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Posted on Wed. Jul. 23, 2014 - 12:01 am EDT

Fort Wayne births, through July 13


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through July 13.

• Abigail E. Sotamba to Osiris E. Rodriguez-Reyes and Manuel O. Sotambaaucapina.

• Abigail L. Seffernick to Nancy L. Yoo and Gregory L. Seffernick.

• Adalind S. Follis to Heather N. McIntyre and Thomas M. Follis.

• Adalynn L. Karl to Kayla M. Rice and Travis M. Karl.

• Adamarie Torres to Isabel Torres.

• Addison G. Ziegler to Michelle L. and Jason R. Ziegler.

• Adrian M. Ramirez to Cecilia Ramirez.

• Adrian Perez-Tello to Emma Tello-Hernandez and Juan C. Perez.

• Advika Devishetty to Swapna Miryala and Sreekanth Devishetty.

• Ajay R. Narang to Pamela S. and Shalin Narang.

• Alexa M. Nino-Perez to Maria S. and Carlos Nino.

• Aliana R. Johnson to Sierra A. Johnson.

• Alisha R. Carlson to Casey E. and Jacob E. Carlson.

• Allison A. Swager to Ashley T. and Quintin G. Swager.

• Allison M. Jones to Darlene E. and Tony T. Jones.

• Amari D. Simmons to Denaesia B. Simmons.

• Amya E. Dennis to Alesea C. Dennis.

• Anastasia M. Stier to Julianna Cuellar and Auston M. Stier.

• Anayeli M. Juarez to Meneily A. Juarez.

• Annabelle M. Aguirre to Luisa A. and Samuel Aguirre.

• Annie E. Bunt to Elizabeth A. and Brandon A. Bunt.

• Arainna N. Pogue to Kala N. Smith and Christopher W. Pogue.

• Arya E. Sprunger to Rebekah E. Bourne and Kegan M. Sprunger.

• Ava E. Ziegler to Michelle L. and Jason R. Ziegler.

• Ava L. Jordan to Elizabeth A. Jordan.

• Avalee R. Blodgett to Libbi A. and Mathew M. Blodgett.

• Avery C. Marshall to Renee L. Lyons and Dennis L. Marshall.

• Avery R. Jordan to Elizabeth A. Jordan.

• Bella G. Bolivar to Nawphyu A. and Francisco A. Bolivar.

• Bella R. Swing to Jamie M. and Chad A. Swing.

• Blake T. Smith to Pacia L. Carpenter and Wade C. Smith.

• Brantley M. Walker to Kristina D. Cocklin and Keith M. Walker.

• Bridget J. Reidy to Rebecca J. and Jeremy L. Reidy.

• Brooklyn A. Grillo to Keirstin B. and Christopher S. Grillo.

• Brooklyn G. Parks to Bethany K. Heins and Todd M. Parks.

• Brooks F. Young to Sara E. and Adam D. Young.

• Bryanna Del Angel to Lidia Del Angel.

• Calise U. Rice to Lanise F. Rice.

• Calleigh C. Neal to Hassie C. McPherson and Rodney A. Neal.

• Cameron S. Vires Jr. to Catherine L. Vires.

• Carmela Nasr to Sonia M. Checchia and Assem Nasr.

• Carson A. Olin to Mackenzie M. Prater and Scott G. Olin Jr.

• Charlie A. Bradley to Ashleigh E. and Justin S. Bradley.

• Charlotte K. Collins to Alana K. and Scott E. Collins.

• Christine J. Haynes to Ashley D. and Arcenio E. Haynes.

• Cing V. Muang to Cing L. Lun and Thang L. Dal.

• Clayton G. Johnson to Robin L. and Scott J. Johnson.

• Cohen C. Gass to Stacie L. and Kevin J. Gass.

• Conner E. Eisaman to Jennifer L. and Paul E. Eisaman Jr.

• Connor J. Farrell to Kristen N. and Joshua J. Farrell.

• Connor J. Williams to Catherine M. and Cody R. Williams.

• Cora M. Barnhill to Shannon M. and Michael P. Barnhill.

• Crystal M. Sims to Chante L. Sims.

• Da’mani A. Garcia to Enshala E. Watson and David L. Garcia.

• Dallas J. Stanfield to Alexandria I. and Dominique L. Stanfield.

• Daniel B. Herrera Del Cid to Cleidy V. Del Cid Alvizures and Daniel Herrera-Arce.

• Daphni G. Kuck to Krista L. and Jared M. Kuck.

• Darius J. Burgess to Patricia M. Gwin and Eric C. Burgess.

• David E. Mast to Heidi L. Mast.

• David N. Masasu to Devota M. and James U. Masasu.

• Davis W. Yoder to Megan M. and Andrew V. Yoder.

• Delyn J. Ray to Euginia M. Ray.

