play chart.

Ray to ascend to studio in sky?

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis retired after winning his second Super Bowl ring. Lewis maintained his focus during the buildup to the game despite a scandal involving the accused use of deer antler spray and stories about his clouded past.

Lewis might still have to pay a price for his past, however. He could move to the broadcast booth and be forced to listen to Deion Sanders.

Shock waves over A-Rod

The New York Yankees are reportedly looking into ways to void Alex Rodriguez's contract after recent accusations of additional use of performance-enhancing drugs. News that A-Rod might be a steroid-assisted phony came as a shock to almost everyone who hasn't followed sports in the last 15 years.

Michigan's Fakebook account

Michigan's athletic department had a fake female online persona talk to Wolverines athletes via social media to teach them how to be careful with their online interactions. They revealed the trick to their athletes before things got to the point where someone ended up on the Dr. Phil Show.

Also, Brady Hoke wasn't very good at sounding like a woman on the phone.

Easy for them to say

President Barack Obama and NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell both addressed the issue of football safety over the last two weeks. President Obama said he would think “long and hard” before allowing his imaginary son to play football, but Goodell said he would “absolutely” allow his imaginary son to play.

In Goodell's defense, the percentage of imaginary sons who suffer concussions is quite low.

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