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Posted on Mon. Sep. 01, 2014 - 12:01 am EDT


Keep on truckin', but leave the smaller vehicles in one piece


I have seen a series of incidents lately with trucks, and by trucks, I mean the big boys! Most truckers are nice and very careful drivers. The modern trucks are equipped with enough telemetry to find them anywhere and at any time. Those drivers know Big Brother is watching!

he first one was several weeks back when I was waiting for a light, southbound on Anthony Street at Washington. I was glancing to my left, in the left lane, and I saw a huge trailer on the back of a semi. Then to my horror, I saw him put on his signal and pull in front of my and turn right, coming straight at me! I looked in my rearview mirror and see a car on my bumper; I put my truck in reverse and backed halfway down the block so the truck could make his turn! Couldn’t this moron just wait for the intersection to clear? NO! He forced four cars to back away! What a bully!

The next issue was with another truck driver who must have forgotten how long his trailer was! I came to an intersection and saw its light turn yellow, and traffic was stopped ahead of me. There was just enough room for my Ranger to fit. As I came to a stop, I looked in my mirrors and there was a truck behind me. I figured he would wait for the light. But NOOOOO! He came across during the red and then tried to squeeze in to my right to clear the trailer through some of the intersection. Where’s a trooper when you need one? This was just ridiculous!

My favorite incident with a truck was last spring when Jr. and I were traveling through Tennessee; we were nearly run off Interstate 65 by a tanker truck! This truck was swerving all over the road, using all three lanes, as if he couldn’t figure out which lane he wanted to use or which part of the lane he preferred. At times he was using two to three lanes at once! Emblazoned on the shiny steel tank he was hauling was the brand of one of Tennessee’s best distilleries. I can’t mention the brand here. What I can say is, Nice driving, Jack!

Until next time, be careful out there; no one else is.

Ben Brickman is production manager for Fort Wayne Newspapers. Want to vent? Send it to Include all the details you can think of. If your dipstick gets in the paper he'll give you the credit, or not. It's your call. You can phone in your Dipstick sightings at 260-461-8285. Ben's also on Facebook, Driving With Dipsticks!

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