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Posted on Sat. Jul. 19, 2014 - 04:15 am EDT


Huntertown must stop its tilting at windmills

Huntertown must stop its tilting at windmills —  How much longer can Huntertown continue on its quixotic quest to build its own sewage-treatment plant?Battling developers, Fort Wayne City Utilities and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management is costing the town a bundle in legal fees – $304,397 in just the first five months of this year.Fort Wayne, which continues to process Huntertown’s sewage without a contract, now is offering the town $1 million to help build a new sewer infrastructure that would lower customers’ bills by $120 a year.The city’s plan would allow Huntertown to provide for and control growth in its area, something that was a key motivation for the town’s plan to declare independence from City Utilities.In 2012, IDEM rejected Huntertown’s original request to build a treatment plant because the discharge of treated water would pollute the Eel River. Huntertown recently submitted a revised plan, which calls for discharging wastewater at another point along the river, that answers that concern.Of course Fort Wayne, which is in the midst of a long-range plan to address pollution that goes into the rivers here, can treat Huntertown sewage without affecting the Eel River at all.Primary victories by anti-establishment candidates mean that the town’s stubbon pursuit of sewage-processing independence will face scrutiny next year. And if IDEM rejects Huntertown’s new proposal, the rationale for resisting Fort Wayne’s offer would collapse anyway.But why wait for those things to unfold?It’s time for Huntertown to put a hold on its bold plans to build and sue and annex its way to total independence. After all, even Don Quixote eventually came to his senses.

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