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Last updated: Wed. Apr. 16, 2014 - 10:06 am EDT

20 years added for attack on jail guard

Convicted slayer scoffs at sentence equal to a lifetime

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FORT WAYNE — Deadrian Boykins smirked and chuckled his way through his various court cases to a total of 91 years in prison.

The slightly built 19-year-old appeared in court again Tuesday, this time for sentencing in the last of three unrelated cases stemming from his penchant for violence.

And just like he had through his trial and other hearings, Boykins acted as though the whole matter were one big joke.

It wasn’t to the wife of the Allen County confinement officer he battered into unconsciousness on Christmas Day. It wasn’t to the officer himself, Quinton Greer, as he told the court he feared he would die in a pool of his own blood.

It most certainly wasn’t a joke to Allen Superior Court Judge Fran Gull, who yet again sentenced the recalcitrant Boykins to prison, this time for 20 years.

In December, she sentenced Boykins to 65 years in prison for the murder of 17-year-old Elijah Freeman in April 2013.

With the new sentence, Boykins’ total prison time in the three cases, including six years for a robbery attempt at a beauty college, is 91 years.

Given his behavior while in the Allen County Jail, which included the attack on the guard, it’s not likely Boykins will get any credit for good behavior in the Indiana Department of Correction and may never be out from behind bars, Gull told him.

Before she sentenced Boykins, Gull heard statements from Cindy Greer, the wife of the confinement officer attacked on Christmas Day.

An emergency room nurse, Cindy Greer said seeing her husband in a trauma suite, his arms outstretched and face bloodied and swollen, was horrifying.

One eye was swollen shut, but when he looked toward her, she saw fear.

“That scared me,” she said, adding she had to turn off the part of her that was his wife and become a nurse to deal with the experience.

Her care for him continued as he came home to recover from the facial fractures that left him with vision and hearing damage.

“As a nurse, I’m qualified to look over him as a patient,” she said.

But she shouldn’t have to be as his wife, she said.

Cindy Greer noted Boykins’ constant haughty demeanor.

“He’s proud of what he did,” she said, looking toward the jury box where Boykins sat, looking all over the room and occasionally spinning in his chair.

“I don’t understand how you do this to another human being,” she said.

When Quinton Greer came to the microphone, he and Boykins exchanged a hard and lengthy look.

Quinton Greer told Gull he thought he would die that morning on the cellblock floor.

“I did not deserve what I had to go through,” he said.

A large man, especially compared with Boykins, Quinton Greer was jumped from the side as he handled the inmates’ lunches. Boykins hit him in the side of the head with a plastic lunch tray and pummeled him with his fists as the guard fell to the floor.

Allen County Deputy Prosecutor Jason Custer counted more than 20 blows from Boykins to Quinton Greer’s head area, according to statements.

Custer speculated that Boykins may have been trying to boost his reputation before he went to the Department of Correction. The attack occurred days after his sentencing in the murder case but before he was transferred to begin serving that sentence.

No matter the reason, Boykins’ character is unspeakable, Custer said.

Gull was not impressed by Boykins’ behavior.

“It’s unfortunate, Mr. Boykins, you find this whole process so amusing,” she said. “I don’t. … You choose to do what you choose to do.”

Gull recommended that he be placed in maximum security, which is not something she often does.

She entered a judgment for $39,186 in restitution to Quinton Greer.

As he was led out of the courtroom, the jawing and smirking continued as Boykins walked past the Greers’ family.

No one in Allen County, though, will likely see him again without driving to an Indiana prison.

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