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Last updated: Tue. Dec. 31, 2013 - 09:17 am EDT

Fort Wayne births, through Dec. 29


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Dec. 29.

Fort Wayne

•A'zion L. Strong to Ashley A. and Lonnie D. Strong.

•Aaleyah K. Horn and Hailey A. Horn to Mandi K. Hart and Tony L. Horn II.

•Adalynn C. Wyss to Lauren E. and Jacob E. Wyss.

•Addelyn G. Clagg to Meagan E. Robinson and Jason T. Clagg.

•Addison R. Boyer to Anne M. and R. D. Boyer II.

•Aiden J. Wesner to Ashlie N. and Josh R. Wesner.

•Alanna M. Oliva Del Cid to Maria C. Oliva Del Cid.

•Alayna R. Thompson to Allison L. Richmond and Tobias F. Thompson.

•Alexander M. Demartino to Melissa M. and Thomas A. Demartino.

•Alexander V. Alia to Jennifer D. and Jonathan V. Alia.

•Ali I. Gedio to Amina S. Abedalla and Ishag A. Gedio.

•Alivia B. Baker to Ashley B. and Andrew B. Baker.

•Amir D. Bradtmueller to Melonie Bradtmueller.

•Amiya M. Carter to Dominique L. Gooden and Brandon K. Carter.

•Anastasia M. Junk to Hilary A. Eash and Randall T. Junk.

•Angela Deng to Yi Wang and Yihao Deng.

•Annelle Mensahboateng to Cindy C. Bennett and Daniel Mensahboateng.

•Avalyn C. Stauffer to Heather M. and Zachary J. Stauffer.

•Awa J. Behm to Megan M. and Stephen J. Behm Jr.

•Aye Chan Nyein to Hla Hla Win and Hla Nyein.

•Bentley J. Bryan to Georgina E. Shields and Dustin S. Bryan.

•Bentley R. Bonar to Cora D. Henry and Zachary S. Bonar Sr.

•Brendan S. Howley to Jessica M. and Michael J. Howley.

•Brent E. Reichert to Crystal M. and Brandon M. Reichert.

•Breydon J. Camacho to Leslie R. Dague and Osvaldo Camacho.

•Breylie A. Rothgeb to Amber N. Rothgeb.

•Bronx K. Johnston to Tara C. and Arrand H. Johnston.

•Brycen C. Nickolson to Chelsea L. Andrews and Robert E. Nickolson.

•Caidyn N. West to Constance M. Walker and Cedric L. West Sr.

•Cameron E. Woods to Stephanie L. and Justyn A. Woods.

•Camila M. Cardenas to Ruth C. Cardenas Munoz and Jorge R. Chiqui Chaca.

•Camilla R. Munoz to Danielle R. Lazoff and Saul H. Munoz.

•Carlos A. Cirilo to Erika Y. Lemus and Reynaldo Cirilo.

•Carter M. Hirschbiel to Jennifer N. Hirschbiel and Sean E. Baines.

•Cecelia G. Ehler to Jessica E. Martz and John R. Ehler.

•Charliann O. Zolman to Erin R. and Andrew J. Zolman.

•Charlie A. Allen to Coti M. and Trevor W. Allen.

•Charlie J. Voirol I to Sarah C. and Jess E. Voirol.

•Charlotte R. Hogeston to Krystina M. Hogeston.

•Chloe J. Ziegler to Sarah L. and Paul W. Ziegler.

•Christian T. Williams to Christasha R. Williams.

•Cing M. Kim to Cing D. Mang and Hau Peter.

•Claire M. Bystricky and Nicholas W. Bystricky to Carla E. and Bryan W. Bystricky.

•Clayton S. Baxter to Sarah C. and David A. Baxter.

•Coleman J. Bishop to Sarah R. and Forrest J. Bishop.

•Couper W. Workman to Desiree J. Adkins and Robert W. Workman.

•Cullen P. Mangan to Amanda C. and Daniel S. Mangan.

•Cyler M. Handschy to Brandy R. Walker and Cyle R. Handschy.

•D'lyna G. Hernandez to Antonia A. Guzman and Eric Hernandez.

•Dalila Muratovic to Irma and Muradif Muratovic.

•Dasan L. Chapman to Alisha N. and Ronald D. Chapman.

•Davauntae B. Teders to Jasmine L. and David B. Teders.

•David Del Angel to Maria D. Serrano and Juan J. Del Angel.

•Delanie M. Van Horn to Kristina M. Hagan and Derek B. Van Horn.

