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Last updated: Mon. Feb. 11, 2013 - 08:37 am EDT

Letter to the editor: Second Amendment is my best chance for safety and protection


After having read through (Kevin) Krajewski’s lengthy dissertation against the NRA, I feel compelled to respond. Krajewski, by the tone of his letter, causes me to believe that he is a member of the liberal-leaning population that seems to be in control today. Their argument is always to get rid of guns, people do not need guns for protection, we have the police or the sheriff or the state police who will protect us.

Ummmm, let’s see, Saint Joe, where I live near, is 12 miles from Auburn, where the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department is located. If I hear loud banging on my front door, and I look out and see unknown people beating on my door, and they are threatening, I have two choices.

The first, call 911 and then try to hide my family members, if these unknown people are intent on breaking in and doing harm, in a secure place until the sheriff’s deputy or deputies arrive, which will be at least 10 minutes, several less if an officer is on patrol in this area of the county.

My second choice will be to grab my shotgun, which is loaded just for emergencies, and point it at them, with the glass door between us. If I see a weapon facing me, I am going to fire until empty. I will also have my Baretta handy so as to “clean up” the mess.

Then, after this action, which has lasted a little over a minute, I will await the arrival of the sheriff’s deputy, who can do the paperwork showing homeowner and family safe, instead of, without my action, writing up a report that says, Mr. Ross, Mrs. Ross and other family members found shot to death by person or persons unknown,

Mr. Krajewski, I sincerely hope that with your viewpoint, you are near a police agency, and that if you and your family are confronted by those with intent to kill, attack your home and family, that you can, by talking, hold them off long enough for the law enforcement officers to arrive. I am sure if you do not own a gun during this time, you are praying to a higher power and wishing that you now owned a weapon.

As a retiree of the military, I would much prefer to be looking down the length of the barrel with its blade sight at the far end than to be looking at that large hole from which can come death.

As to the NRA, they are doing what the organization was founded to do, which includes making sure that the Second Amendment is protecting the people.

Ronald G. Ross, 1SG US Army (ret.)

Saint Joe

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