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Posted on Tue. Jun. 03, 2014 - 12:01 am EDT

Restaurant review: Ziffles Rib Bar

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Where: 6340 East State Boulevard (Georgetown Square)

Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Friday; 3 p.m.-11 p.m. Saturday; Closed Sundays

Web site:

Phone: 493-1222

Menu sampler

* Ziff's Cheezy Fries: $4 half order, $8 full order

* BBQ Ziffle Wings: $8 for 10 wings

* Hog Trough $10

* Fried dill pickles: $6

* BBQ pulled pork sandwich: $8

* Whole chicken basket: $16

* Rib tips basket: $8

* The Barnyard: $49

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During my research for this review, I read on Ziffles' website that diners are encouraged not to wear white shirts. Little did I know how valuable that advice would turn out to be. My lunch was a savory, sticky, sauce-spattered experience.

Knowing that pork is the star at Ziffles, I wasn't surprised to see the large concrete pig outside the entrance. And the porcine theme is carried inside, too - along with beer mirrors, a vintage Seyfert's Potato Chip tin and a Mail Pouch thermometer rounding out the decor.

For an appetizer I was tempted to order the Hog Trough (cheese fries with pulled pork and coleslaw), but I didn't want to pig out on an appetizer.

Instead I chose the 10-piece serving of buffalo wings. The level of spiciness is measured in mild, medium and hot. I chose medium.

Armed with paper towels and wet towelettes, I dove in. The wings were steaming hot and swimming in a pool of zesty sauce.They were delicious and surprisingly meaty, and also very spicy. I can't image how fiery they would have been had I chosen hot.

For my entree I chose the BBQ pulled pork sandwich, along with a side salad.

The ice-cold, crisp salad was a great contrast after the spicy wings. The ingredients were tossed with parmesan cheese and dressed with Ziffles' house dressing, which resembled a light Italian. I ordered a mini salad, but the portion was generous.

My BBQ pulled pork sandwich was so large I didn't know whether to start with a fork or take a giant bite. The toasted bread was firm and supported the heft of the meat.

According to the menu, the sandwich was to be topped with red onion. But there was no onion on my sandwich.

As with the wings, I chose the medium level of spiciness, But the spice was much milder than the medium of the wings. The meat was tender and easy to eat, but I would have liked some more BBQ sauce. I also would have liked a small cup of coleslaw for my sandwich without having to upgrade to the platter (fries and coleslaw instead of chips).

My friend ordered the rib tips basket - fries and garlic toast completed his entree.

The boneless tips had a rich, smoky flavor, and the medium sauce was a flavorful but not overwhelming complement. And the extra sauce from the wings was great for dipping his fries.

Both of us enjoyed our entrees, but agreed that the wings were the best part of our meal. Next time I'll try something different, but I am definitely ordering the wings again.

If you want taste a little bit of everything, you can order the Barnyard. This family style meal offers the chance to sample ribs, chicken, wings, pulled pork, tips, fries and coleslaw.

At various times throughout the meal, I had a BBQ sauce moustache, but I wasn't too embarrassed. I'm sure I wasn't alone. Even my dining companion didn't leave unscathed - he enjoyed his lunch so much, he didn't notice the sauce stain on his pants.

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