•Ela'jah M. Conwell to Rachel N. Townsend and Elquon F. Conwell.

•Eleanor R. Keefer too Sarah L. and Nicholas M. Keefer.

•Elliana G. Carrigan to Tiffany A. and Matthew A. Carrigan.

•Ellie M. Curtis to Alyssa L. Soto and Zachary M. Curtis.

•Emad M. Almalahi to Seham A. and Mammer S. Almalahi.

•Emerson L. Bushong to Rachel E. and Scott J. Bushong.

•Ethan A. Heath to Jacqueline C. and Justin A. Heath.

•Everett C. Johnson to Jessica L. and Travis A. Johnson.

•Ezra G. Gervais to Kayla B. and Mathew Gervais.

•Ezra G. Knuth to Sarah L. and Wesley A. Knuth.

•Fabian S. Hernandez to Ana K. Avila Hernandez.

•Firozar Be to Cho Lay and O S. Din.

•Francisco I. Munoz to Catalina Gomez and Francisco J. Munoz.

•Grace L. Whetstone to Meghann E. and Jeremy M. Whetstone.

•Graham T. Gerber to Sandra L. and Douglas T. Gerber.

•Grayson E. Pifferitti to Amber L. Pifferitti.

•Grayson P. Myers to Jamie L. Cook and Matthew E. Myers.

•Gwyneth A. Cresse to Sarah E. and Stephen Cresse.

•Harper A. Hecke to Mandy D. and John J. Hecke II.

•Harper N. Blake to Lyndsay R. and Matthew R. Blake.

•Harrison J. Miller to Megan C. and Brian C. Miller.

•Haven L. Wiseman to Jenna L. Fanger and Robert M. Wiseman.

•Hayden D. Fackler to Alicia D. Waikel and Drew S. Fackler.

•Hope E. Davis to Tiffany A. and Dino T. Davis.

•Isaac S. Pantoja to Paola C. and Luis F. Pantoja.

•Isabella N. Rowan to Priscilla M. and David A. Rowan.

•Isaiah M. Dahlman to Rachel F. and Derek A. Dahlman.

•Ivy L. Blythe to Anna E. and Benjamin A. Blythe.

•Ja'mer J. Smith to Ronesha S. Billingsley Smith.

•Jaceion M. Allen to Demetria T. Allen.

•Jameriyon D. Moore to Fashionee L. Moore and Jamarcus J. Rogers.

•James A. Pullmann to Joy A. and Nathaniel P. Pullmann.

•James T. Ford to Paula A. and Ryan E. Ford.

•Jasleen Y. Tajiboy to Bianca A. Tajiboy.

•Jaxson S. Souers to Candice R. Lewark and Jason P. Souers.

•Jaxyn J. Wade to Cody K. and Brian L. Wade.

•Jeffrey A. Spangle to Laura M. and Jeffrey J. Spangle.

•Jeremiah R. Syndram to Mindy M. and Joshua J. Syndram.

•Jiarah D. Jenkins to Tamara M. Jenkins.

•Jonas I. Wagner to Rachael L. and Ian D. Wagner.

•Jordan L. Woods to Jaime N. Dickerson and Tyrone L. Woods.

•Jordyn C. Patton to Chelsea M. and John C. Patton.

•Josiah D. Downing to Desirae L. Jett and Joseph D. Downing.

•Jour Din M. Jones to Rhonda M. Jones.

•Julian E. Maluchnik to Melanie M. and Phillip J. Maluchnik.

•Kade J. Probst to Abby K. and Chad J. Probst.

•Kaelyn L. Kimani to Erica L. Yoder and Geoffrey K. Mungai.

•Kaiden E. Cassel to Carmen J. Davis and Lantae B. Cassel Sr.

•Karmella N. Costello to Leigh A. Suthers and Jordan K. Costello.

•Karson M. Prewitt to Katrina K. Johnson and Milton Prewitt Jr.

•Kaydence J. Rybolt to Latasha M. and Anthony J. Rybolt Jr.

•Kaysoi Htaw to Mi T. Thwet and Tun W. Nai.

•Keagan A. Letner to Colleen E. and Troy A. Letner.

•Keannon R. Dickey to Mary E. Dutt and Robert E. Dickey.

•Kenslie N. Kruse to Sarah N. and Aaron K. Kruse.

•Kiertron C. Bray to Kara A. Walker and Calvin Bray Jr.

•King C. Pearson to Jessica R. Parker and Charles R. Pearson.

•Kiyah E. Burgess to Kayla E. Burgess.

