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Last updated: Tue. Feb. 18, 2014 - 03:34 am EDT


Cheap Shots: Ed Reed's $50K forgetfulness

Derek Jeter gears up for last season of Big Apple drama

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Veteran NFL safety Ed Reed had $50,000 in cash stolen from his car in Houston. He left the cash on the passenger's seat, but the window was smashed and the money gone when he returned. Don't criticize unless you've never absentmindedly left $50,000 cash in your car.

Tired of playing the field

New York Yankees superstar Derek Jeter announced that this will be his last season. He is looking forward to the next phase of his career. He'll still make money from being “Yankees great Derek Jeter,” but without all the adjusting and scratching.

Metropolitan explanation

New York Mets center fielder Curtis Granderson, formerly of the Yankees, said he wasn't taking a shot at anyone with his December comment that “real New Yorkers are Mets fans.” He apologized to those who took those comments the wrong way. It turns out all those offended were all, in a weird coincidence, Yankees fans.

Cano no can do

In other Yankees news, hitting coach Kevin Long told the New York Daily News that he is still bothered by the fact he couldn't persuade former Yankees star Robinson Cano to run hard to first on routine ground balls. Seattle fans, meanwhile, will live with Cano's home-run jog.

Man of the people

According to tax returns, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell earned a salary of $35.1 million in the 2012 calendar year, plus a $5 million incentive payment. That makes sense. Most would agree that $35.1 million is hardly enough incentive on its own.

Looking for a clean fight?

Russian hockey fans demonstrated at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, protesting an American referee's call that disallowed a Russian goal in its loss to the U.S. The protesters used cheese graters to grate soap into buckets, shouting “Make soap out of the ref!”

Apparently, that's a common Russian expression, but before things get worse, we'd better send Dennis Rodman over to straighten things out.

What if I told you this story's getting old?

Former Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito deleted his Twitter account over the weekend but came back Monday and apologized for acting like a "big baby." ESPN reportedly started early work on the "30 for 30" movie: "Big Baby Bully."

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