• Dominic R. Calixte to Shannon M. and Alain J. Calixte.

• Dominick W. Beck to Amber L. Chaney and Nicholas W. Beck.

• Duke A. Doust to Nicole L. and Joshua J. Doust.

• Eli C. Dexter to Melissa D. and Jeremy C. Dexter.

• Eli J. Tilley to Nicole C. and Kenneth L. Tilley.

• Ellison G. Melton to Rebecca A. and Robert F. Melton.

• Emanuel E. Wilson-Weaver to Tameka D. Weaver and Emanuel E. Wilson.

• Emerson R. O’Brien to Christina E. and Wayne P. O’Brien.

• Emily A. Diaz to Mariela and Ruben Diaz.

• Emma L. McBee to Cayleigh M. and Kyle A. McBee.

• Ethan C. Wasmuth to Sarah E. Wasmuth.

• Ethan M. Hanson to Kristin S. and Collin J. Hanson.

• Eva G. Caudill to Jessica B. Caudill.

• Evietta H. Ostermann to Kelly D. and Jeffrey P. Ostermann.

• Finley R. Boggs to Alaina J. Boggs.

• Fiona M. Graff to Jaki E. and Kyle T. Graff.

• Gabriel M. Winther to Amanda L. and Michael J. Winther.

• Gataree G. Smith Jr. to Amari L. Williams and Gataree G. Smith.

• Grayson B. Minch to April D. and Bradley D. Minch.

• Gregory A. Irby III to Joycandra Q. McCoun and Gregory A. Irby Jr.

• Gurchahat K. Rani to Anita Rani.

• Harlow J. Long to Tarryn N. Perez and Ray W. Long IV.

• Hudson J. Thomas to Devin K. and Andrew J. Thomas.

• Isaac S. Cirillo to Kristine and Samuel A. Cirillo.

• Isabelle S. Stout to Meredith N. and Andrew E. Stout.

• Isayah S. Ward to Ashley N. Ward.

• Isi’bella A. Arrington to Dajahiona M. Arrington.

• Isla N. Hile to Victoria T. and James E. Hile.

• Jaalii Saaii M. Garcia to Jessica M. Garcia.

• Jacen W. Mullin to Jessica A. and Gregory W. Mullin.

• Jacky D. Nguyen to Nhung T. Tran and Tony V. Nguyen.

• Jaden B. Hirschey to Brittni B. Brames and Nicholas C. Hirschey.

• Jaela M. Blanton to Kisha M. Brooks and Thaddeus L. Blanton.

• Jakob J. Boidock to Lindsay M. and Joshua A. Boidock.

• Jaycee L. Platt to Holly J. and Matthew D. Platt.

• Jayden C. Pezley to Kayla C. Pezley.

• Jayden J. Pizano Carranza to Silvia Carranza Ramirez and Jesus Pizano Lopez.

• Jayson E. Garcia to Jessyka J. and Jesus E. Garcia.

• Jeremiah J. Austin-Bey to Audretta D. Atkins-Austin and Jarren L. Austin.

• Jesse J. Lundy to Samantha Quintana and Tyson L. Lundy Jr.

• Jillian E. Lehman to Natalie A. and John E. Lehman Jr.

• Jonah A. Miller to Kacy N. and Drew A. Miller.

• Jordan M. Bunch Jr. to Kalleen M. and Jordan M. Bunch.

• Jose M. Valdez Torres to Guillermina Torres and Yovani Valdez.

• Joselyn Diaz Marron to Viviana Diaz and Ruperto Diaz.

• Joshua G. Carnahan to Abby J. and Jeremy D. Carnahan.

• Joshua M. Eastes Jr. to Andrea L. Croteau and Joshua M. Eastes Sr.

• Josiah A. Sanchez to Breana M. and Ferco A. Sanchez.

• Journee J. Martin to Jaleisha J. Jordan and Tiso T. Martin.

• Juanpablo Gonzalez to Veronica Martinez and Oscar Gonzalez.

• Judah K. Mills to Bethany G. and William K. Mills.

• Juliana J. Sun to Yanfei Liu and Guanghui Sun.

• Juliana Lian to Ma Nge and Thawng Lian.

• Juliana S. Shields to Fabiana S. and Kelly J. Shields.

• Kaiden J. Ruffin to Shenina L. Ruffin.

• Kainan J. McClain to Camille S. McClain and James R. Chilton.

• Kalel T. Gillan to Ashley L. Ferguson-Davis and Patrick J. Gillan.

• Kassideigh J. Lawson to Kirstin K. and Brandon S. Lawson.

• Katelyn Mon to Krisstell N. Htoo and Nai C. Mon.

• Kayden R. Almand to Jessica M. Day and Riley P. Almand.

