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Posted on Sat. Feb. 16, 2013 - 12:01 am EDT


Book inspired freshman to write poetry

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Editor's note: This week's Page Turner interview is with Brooklyn Schreier, who graduated from Canterbury High School and is now a freshman at Ball State University.

“I just finished a humorous book, 'Man Made,' by Joel Stein, who writes a column for Time. It's the story of how a bit of a wimp can be a man. He goes on adventures, for example, visiting a fire station and learning what it's like to be a firefighter. It isn't all about houses on fire; there are people who need to go to the hospital and other things. Another example — he went camping with Boy Scouts. I recommend this book to both genders. I enjoyed the humor.

“I don't have a Kindle. There's something about it that just doesn't satisfy me. I like holding a book in my hands. And look at what is happening. I read Time and Newsweek when I'm home, and Newsweek is no longer publishing as a magazine on paper. I will miss it.

“Usually I read a bunch of books at a time. I read 'Crime and Punishment,' by (Fyodor) Dostoyevsky my last year in high school. Some of the words were difficult — like the Russian names — but I liked the psychological issue: how the mind works, especially how the author gets inside his main character's head and shows what he was thinking. It shows humanity. I try not to think that there are people out there who could commit a crime and not feel too bad about it. Unfortunately, there are people.

“One of my favorite books is 'Love That Dog,' by Sharon Creech. I can't find my copy of it, but I will. Each page is like a journal entry. The protagonist tries to write poetry and gets pretty good at it. He writes about a dog he used to have, and the reader finds out what happened to the pet. This book encouraged me — really, inspired me, to write poetry. This and my fifth-grade teacher, who had me write every day.

“Right now, I'm in the middle of Joel Chasnoff's book, 'The 188th Crybaby Brigade.' An American citizen decides to enlist in the Israeli army and, when he gets there, he realizes it's different from what he expected. There are different areas and different individuals — Israelis, Russians, Poles, among others, and some are religious, some scholars and one is a runaway. Although I don't like the way he makes fun of the Russians, the book does show the humorous side of life in Israel, and I would recommend it.

“There are a lot of movies right now that are based on books; I like to read the book first before seeing the movie. I have read 'Anna Karenina' and seen the movie, but so far I've only read the first book in 'The Hunger Games' series. I'll finish it. I read a lot; I try to read whenever I can.”

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