•Kolton J. McGraw to Kiera C. McGraw.

•Kooper J. Kifowit to Jennifer M. and Jonn J. Kifowit.

•Korey D. Stockman Jr. to Lindsey R. Seslar and Korey D. Stockman.

•Landon A. Bays to Leah E. Filler and David C. Bays.

•Layla Gonzalez to Ana K. Gonzalez.

•Leia G. Lewis to Lelela G. and Kellen A. Lewis Sr.

•Leightyn E. Ford to Ashton E. and James R. Ford.

•Liam D. Stamets to Rebecca B. and Samuel D. Stamets.

•Lilianna M. Bush to Jennifer M. and David J. Bush.

•Lilly A. Garman to Paige L. Wardlow and Scott A. Garman.

•Lillyrose M. Loveday to Amy J. and James J. Loveday.

•Lily A. Myers to Christina A. and Brent A. Myers.

•Lucero T. Anicua and Oscar D. Anicua to Sarah B. and Oscar Anicua-Salazar.

•Luciana D. Wagner to Rachael L. and Ian D. Wagner.

•Lukas L. Gaier to Stephanie C. and Nathan J. Gaier.

•Maggie L. Closson to Kelsey L. and Joseph J. Closson.

•Makayla C. Westphal to Elizabeth H. and Derek M. Westphal.

•Mathias J. Hernandez to Codi J. Henley and Jaime A. Hernandez Jr.

•Maximus L. Gillenwater to Carrie A. and Keith A. Gillenwater.

•Mia R. Galvan to Amanda R. Brostek and Joe Galvan.

•Michael J. Hacha to Kristin A. and Robert P. Hacha.

•Michelle R. Thomas to Megan E. Thomas.

•Minh-Anh T. Vu to Hong T. Tran and Tan M. Vu.

•Montgomery M. Hoffman to Lauren E. and Joshua A. Hoffman.

•Mung S. Muan to Vung S. Lun and Suan Kim.

•Nathaniel K. Robinson to Stefanie A. Farley and Donald R. Robinson Jr.

•Niko A. Russell to Maria A. and Zackery D. Russell.

•Nina R. Brooks to Samantha V. and Cody M. Brooks.

•Noah K. Rayford to Michelle M. Kadlec and Justin T. Rayford.

•Norah C. Kidney to Sasha N. and Brent D. Kidney.

•Nyomi J. Rangel to Carmen M. Rangel.

•Oliver L. Hendrix to Jeanette C. and Nicholas M. Hendrix.

•Olivia E. Grogg to Lindsey R. and Justin R. Grogg.

•Pau Sien to Ching Boi and Thawng Pau.

•Pyae P. Hlaing to Thawe Thawe and Mya Hlaing.

•Reid M. Richmond to Sarah M. and Bradley M. Richmond.

•Rhys P. Turner to Kayla S. Steinbacher and Christopher L. Turner.

•Rosalee S. Thompson to Jennifer L. Thompson.

•Samuel E. Parker to Rachael E. and Ross W. Parker.

•Samuel J. Slater II to Lauren M. and Samuel J. Slater.

•Sh'riyah K. Smith to Sharice P. Carter and Antwon L. Smith.

•Suheera B. Yar to Su Mar Yar and Bay Lar.

•Summer M. Hallett to Stefanie M. and Adam G. Hallett.

•Surehana Be to Asa Ma Bi and Ha San.

•Timothy R. Landrigan to Jessica A. and Matthew D. Landrigan.

•Trey M. Abrams to Krysta D. and Brandon R. Abrams.

•Ty'lashia M. Thomas toAngela J. Thomas.

•Tywon M. Davis to Yalonda Y. Milligan and Michael D. Davis.

•Veronica M. Garcia to Rebecca A. and Vincent B. Garcia.

•Yaritza X. Villa to Agustina Villa Meza and Alejandro Vidal Gonzalez.

•Yussof I. Osman to Hawa H. Noor and Ismael O. Mohammed.

•Za K. Riya to I Z. Bi and Mamad H. Sein.

•Zachary M. Gerardot to Jessica M. and Derek J. Gerardot.

•Zahc E. Brown to Krista R. Smith and Chazz R. Brown.

•Zaiden A. Elam to Mary A. and Kody G. Elam.

•Zandon I. Sullivan to Kristen M. Patrick and Jason L. Sullivan.

•Zaw H. Pine to Khin A. Myint and Maung P. Zaw.

•Zoe M. Berkshire-Harris to Michelle K. and Brendan T. Berkshire-Harris.

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