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Posted on Mon. Feb. 17, 2014 - 12:01 am EDT

TV Diary: Test your knowledge of movie and television presidents, part 1


Today is Presidents Day. In honor of Presidents Lincoln and Washington — and all the others, too — here is the first of a two-part quiz about actors who have played presidents on TV and movies.

1. Who played the lead role in “Young Mr. Lincoln” (1939)?

2. Who played Theodore Roosevelt in a 2006 film and its 2009 remake, and then starred as Dwight D. Eisenhower in last year's “The Butler?”

3. Who played William Howard Taft in “Backstairs at the White House?”

4. Although James Gregory played Ulysses S. Grant in the pilot episode of “The Wild, Wild West” TV series, which actor played the president during the series?

5. Who played President William Haney in “My Fellow Americans” (1996)?

6. Who played the president in “The Pelican Brief” (1993)?

7. Who played President Blake on “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004)?

8. Name the president Martin Sheen played on “The West Wing.”

9. Not only was this actor president on “Independence Day,” he also was president on “1600 Penn.”

10. Who played presidents on “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” and “Lost in Space” at the same time?

11. Which president did Nigel Hawthorne portray on “Amistad?”

Answers: 1. Henry Fonda. 2. Robin Williams. 3. Victor Buono. 4. Roy Engel. 5. Dan Aykroyd. 6. Robert Culp. 7. Perry King. 8. President Josiah Bartlet. 9. Bill Pullman. 10. Ford Rainey. 11. Martin Van Buren.

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