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Posted on Wed. Jul. 23, 2014 - 12:01 am EDT

Area births, through July 13


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through July 13. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.


• Jaxson L. Fiandt to Jami L. Gamble and David M. Fiandt.


• Emerie K. Shockey to Katherine A. and Ryan D. Shockey.

• Quentin C. Hale and River N. Hale to Heather M. Wynn and Aaron C. Hale.

• Sam M. Ahmed to Marim Azzan and Mshtaq Ahmed.


• Caleb L. Hitzeman to Tracy M. and Thomas L. Hitzeman.

• Iris O. Swank to Kaitlin M. Johnson and Logan J. Swank.

• Jackson H. Roberts to Samantha C. Glasser and Ryan S. Roberts.

• Paisley M. Kline to Kileigh D. and Brian K. Kline.

• Natalie F. Vance to Diane R. and Nathaniel L. Vance.


• Michena G. Knepper to Allena J. and Michael G. Knepper.


• Maddix C. Tonner to Rachel R. and Trevor C. Tonner.


• Alyssa M. Bousman to Melissa M. and Rick W. Bousman.

• Deshawn J. Adams to Aubrey L. Kryder and Devontae D. Adams.

• Emma E. McConnell to Laura E. and Sean R. McConnell.

• Kyler J. Coyne to Elizabeth S. and Richard W. Coyne.

• Pearson J. Klopfenstein to Marcella M. and Mark E. Klopfenstein.


• Jase R. Carper to Lisa R. Turnbull and Nathaniel R. Carper.


• London L. Pequignot to Melanie L. and Chase M. Pequignot.

• Noah R. Taylor to Krista J. and Nicholas A. Taylor.


• Alivia L. Crump to Amanda L. Sawyer and Matthew A. Crump.

Columbia City

• Christian I. Kline to Melanie E. and John N. Kline.

• Elizabeth W. Bullock to Brittney R. and Matthew H. Bullock.

• Jaxyn L. Blackwell to Christina and Justin K. Blackwell.

• Mercy S. Wildey to Chaylea R. Schiefelbein and Gage S. Wildey.


• Tanner D. Gamble to Jessica R. and Clifton L. Gamble.


• Alaina G. Dekker to Danielle K. Bly and Justin E. Dekker.

• Dexter B. Foreman to Brittany R. and Richard P. Foreman.

• Evangeline Eirwyn S. Habegger to Michelle L. and Justin J. Habegger.

• Hudson E. Adams to Miranda C. and Samuel A. Adams.

• Jaylee J. Aschliman to Rebekah J. and Kreigh D. Aschliman.


• Jackson W. Stumbo to Tabatha H. McDonald and Walter B. Stumbo.

• Jayden L. Davis to Jacqueline A. Jordan and Christopher L. Davis.


• Lane A. Rediger to Carley J. and Alexander D. Rediger.


• Keturah M. Graber to Mary S. and Adam D. Graber.


• Chance T. Stuckey to Amber R. and James A. Stuckey.


• Emmy F. Lazoff to Joni M. and Matthew J. Lazoff.

• Jaylee M. Fast to Cynthia M. Fast.


• Beckett D. Norris to Breanna B. and Cody M. Norris.

• Lawson W. Bell to Ashley R. and Mark A. Bell.


• Crosley S. Grow to Cheryl D. and Korey A. Grow.

• Hunter I. Morris to Leanna L. Oden and James A. Morris Jr.

• Nolan T. Hartley to Ashley L. and James C. Hartley.

• Nova A. Lamica to Natasha C. Lamica.


• Aaron J. Whetstone to Lorene D. and John M. Whetstone.


• Mary A. Shank to Victoria L. and Troy G. Shank.


• Brinley A. Parker and Nash A. Parker to Holli L. and Keith R. Parker.

• Montgomery J. Mowery to Molly F. and Jared C. Mowery.


• Evalynn M. Beste to Laura M. and Joseph R. Beste.


• Lila G. Sheetz to Amber M. Sheetz.

• Violet F. Fritz to Cristy M. and Michael A. Fritz.

New Haven

• Amber J. Freeman to Ashley C. and Michael E. Lusk.

• Brayden L. Zehr to Amanda and Jonathan J. Zehr.

• Charlotte J. Davis to Sarah M. and Brent S. Davis.

• Emeline R. Dommer to Natasha L. and Zachary D. Dommer.

• Gracelyn N. Gerig to Margaret R. and Steven J. Gerig.

• Isabella R. White to Angelia C. Julian and Brandon B. White.

• Juliana C. Goldy to Allison P. and Jeremy C. Goldy.

North Manchester

• Kathryn J. Turley to Alisha J. and Garret M. Turley.


• Brayden A. Eltzroth to Courtney R. and Brandon D. Eltzroth.

• Kenzie M. Barnes to Jackelyn K. and Travis J. Barnes.

• Willow P. Privett to Jessica M. and Michael J. Privett.


• Cooper W. Holzinger to Nicole M. and Ryan P. Holzinger.

• Dahlia L. Van Ness to Shelby L. Marshall and Amos L. Van Ness.

• Nora C. Macaleese to Jennifer A. and Bram C. Macaleese.

• Shelby N. Creech to Cristina L. and Joseph L. Creech Jr.

Silver Lake

• Baylor D. Manns to Rilee N. and Wesley E. Manns.


• Andrea Juarez Velez to Cristina Juarez Velez and Miguel Juarez Patino.

• Colin M. Ross to Katherine M. and Justin W. Ross.

• Noah A. Wilson to Stephanie M. and Dennis K. Wilson.


• Fiona R. McHenry to Alysia J. and Brent N. McHenry.

Winona Lake

• Ah’lyah R. Gustafson to Sharica R. Clark and Nathan M. Gustafson.

• Linkin B. Dawson to Margaret D. and William J. Dawson.


• Jedadiah A. Young to Cierra D. and Derek A. Young.


• Wyatt P. Hayden to Kayla M. and David A. Hayden.


• Alexandra M. Gumbel to Rachel D. and Nicholas S. Gumbel.

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