• Keagan M. Thieme to Shaunna M. and Dustin M. Thieme.

• Khup M. Mung to Niang Kang and Pau M. Thang.

• Kolten A. Schultz to Teresa A. and Alexander D. Schultz.

• Kyndal M. Vaughn to Siera M. Jackson and Jabriel D. Vaughn.

• Kyrie J. Allen to Jaleesa S. Allen.

• Lay’ana D. Reed to Kierra L. Chapman and Lamell D. Reed.

• Liam A. Klopfenstein to Megan S. and Kyle V. Klopfenstein.

• Lilian Wah to Aye M. San and Saw D. Wah.

• Lillian M. Willard to Gennifer M. and Benjamin R. Willard.

• Logan E. Bucher to Beth E. and Matthew E. Bucher.

• Lucas C. Hecht to Amanda R. and Nicholas R. Hecht.

• Luisa G. Czajkowski to Angela N. Czajkowski.

• Luqmaan M. Dhariwal to Maria A. and Amir E. Dhariwal.

• Madalynn R. Erhardt to Amanda L. Douglas and William H. Erhardt.

• Makenley M. Harter to Melanie C. and Brian D. Harter.

• Malia F. Studebaker to Maura M. and Matthew A. Studebaker.

• Mandy A. Buzzard to Sithembile N. and Wayne C. Buzzard.

• Manuel Guzman-Diaz to Maria G. Guzman-Diaz.

• Mason T. McCey to Jaclyn R. Ehlerding-McVey and Stefan C. McVey.

• Maxwell V. Wright to Jennifer L. and Logan M. Wright.

• Medad H. Oubei to Fatime M. Youssouf and Hamid A. Oubei.

• Melanie R. Lord to Faith D. Baker and Calvin W. Lord.

• Meradith J. Peters to Robin R. and Timothy W. Peters.

• My’kel J. Lyles to Catherine K. Lyles.

• Nickolas L. Grabowski to Jessica R. and Mark T. Grabowski.

• Nolan S. Lehr to Nadia H. and Michael J. Lehr.

• Ny’liah F. Houston to Marquita S. Graham and Devonte L. Houston.

• Ny’omee S. Lawson-Reyes to Alicia C. Lawson-Reyes.

• Oksanna R. Stancavage to Teia R. and Edward A. Stancavage Jr.

• Orion H. Burton to Kirstin M. Shragal and Andrew J. Burton.

• Owen T. Offet to Molly K. and Matthew J. Offet.

• Paisley M. Weaver to Lauren M. Keplinger and Seabron D. Weaver.

• Penn A. Stemmler to Christina M. and Rick A. Stemmler.

• Penny C. O’Neill to Clarice A. and Jack W. O’Neill.

• Pierce A. Campbell to Hillary D. and Ethan N. Campbell.

• Providence R. Wheatley to Christina N. Wheatley.

• Reese M. Ruble to Kristen M. and Zachary S. Ruble.

• Reid W. Shriner to Kelli R. and Jared P. Shriner.

• Rowan E. Stapleton to Christina N. and Brandon L. Stapleton.

• Ruwaida Yusof to Sli Mar and U Sut.

• Ryder M. Beck to Samantha D. Kosakowski-Beck and Joshua M. Beck.

• Rylin E. Manuilowto  Emily C. Manuilow and Michael D. Kelso.

• Samantha R. Van Westen to Anna E. and Scott M. Van Westen.

• Sandy M. Derisma to Jefline Limontas and Jean B. Derisma.

• Sawyer F. Mras to Denaya J. and Benjamin F. Mras.

• Sawyer J. Flynn to Samantha L. Tomson and Jordan C. Flynn.

• Sha H. Na to Toy Y. Bar and Bar Kar.

• Sofia A. Diaz to Maria I. and Elvi J. Diaz.

• Stella J. Stewart to Barbara T. and Ryan T. Stewart.

• Taliyah D. Carter to Radiance S. and Tyrell D. Carter.

• Tate E. Young to Sara E. and Adam D. Young.

• Thang Z. Mung to Khan Nuam and Gin S. Khai.

• Trent M. Saylor to Dezera A. Saylor.

• Tyler A. Campbell to Hillary D. and Ethan N. Campbell.

• Tyler A. Zent to Sarah N. Zent.

• Vincent Macias III to Danielle D. and Vincent Macias II.

• Vivian A. Congdon to Tiffany A. Hedges and Adam W. Congdon.

• Vivian B. Gratz to Heather C. and Parish L. Gratz.

• Westin J. Tippmann to Coreen D. and Joseph L. Tippmann.

• Za’ryius A. McDonald and Zy’airus R. McDonald to Katora L. McDonald.

• Zoe R. Short to Kala R. Dawson and Matthew B. Short.

•  Zyaire L. Floure to Iyana M. Floure.


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