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Posted on Wed. Aug. 06, 2014 - 12:01 am EDT

Fort Wayne births, through July 27


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through July 27.

• Aaliyah C. Moss to Miranda L. Moss.

• Adalyn B. Kashani to Krystal M. and Mickail Kashani.

• Adalynn S. Newcomb to Melissa R. and Timothy H. Newcomb.

• Alaina M. Clouse to Sanitra L. Jackson and Spencer L. Clouse.

• Alessandra N. Granados to Veronica Luvianos and Misael Granados.

• Alex R. Sanchez-Diaz to Yehimy Diaz-Catalan and Rodolfo Sanchez-Rendon.

• Alexander M. Slater to Audi M. Jones and Adam J. Slater.

• Alice A. Williams to Kerstin A. Ryan and Ryan G. Williams.

• Amaya C. Craver to Elizabeth A. and Benjamin L. Craver.

• Amelia A. Amphonephong to Alyssa A. Heflin and Chanhdawn S. Amphonephong.

• Amir’madeon M. Muradi to Tiffani A. and Ilyas Muradi.

• Angel Lin to Naw W. Htoo and Sai Loh.

• Anna L. Strock to Jennifer A. and Andrew C. Strock.

• Annalysa H. Trevino to Kayla M. Trevino.

• Anthony S. Patell to Mystery D. and Joshua S. Patell.

• Antonio R. Martinez Torres to Kasandra C. Torres and Alejandro Martinez.

• Ari’ella L. Thurman to Kaitlyn N. Bowling and Richard A. Thurman.

• Ariel M. Reed to Cassandra K. Reed.

• Arya R. Finkhousen to Leslie F. Procise and Jason R. Finkhousen.

• Aryann D. Watkins to Tierra L. Watkins.

• Asher M. Boles to Bianca G. and Timothy A. Boles.

• Asyia S. Morris to Tiara L. Morris.

• Avery L. Kimbrell to Brittany R. Bowman and Dyllon W. Kimbrell.

• Avery R. Schnell to Torie R. Ludka and Jerry D. Schnell Jr.

• Aviana E. Perry to Anisha R. Moreno and Matthew I. Perry.

• Azrael A. Dixon to Jamilla P. McInnis and Justin A. Dixon.

• Bianca J. Bush to Kara M. and Thomas A. Bush.

• Braylee A. Ellis to Samantha J. and Bobby T. Ellis Sr.

• Brody D. McLemore to Carsan I. Cunningham and Jacob D. McLemore.

• Brooklynn Z. Woods to Asia D. Woods.

• Caiden M. Villafana to Brittney N. Shoppell-Wetzel and Dominic M. Villafana.

• Caleb B. Wayment to Sara M. and Don M. Wayment.

• Caleb T. Dunn to Britney N. Wasson and Matthew T. Dunn.

• Carmen R. Peterson to Jasmine L. and Conner J. Peterson.

• Chloe D. Angermeier to Jacqulen D. and Tristan N. Angermeier.

• Chloee L. Wilson to Rai L. Wood and Jason A. Wilson.

• Christopher F. Wirtz to Christina F. Wirtz.

• Christopher M. Smith to Kristin L. Bell-Smith and Matthew D. Smith.

• Chy N. McGee to Tyreisha Hoskins and Leshawn D. McGee.

• Clara J. Kerr to Amy J. and Daniel A. Kerr.

• Connor J. Neace to Rachael M. and Joshua B. Neace.

• Crosley M. White to Courtney L. Furrow-White and Justin M. White.

• Dai’nyilah C. Dominguez to Crystal L. Dominguez.

• Dana F. Swineheart to Dawn R. Otis and Nathan A. Swineheart.

• Danna S. Chavez to Veronica Torres Gonzalez and David J. Chavez Rodriguez.

• Daphne Y. Jackson to Talina T. Trowell-Morgan and Jamarcus D. Jackson-Chapman Sr.

• Declan J. McCloskey to Madison R. and Samuel J. McCloskey.

• Dylan I. Cornelio to Carranza Yesenia Carranza Ramirez and Franco I. Cornelio.

• Ehdriene H. Tapia to Maygan L. Upchurch and Alfredo T. Tapiaa-Humada.

• Elise S. Niemeyer to Brandy M. and Robert G. Niemeyer.

• Emma R. McDonald to Kelly E. and David R. McDonald.

• Emmitt D. Young to Adrina B. Nash and Carlos D. Young.

• Ethan C. Martin to Angela M. and Issac D. Martin.

• Ethan J. Owen to Wendy C. and Kevin J. Owen.

• Evan B. Whitehurst to Cheryn L. and Clint R. Whitehurst.

• Evie L. Shafer to Shauna M. and Darton L. Shafer.

• Ezekiel A. D’andrea to Autum C. Ellis and Nicholas A. D’andrea.

• Ezekiel L. Miller to Chelsea M. and Lucas S. Miller.

• Fayth R. Shipley to Shannon R. and Daymon P. Shipley.

