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Posted on Sat. Mar. 08, 2014 - 12:01 am EDT


Hey, CNN: Dennis Rodman on North Korea is not breaking news

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When did CNN go from being a trusted news source to just another trashy gossip site?

Here is a recent, honest-to-goodness “Breaking News” headline at the very top of the website:

Dennis Rodman tells CNN's Chris Cuomo: “I think for me, the reason I drink is because I'm bored.”

Let me get this straight: A former basketball player with the common sense of Brussels sprouts and the fashion sense of a Picasso painting drinks when he is bored? Stop the presses! That ranks right up there with fires, terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Sorry, CNN, just because one of your “personalities” (I certainly do not consider them reporters anymore) scores an interview with some self-important publicity hog, it does not automatically qualify as news.

In his heyday, Rodman occasionally made news in the sports section. Since his retirement, he has become nothing more than an embarrassment to this country. It is certainly not worth reporting on his drinking habits.

A few days later, in fonts so big you'd have thought something verging on important actually happened, was this gem of a headline: “Did Hillary call Monica a 'loony toon?'” (Isn't it sad we have gotten so accustomed to political scandals in this country that, using only first names, we know exactly who they are talking about?)

Again, this was from, not some rag you see waiting in line at the supermarket checkout counter. Are they that hard up for a story they have to go back 15 years to dig up dirt in an old diary?

What's next? Piers Morgan lands an exclusive interview with some alien abductees?

Justin cuts himself shaving for the first time?

Miley acts like a mature lady?

Another traffic jam of motorists fleeing New Jersey? Oh, the humanity!

Mike Marin is a cranky curmudgeon who, when he’s not yelling at kids to get off his lawn, likes to complain about the sad state of popular culture, especially as seen through a TV screen. His email address is This column is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinion of The News-Sentinel.

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