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Posted on Thu. May. 22, 2014 - 12:01 am EDT

Son had designs to follow parents’ path

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At a glance

Name: Tony Braun

Age: 24

Title and employer: Production specialist at Parkview Regional Medical Center

Time in current position: 15 months, started in February 2013

Education and professional experience: Graduated with bachelor’s in graphic design from IPFW in May 2012; part time at IPFW’s printing services; Parkview is first full-time job

FORT WAYNE — Melody Braun was a nervous wreck.

Her son Tony had applied for a graphic design job at Parkview Regional Medical Center, a place she spent 23 years working as a printing-service technician.

“I know what a great department that marketing is,” said Melody Braun, who worked with that department a lot before retiring. “When he said he put an application in, I was so hoping. I heard a lot of good things, and I knew he would get all the experience he needed there. I knew it would be a great place for him.

“With his personality, I knew he would be a great fit because he has always gotten along with everybody.”

And as usual, the mother was correct.

Tony Braun began working at Parkview in February 2013, and although he isn’t exactly following in his parents’ footsteps, he knew he was going to a good place to work. His father, Mike, works in the hospital’s facility department.

“Growing up and seeing them working here, they were always happy with their jobs,” Tony Braun said. “I felt it was a good, secure place to have an occupation in.

“I didn’t necessarily see myself going to Parkview at first. I always thought I had to go to an ad agency or something. I didn’t think the marketing department would have a special graphic designer position. With my mom working in the print area, I became more aware of it then. They’ve always enjoyed working here, that’s why I applied for the position. I thought it was a good choice to pick.”

Mike Braun didn’t think his son would have a chance to stay in Fort Wayne, much less work where he and his wife had for years.

“I’m just glad he’s here,” Mike Braun said. “Originally, I kind of thought he would have to go to another city in his career. We were really glad that he was able to find something here locally.

“We’ve always enjoyed working here, and I thought he would enjoy working here also. We were nervous and really hoped that he would get in to work here, because it is a very good place to work. I knew once he got in here, he would enjoy it also.”

Tony Braun said Parkview has lived up to what he expected after watching his parents work for the hospital.

He helps create the look of the hospital’s literature and website with a focus on boosting its presence on social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter.

One of his biggest hits in his first year was making a concept of an interactive map of Parkview a reality on the Internet. Tony Braun designed an image that allows people to click on various parts of Parkview to learn about the different services the hospital offers.

“Tony’s got a fresh, new knack for creating graphics for social media,” communications manager Gary Penner said. “We know that Facebook posts that include graphics get better results, and he seems to know how to pick the right image and set up the copy to make it work.

“Tony stood out not because of his family background. His skills were better. His work ethic was better.”

Tony Braun said the biggest adjustment in going from an academic setting to a real-world job has been collaborating more with fellow employees.

“Everybody has their own special jobs, and we need to work together,” he said. “We each bring our own special focuses into the workplace.

“I get along well with everybody.”

He was also well-prepared to take on the workload and make the lessons he learned in college work in everyday life.

“When I finally got into working, it wasn’t as complicated as school always made it sound or as stressful,” he said. “School always makes stuff sound harder than it really is.

“Once you get into the real world, making your practical applications, it clicks with you. All of the essential learning that you can finally apply to your everyday job, you just kind of go with it.”

And he plans to keep going with it at Parkview for a long time, just like his parents.

“I’d like to continue working on a lot of the Web design and more of the social media,” he said. “I look forward to working here for a long time. It’s a job that I really enjoy coming to each day.”

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