• Finn G. Grillo to Brittany A. and Jared D. Grillo.

• Finnian E. Williams to Kathleen L. and Elan C. Williams.

• Gianna A. Vanderwall to Nikki L. and Craig L. Vanderwall II.

• Grey L. Reimer to Courtney R. and Terry L. Reimer.

• Gwendolyn S. Bloem to Lauren M. Stewart and Daniel D. Bloem.

• Hadleigh G. Prindle to Traci M. and Zachary A. Prindle.

• Haliana M. Ibisevic to Ana G. Vasquez and Halil Ibisevic.

• Harleen R. Lehman to Brittany N. Shinn and Nathan T. Lehman.

• Harrison M. Dishong to Cortney L. and Matthew M. Dishong.

• Heaven L. Harris to Ashley L. Green and Terrance J. Harris.

• Henry J. Goodrich to Mary D. and Michael J. Goodrich.

• Henry M. Ruiz to Stacey L. and Michael D. Ruiz.

• Henry M. Sallaz to Mallory M. and Kenneth R. Sallaz.

• Isabelle R. Knuth to Kimberly R. and Phillip M. Knuth.

• Isla J. Kroemer to Lindsey N. and Ryan D. Kroemer.

• Ja’kobe J. Oldham to Joey N. Stanford and James J. Oldham V.

• Jack B. Pranger to Chrystal R. and Mark J. Pranger Jr.

• Jackson M. Warstler to Angela S. and Robert L. Warstler.

• Jacob L. Griffetts to Cassandra L. and Jonathon W. Griffetts.

• Jamie M. Campos to Gina E. and Daniel J. Campos.

• Janiylah M. Porter to Oprah N. Scott and Jamar A. Porter Sr.

• Jaxton J. Edgar to Angela E. Burke and Jonas J. Edgar.

• Jayden J. Sullivan to Samantha M. Peariso and Daniel J. Sullivan.

• Jaylen A. Barrera-Addison to Johanna D. Barrera and Gregory K. Addison Jr.

• Joseph D. Schwab to Elizabeth M. and Abraham P. Schwab.

• Joseph Hang T. Kiim to Cing S. Huai andGo L. Tuang.

• Josephine C. Nelson to Paige M. Hershberger and Adam C. Nelson.

• Josiah J. Robles to Liliana L. and Refugio Robles.

• Journee L. Reed to Ashley K. and Heath B. Reed.

• Julia K. Loomis to Jenna N. and Joshua S. Loomis.

• Ka’vonte D. Stephens to Porsche D. Gill and Carrington D. Stephens

•Kailynn B. Pettit to Kristian A. and Keegan D. Pettit.

• Kamisha C. Winners to Bobbie J. and Michael C. Winners.

• Kasen D. Scherer to Meghan R. and Richard E. Scherer.

• Kaylen E. Stevenson to Jazzman I. Stevenson.

• Kelvin R. Stump to Liberty R. and Brandon L. Stump.

• Kenley R. Beber to Alison C. and Pete O. Beber.

• Kensley L. Parker to Angela L. and Andrew W. Parker.

• Khan M. Lian to Veronica Cing En Man and Gabriel Khat Pum Lian.

• Kim D. Thompson III to Kristin M. and Kim D. Thompson II.

• Krislynn M. Thompson to Gina M. Thompson.

• Kyle L. Taylor to Treanda D. Greer-McGee and Pierre L. Taylor.

• Lana K. Lenhart to Margaret A. and Drew D. Lenhart.

• Landin M. Voss to Nicole A. and Daniel W. Voss.

• Landon J. Fullenkamp to Melanie M. and Adam J. Fullenkamp.

• Courtney S. Butler to Jacob M. Butler.

• Leon V. Rice to Lindsay A. Neilson and Andrew S. Rice.

• Levi D. Zaleski to Hannah N. Wilson and Conley J. Zaleski.

• Levi P. Holden to Heather N. and Ryan E. Holden.

• Leylia C. Hardy-Riggens to Briaunna C. Hardy and Louis A. Riggens Jr.

• Liam L. Fairgood to Andrea S. and Lloyd L. Fairgood.

• Linlin Hta to Safi Ya and Thein Hta.

• Logan J. Garr to Lindsey K. and Jonathan A. Garr.

• Lucille S. Fortney to Cortney B. Ehle-Fortney and Benjamin P. Fortney.

• Lucy L. Grabowski to Chelsea C. and Kevin A. Grabowski.

• Luke J. Pranger to Chrystal R. and Mark J. Pranger Jr.

• Lydia S. Reid to Bianca R. Reid.

• Mackenzie L. Carsten to Adalee R. and Brian D. Carsten.

• Mae E. Riebe to Amanda C. and Andrew W. Riebe.

• Maggie C. Bell to Megan B. and Steven M. Bell.

• Makeyla D. Medina to Cintia J. Acosta Santillan and Cesar Medina.

• Marcella D. Mason to Nicole M. and Paul Mason III.

• Marco D. Hernandez to Marisbella Fausto and Adrian Hernandez.

