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Posted on Wed. Aug. 13, 2014 - 12:01 am EDT

Area births, through Aug. 10


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 10. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


• Viktor A. Bland to Mauranda R. Huffman and Cody I. Bland.


• Avery A. Lieb to Sarah Linstromberg and Jean P. Lieb.

• Avery G. Masters to Marie L. and Ryan D. Masters.

• Carter G. Centurioni to Haley M. Rutkowski and Aaron C. Centurioni.

• Claire E. Vetter to Brandy M. and Robert J. Vetter.

• Ryker J. Carper to Brandi N. and Rodney J. Carper.

• Savannah A. Raub to Amanda R. and Nicholas I. Raub.

• Violet L. Proxmire to Nicole R. and Dustin W. Proxmire.


• Dale E. Uhl to Adriana L. and Shannon L. Uhl.


• Adrianna G. Pimentel to Billie L. Valdez-Stember and Edgar Pimentel Jr.


• Lyric R. Hurych to Amber R. Hurych.

• Tucker W. Eschenbacher to Natalie J. Knowles and Troy J. Eschenbacher.


• Josephine K. Dickerhoff to Heather L. and Chad R. Dickerhoff.

• Trevor S. Whitaker to Sheila A. and Jarrod G. Whitaker.


• Grayson M. Mantle to Valerie L. and Mitchell D. Mantle.

• Isla R. Boersema to Brandy L. and Joseph J. R. Boersema.

Columbia City

• Ander M. Swonger to Kristen J. and Jeremy D. Swonger.

• Hadley G. Joy to Allison M. and Christian J. Joy.

• Mary A. Walter to Kaitlyn A. Walter.

• Morgan E. Harris to Tiffany D. Shatzer and Phil A. Harris.

• Noah T. Hatfield to Joan L. and Troy M. Hatfield.

• Sean P. Denihan to Mary K. and Colin P. Denihan.

• Tyberius L. Anglin to Amanda L. and Tyler L. Anglin.


• Malachi J. Neal to Salena D. Neal.


• Audrina S. Wulliman to Jill D. and Sterling B. Wulliman.

• Leland E. Christlieb to Sara J. and Benjamin R. Christlieb.

• Marko J. Fuelling to Jennifer N. and Dane C. Fuelling.

• Zeke A. Schaadt to Gretchen J. and Richard A. Schaadt.


• Ava M. Chapman to Brittany J. and Michael S. Chapman.


• Aimee L. Trubey to Jinnifer A. Trubey.

• Mia K. Nichols to Marlen Hernandez and Lelond K. Nichols Jr.


• Paul C. Eicher to Martha S. and Chris D. Eicher.


• Stephan L. Lengacher to Laura R. and Jonathon L. Lengacher.

• Steven J. Schmucker to Sarah and Mervin J. Schmucker.


• Aiden A. Schmucker to Abbigayle L. and John D. Schmucker.

• Evelyn A. Snyder to Kristin A. and Scott R. Snyder.


• Jaxton E. Staley to Jade A. and Steven J. Staley.

• Landon A. Rice to Jessica M. and Jason M. Rice.

• Liam J. McCollum to Shannyn M. and Joshua A. McCollum.


• Brynleigh M. Head to Shayla N. Linker and Anthony M. Head.

• Carly J. Ransom to Ashley J. and Dustin K. Ransom.

• Eva R. Hittler to Lindsay D. and Zechariah J. Hittler.

• Hazel M. Skeens to Isabella M. New and Ashton R. Skeens.

• Kolt I. Kalita to Leticia N. and Kaz D. Kalita.

• Kyndall L. Fusselman to Kathryn E. and Adam E. Fusselman.


• Alyx A. Farver to Gabriela Lomas and Jacob A. Farver.

• Emma L. Fry and Zoe R. Fry to Angela J. and Michael A. Fry.

• Isaac J. King to Kayla E. Conn and Quentin J. King.

• Lincoln W. Kuhnle to Beth A. and Justin J. Kuhnle.

• Stella R. Harris to Katie R. and Jason R. Harris.


• Caleb S. Nelson to Ashley M. Siders and John O. Nelson.

• Elizabeth J. Harrington to Emily J. and Justin L. Harrington.


• Delilah N. Cavanaugh to Catherine J. and Brandon M. Cavanaugh.


• Landen M. Leichty to Allison M. and Logan C. Leichty.


• Cali J. Villarreal to Jane F. and Jose E. Villarreal.


• Serenity N. Campbell to Raechel K. Campbell.

New Haven

• Bryson J. McDowell to Courtney R. King and Christpher L. McDowell.

• Michael M. Meade Jr. to Ashley A. and Michael M. Meade Sr.

• Wyatt W. Aldrich to Nicole M. and Christopher J. Aldrich.


• Aaliah M. Koughn to Lisa M. and Daniel E. Koughn.


• Jonah W. Hartman to Kayla R. Geisleman and Jonathan A. Hartman.

• Mason W. Schaefer to Samantha A. and William J. Schaefer.


• Georgia P. Selleck to Chloe R. and Travis A. Selleck.


• Penelope A. Lamar to Angela K. and Andrew D. Lamar.


• Arabella R. Churchill to Stephanie R. and Adam P. Churchill.

• Emma G. Shilling to Danielle L. and Justin T. Shilling.

• Grey B. Conley to Jeanne E. and Steven J. Conley.

• Samarah A. Engle to Melissa M. Engle Warsaw

• Zelda E. McAlister to Jami D. and Jacob R. McAlister.

Winona Lake

• Emilia H. Mabon to Margaret A. and Sean A. Mabon.


• Greyson S. Ashley to Kelli E. and Gregory S. Ashley.


• Corieon L. Gillenwater to Elizabeth S. Gillenwater.

• Jonah W. Abbott to Jennifer N. and Joshua C. Abbott.

• Mahlon J. Schmucker to Emma and James A. Schmucker.

• Olivia M. Bennett to Kimberly R. Hamilton and Brandon M. Bennett.


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