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Last updated: Sat. Jul. 26, 2014 - 01:02 pm EDT

Gunfire, rumors of gunfire and shootings keep police busy Friday and Saturday


For hours Friday night and Saturday morning, Fort Wayne Police were dispatched to one site after another, pursuing reports of shootings, gunfire and even mass shootings.

At least two people showed up at emergency rooms with gunshot wounds, though as far as police reported Saturday, no one’s injuries were life-threatening.

Some of the reports relayed from dispatchers sounded disastrous, but police found only traces of the mayhem.

The worst the reports was unsubstantiated. At about 1:43 a.m. Saturday, police were sent to roughly the intersection of Lafayette Street and Wildwood Avenue, where a caller had said that 10 people had been shot.

Police there found no sign of bloodstains -- but they did find evidence that there had been a recent spate of gunfire near that intersection. An officer nearby had heard what sounded like an exchange of gunfire, and a search of the area turned up a number of 9-mm and 7.62-mm shell casings, as well as one .40-caliber shell casing.

Searching the area also revealed four vehicles with flat tires or other signs of damage caused by gunshots.

The trouble started hours earlier on Friday, when police were sent to a Burger Dairy store at 1450 St. Joseph Blvd. on a report that an armed robbery had happened there.

No shots were fired, but one of the two armed men who entered the store shortly after 10 p.m. held a customer at gunpoint during the robbery. The other robber demanded all the money -- even change -- from the cash register. Both robbers ran away from the store.

The customer who had been held at gunpoint left before police got there, police reported, but the manager of the store described the robbers, who wore masks, as black men, and an officer’s review of the security-camera video yielded more information about the robbers.

The suspect who held the customer at gunpoint wore black pants, a black hoody with the hood up and a dark-colored mask. He carried a silver-colored revolver. The suspect who point a gun at the manager wore gray pants, a gray hoody with the hood up and a mask covering his face. That suspect also carried a black backpack.

Less than a hour later, at about 10:43 p.m. Friday, Fort Wayne Police were sent to the corner of South Anthony Boulevard and McKinnie Avenue to investigate a report of a woman who had been shot.

There they found a woman holding a black cloth over a wound in her right arm. She told police that she had been caught up in what looked like a rolling gun battle between people in two other vehicles as she drove north on Hanna Street from Pettit Avenue. After she felt the pain in her arm there, she drove to a nearby gas station, where police met her.

Police examining her car found four bullet holes in it, as well as bloodstains on the driver’s seat. Minutes later, another officer sent to the reported scene of that shooting recovered 14 shell casings from ammunition for a .223 caliber firearm.

Shortly after 11 p.m. Friday, police investigated a report from a local hospital that a different woman had walked in to an emergency room for the treatment of a bullet wound. Investigators found that her car also had several bullet holes in it, as well as a rear window that had been shattered by gunfire.

At about 1:10 a.m. Saturday, a man who had been shot in his right hip was brought to a hospital emergency room by his father. The victim told investigators that he had through the Eden Green Apartments to visit his girlfriend when he saw a gray Impala coming toward him and heard shots coming from it. One of the shots hit him in the hip.

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