• Marlan J. Osborne to Mia C. and Marius J. Osborne.

• Masen K. Houston-Moore to Brittany T. Houston and Julius T. Moore.

• Matthew Allen to Courtney L. Allen.

• Maxton L. Mason to Shanna L. Mason.

• Maya L. Clopton to Molly K. and Jerry A. Clopton.

• Melody J. Lake to Amber L. and Austin J. Lake.

• Memphis J. Fink to Genesis D. Fink.

• Mika I. Truong to Cassandra M. Young and Winfield Truong.

• Moises M. Aldave to Areli Gomez and Oscar Aldave.

• Myla S. Long to Mindy L. and Macen C. Long.

• Naiovy L. Vazquez to Elizabeth Vazquez.

• Neymar G. Holtz to Nicole L. Holtz and Horacio G. Ochoa.

• Niang N. Mang to Cing Lam Dim and Khup K. Mang.

• Oliver J. Houltberg to Laura Rodriguez-Duran and Benjamin J. Houltberg.

• Owen J. Day to Elizabeth M. and Kevin D. Day.

• Pablo Cabello Jr. to Alma L. Delgado and Pablo Cabello Hernandez.

• Paris R. Holiness to Deaysia R. Bennett and Sebastian L. Holiness.

• Patrick G. Burton to Megan M. and Patrick B. Burton.

• Paul D. Norden to Karis L. and Nathan D. Norden.

• Penelope A. Howard to Sara A. Trahin and Christopher M. Howard.

• Peter F. Karami to Naomi R. and Christopher J. Karami.

• Poppy H. Poll to Kaye M. Cowart and Demian L. Poll.

• Rahamathullah Gyi to Shwe Mi and Ali Gyi.

• Ram Z. Be to Lsar Be.

• Rasheed I. War to Sara A. Salih and Ibrahim H. War.

• Rayna J. Opliger to Laura E. Fearnow and Jesse R. Opliger.

• Reagan E. Dawson to Jenna M. and Kevin P. Dawson.

• Reagan J. Wollman to Ashlee M. and Maxwell A. Wollman.

• Reid W. Fenstermaker to Angela M. and Scott C. Fenstermaker.

• Reyna M. Cattaneo to Kari L. and Jeremy E. Cattaneo.

• Rhylan D. Hart to Trisha L. Webb and Ronald D. Hart.

• Rhys R. Barnhart Jr. to Amanda J. and Rhys R. Barnhart.

• Rodrigo N. Cerrato Lara to Mayra M. Cerrato Lara.

• Ronin A. Baker to Stacey R. and Randall A. Baker.

• Ruby J. Gensic to Jessica V. and Samuel L. Gensic.

• Ryker E. Russell to Kaitlyn C. Russell and Jaquane M. Carpenter.

• Sadie E. Wilson to Erika E. Wilson.

• Samuel W. Kyawzin to Hnin Y. Win and Kyaw Z. Oo.

• Santiago V. Diaz to Gabriela Olguin and Marcos A. Diaz.

• Scarlett D. Knepper to Jennifer L. Rolfs-Knepper and Ryan A. Knepper.

• Serenity F. Allen to Elizabeth M. Stytle and Joseph A. Allen.

• Sophia A. Moore to Yorkova S. Dixie and Fredrick D. Moore.

• Sophia I. Lopez Villavicencio to Carmen A. Villavicencio and Milton L. Lopez.

• Spencer K. Perry to Schauntrice R. Perry and James M. Chipasula.

• Sydney E. Ferrell to Tesla D. Ferrell.

• Tawan A. Reyes to Nicole M. Reyes and Quentin T. Bowen.

• Telana D. Jones to Da’shonda L. Smith and Edward L. Jones.

• Terriell D. Jordan Jr. to Shaniqua S. Williams-Flowers and Terriell D. Jordan Sr.

• Tilly C. Galentine to Ginnie M. and Jeremy D. Galentine.

• Timothy A. Jordan Jr. to Shernell Anderson.

• Timothy J. Schmucker to Marjorie and Marcus Schmucker.

• Tyreke T. Stewart to Annette L. Stewart.

• Valasia M. Church to Olivia L. Lawrence and Tywan D. Church.

• Vance W. Saurer to Kendra L. and Daniel W. Saurer.

• Vedder F. Weller to Joy K. and Chad M. Weller.

• Wendy Y. Diaz Perez to Lucia Perez Ramirez and Martin Diaz Guzman.

• William I. Stir to Aimee L. and Joshua O. Stir.

• Wyatt R. Blair to Dolly S. and Derek R. Blair.

• Xavier J. Slee to Katharine M. and Gregory R. Slee.

• Yovani M. Paz to Maria T. Fuentes Cabrera and Yovani Paz.

• Za’delia L. Ash to Danyale M. Ash.

• Zayden L. Shaw to Stevie A. Taylor and Zachary D. Shaw.

• Zubaidah H. Mahamat to Nada M. Abdallah and Hissein M. Taigoure.


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