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Posted on Sun. Feb. 17, 2013 - 12:01 am EDT

Are you an OSCAR BUFF?

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With the Academy Awards just a week away, movie lovers are in a frenzy trying to guess winners, figure the odds and pit their knowledge against one another.

Here are some questions so you can test your Oscars knowledge. The answers and some additional trivia are listed with the questions, so no cheating!

The years listed are the year of the award ceremony.

“Titanic” (1998), which was re-released this past summer in 3-D, is tied with what film with most nominations at 14?

A. “From Here to Eternity” (1954)

B. “All About Eve” (1951)

C. “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” (1967)

D. “Chicago” (2003)

Answer: B, “All About Eve.” The other films each had 13 nominations.

This year’s best actress category features both its oldest- and youngest-ever nominees ( Emmanuelle Riva, 85, and Quvenzhané Wallis, 9 ). This question is in two parts:

Who is the oldest woman to win?

A. Katharine Hepburn, “On Golden Pond” (1982)

B. Jessica Tandy, “Driving Miss Daisy” (1990)

C. Helen Mirren, “The Queen” (2007)

D. Meryl Streep, “The Iron Lady” (2012)

Who is the youngest woman to win?

E. Vivien Leigh, “Gone With the Wind” (1940)

F. Hilary Swank, “Boys Don’t Cry” (2000)

G. Audrey Hepburn, “Roman Holiday” (1954)

H. Marlee Matlin, “Children of a Lesser God” (1987)

Answers: B and H, Tandy was 80 and Matlin was 21. Tandy was previously also the oldest woman to be nominated.

Which of the following films did not win all of the categories it was nominated for?

A. “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2004)

B. “Gigi” (1959)

C. “The Color Purple” (1986)

D. “The Matrix” (2000)

Answer: C, “The Color Purple” did not win any of the 11 categories it was nominated in. “The Last Emperor” (1988) and “It Happened One Night” (1935) are the only other two films with more than four nominations to sweep their categories.

“Silver Linings Playbook” is the only film this year with a shot at winning for best picture, director, actor, actress and writing (its nod is for adapted screenplay). Only three films have done this previously. Which of the following did not achieve that feat?

A. “On the Waterfront” (1955)

B. “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (1976)

C. “The Silence of the Lambs” (1992)

D. “It Happened One Night” (1935)

Answer: A, “On the Waterfront” won all except best actress, for which it did not receive a nomination. Eva Marie Saint did, however, win for best supporting actress.

More trivia: “Silver Linings Playbook” is the first film to get nominations in best picture, director, writing and all four acting categories since “Reds” at the 1982 awards.

Studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has the record for most overall nominations with 62. But which of the following people holds the record for most nominations and competitive wins?

A. Production designer Cedric Gibbons

B. Composer Alfred Newman

C. Filmmaker Walt Disney

D. Costume designer Edith Head

Answer: C, Disney received 59 nominations and collected a record 22 competitive wins. Head is the most-nominated woman with 35 nods and the most-winning woman with eight awards.

Composer John Williams has 48 total nominations, and holds the record for nominations for original score with 43 (including a nod this year for “Lincoln”). How many Oscars has he won?

A. 5

B. 11

C. 32

D. 40

Answer: A, Adaptation and original song score for “Fiddler on the Roof” (1972) and original score for “Jaws” (1976), “Star Wars” (1978), “E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial” (1983) and “Schindler’s List” (1994)

Linda Hunt (“The Year of Living Dangerously,” 1984) is the only person to have won by doing what?

A. Playing a homosexual character

B. Playing a member of another race

C. Playing a disfigured character

D. Playing a member of the opposite sex

Answer: D, Hunt played an ill-fated male Chinese-Australian dwarf in the film.

“Midnight Cowboy” (1970) is the only film with what rating to win best picture?

A. R

B. NC-17

C. X

D. Unrated

Answer: C, though the rating was changed to R two years after its release.

Under former rules, it was possible for an actor to be nominated as best actor and best supporting actor for the same performance. At the 1945 ceremony, which actor became the only performer to ever hold this distinction?

A. Barry Fitzgerald, “Going My Way”

B. Bing Crosby, “Going My Way”

C. Cary Grant, “None But the Lonely Heart”

D. Charles Boyer, “Gaslight”

Answer: A, Fitzgerald did win the supporting category, but Crosby was named best actor.

Which family has the most nominations, including an original score nomination this year for “Skyfall”?

A. The Fondas

B. The Hustons

C. The Coppolas

D. The Newmans

Answer: D, two generations of the Newman family have a total of 87 nominations including Thomas Newman’s “Skyfall” nod.

More trivia: The Hustons and the Coppolas are the only two families with three generations of winners. Roman Coppola, a member of that family’s third generation, has a nomination this year for original screenplay with “Moonrise Kingdom.”

With his best picture nod this year for “Argo,” producer George Clooney joins what person as the only powerhouses to have nominations for best picture, directing, writing and acting?

A. Clint Eastwood

B. Warren Beatty

C. Woody Allen

D. Robert De Niro

Answer: B

Hal Mohr’s 1936 win for cinematography made academy history why?

A. Mohr is the only write-in winner.

B. Mohr is the only blind winner.

C. Mohr is the only winner to reject his award.

D. Mohr is the only posthumous winner.

Answer: A, Mohr won for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” thanks to a write-in campaign. Academy rules were later changed so this would not be possible.

Who is the only winner with parents that were both also winners?

A. Michael Douglas (1976, producer, and 1988, best actor)

B. Jane Fonda (1972 and 1979, best actress)

C. Angelina Jolie (2000, best supporting actress)

D. Liza Minnelli (1972, best actress)

Answer: D, Liza Minnelli. Only the fathers of the others have won.

Sources: The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and the Internet Movie Database









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