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Posted on Sun. Jul. 20, 2014 - 04:00 am EDT


Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor — Wife carries on causeof longtime letter writerI’m writing a letter for the last time for Paul Double, who passed away after 68 years with me, his wife.He wrote many letters about keeping our Constitution truthful and without change. Fighting to keep our children from abortion and keeping marriage of one man and one woman. We do not want our children and grandchildren to marry the product of two men or two women.Christians have rights also, and we better start fighting for them. As Paul Double and I see it, let’s fight the good fight.MARY JANE DOUBLEOssianGenerosity of spirit knows no religionWell, I guess I won’t be inviting Julie Crandall to my gay wedding (Letters, July 9). Seriously, though, it is understood that such a thing would be an abomination to her god. That’s the ever-loving deity in the Book of Job – ‘nuff said.One of my ancestors testified on behalf of a woman who was judged a witch by Christians. Before they killed her, they asked her to narc on some other women and she said, “I will not return evil for evil.” She has a standing invitation to my party. She might very well turn it down, but I know for sure that she would be gracious about it.In my own time I have met individuals with that kind of generosity of spirit, including Christians.PETE CHRISTENSENFort WayneHoosier compassioncarries only so farI was touched by Gov. Mike Pence’s quote on the July 10 opinion page: “Hoosiers have long cherished the principle that we must ‘love our neighbor as we love ourselves’; that we must not walk by on the opposite side of the road when neighbors are hurting and in need.”Unless they’re gay.BRAD HUFFFort WayneCasting stones iswasteful exerciseThis is concerning the letter “List of perversions next for OK” by Jerry Ross (July 7). Let the person without sin cast the first stone.He’s using hate, and much of what he wrote showed a hatred I was surprised was allowed in the Journal Gazette. I am a heterosexual man married to a wonderful woman, and at one time I had a similar feeling to Ross. But luckily I had ethics training, which taught me to treat people, all people, the way I want to be treated – not because I have to but because everyone deserves to be treated that way.Ross, on the other hand, hates gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and is using religion to prove his point. Again, he’s throwing that rock. One thing the Bible does teach us is that hate is wrong. He has the right to his opinion, but trying to promote hatred is throwing a very large rock. What’s next, blacks should not be allowed to marry whites? Jews should not be allowed to marry Aryans? Sounds strange, but at one time both were considered a perversion.Ross uses the term sexual perversion multiple times. He really needs to put the rock down. I guess he would rather these people be alone and unhappy the rest of their lives instead of being loved and happy with another person. There goes that rock again. And where did he come up with the middle-aged man taking a shower with a 9-year-old? Haven’t heard many gay people promoting that. Rock time!Let people live the lives they want and forgive them for not being like you. Not that they need it. And I hope gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people will forgive you for your hatred because you do need it.RICHARD OSTHEIMERFort WayneBetter to hatebroccoli than gaysBefore Jerry Ross pats himself on the back for enlightening the masses, he might want to read and comprehend that homosexuality is a normal and natural part of human sexuality. Homosexuality is not a perversion, as he would want people to believe.All of Ross’ theories have been proven false. He might want to open his mind and read the research that has been done in this area. Gay people are born that way. End of story. Please join us in the 21st century. It’s people just like Ross who gave birth to them. WhatOn the Web• More letters, including some edited for length in the print edition, go to of person gives birth to a child then throws them out of their lives because they are gay?Ross’ assumption that people just wake up someday and say, “Today I’m going to be gay” shows his lack of education on the subject. He has done nothing to help hisfellow man; instead he passed on his ignorance to people who would rather fear-monger than spread the truth. Ross might as well get used to the idea that gay marriage will happen in every state in the country because we will not settle for anything less. It’s going to happen.Some people just need some-thing to hate. Try broccoli. I hear lots of people hate that. Remember that homosexuality is found in more than 450 species, homophobia is found in only one. Now, what seems more natural to you?DAVID SHAWFort WayneCity ignores its rolein nation’s historyWhile in Fort Wayne visiting my fianceé’s family I decided to check out the historic sites. My fianceé recounted fond memories of school trips and overnight stays in the old fort, complete with tours of guard duty and Indian raids. As a doctoral candidate in early American history, I was excited to finally see the places firsthand.I was dismayed that old Fort Wayne is not only in disrepair but also apparently forgotten by its namesake city. After a difficult journey to even get to the fort (we ended up parking on the bike path for lack of any other options), we found the only information greeting visitors is a sign asking people to not pick the vegetables. Not so much as a single historical marker explained the importance of the fort to both Native American and Euro-American history or its place within a regional historical context.What does it say about a city, a county and a state that an important area in early American history is barely acknowledged? A community that does not value its past quickly loses its identity. What a shame that Fort Wayne does not embrace the very special and diverse history of its region by investing in its historic sites.A few simple markers and explanatory plaques would go a long way to highlighting the role of Native Americans, French, British and Americans in shaping the region and the larger story of America’s westward expansion.That the reconstructed Fort Wayne and some associated Native American sites are not part of a more developed city or county park, instead of just a landmark on a bike trail, reflects poorly on a city with deep historical roots.I truly hope the city or county invests in its past, not only as a measure of local civic pride but as a way to teach future generations about the complex histories of the diverse peoples whose interactions played such a formative role in America’s past.ETHAN R. BENNETTSt. LouisLawmakers must stopfireworks bombardmentI just finished reading Jerri Martin’s fireworks-related letter in the July 14 Journal Gazette, and I could not agree more.Somehow, our elected officials need to understand that the current fireworks laws are totally unacceptable to the majority of Fort Wayne citizens and the residents of the state of Indiana. How the current laws were written and voted into existence is beyond comprehension.The legislators who voted for these laws were either hearing-impaired and/or, in my opinion, had too many free lunches paid for by the fireworks lobbyists. If not, then they must be regretting the day they supported this madness.I for one will be writing to my appropriate City Council members, as well as my Indiana state representative, state senator and governor. Next July will be here before we know it, not to mention the day before Labor Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s, the day before Memorial Day and Memorial Day. I encourage everyone who is tired of this annual bombardment to do the same and to do it now.JAMES A. BRENOCKFort WaynePublic deserves to havevoice heard on educationSeveral years ago, my local Republican township trustee appointed me to a regional waste district board. Members attempted to change the governing rules over how board appointments were made. I sided with the township trustee, even though she was of the opposite party, because she was the elected official the people put into place.The board members changed the rules anyway.It took a lawsuit for the township trustee to get her appointment power back, but it reinforced what I believe: The people elect someone to govern.Appointed officials have no right to try to strip power away from the voters’ choice.What the governor and his Center for Education and Career Innovation – a group of unelected appointees – did was a slap in the face to the people of Indiana. The governor apparently believes that one particular group has the right to govern in spite of voters and in spite of our values as a representative democracy.Elections are the basis of our democracy and more than 1.3 million voters chose Glenda Ritz as our superintendent of public instruction.I urge the superintendent of public instruction to bring an action against the Center for Education and Career Innovation based on the right of the governed to have their chosen representative guard their rights and set their policy for the future. This is not about politics – it is about the more than 1 million schoolchildren, our parents, teachers, administrators and taxpayers who deserve consistent and effective leadership in public education from their elected superintendent.MIKE CLAYTORCandidate for auditor of state

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