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Last updated: Fri. Aug. 21, 2009 - 09:41 am EDT


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through July 31.


• Tadeo Lancon to Maria A. Garcia and Horacio Lancon.


• Brady R. Roberts to Jamie L. and Granville Roberts Jr.

• Kenna L. Alexander and Kyra F. Alexander to Jessica L. and Jeremy J. Alexander.

• Maggie A. Keefer to Janelle A. and Robert M. Keefer.


• Isaiah L. Smith to Mary B. Denton and Travis L. Smith.


• Collin M. Kuster to Laurie D. and Trent A. Kuster.

• Isabel P. Shockey to Katherine A. and Ryan D. Shockey.


• Anna M. Buckmaster to Julie D. and Jason E. Buckmaster.


• Alexis C. Grimes to Tabitha M. and James L. Grimes.

• Caitlin I. Jewell to Connie L. and Neil E. Jewell.

• Makinzy R. Hedrick to Nicole R. Hedrick.

• Naomi G. Bailey to Karol P. and Kelly R. Bailey.


• Jamila M. Clancy to Gina N. Clancy.


• Chayson G. Brown to Mary B. and Donald W. Brown.

• Gabriella J. Coyne to Tracy J. and Kerry L. Coyne.

• Krista L. Blair to Erin N. and Jeffery A. Blair.

• Mia L. Sprunger to Kristina L. and Thomas D. Sprunger.


• Aaliyah N. Chaney to Kristin N. Uphold and Javin M. Chaney.

• Brandt K. Blair to Angela D. and Matthew D. Blair.

• Joseph Z. Warner to Dawn R. and Zachary J. Warner.

• Olivia B. Risser to Stephenie E. and Jay D. Risser.

• Parker T. Nicodemus to Courtney A. and Jeremy M. Nicodemus.

• Phoenix B. Semler to Christina A. and Todd B. Semler.

• Quinn J. Blake to Erin L. and Justin W. Blake.

Columbia City

• Brendyn M. Herron to Shannon M. and Joel A. Herron.

• Dayton K. Chapin to Amanda R. Chapin.

• Delaney G. Dee to Jayme R. and Anthony J. Dee.

• Isaac J. Buchan to Karla M. Kauffman and Zachary J. Buchan.

• Kaylee L. McCoy to Renee L. and Travis G. McCoy.

• Levi S. Burton to Nerissa A. Starks and Steven R. Burton.

• Lucas J. Brown to Sherry T. and Scott M. Brown.

• Maddix R. Kidd to Melinda R. and Brian R. Kidd.

• Riley M. Neuenschwander to Dana L. and Eric D. Neuenschwander.

• Tyler B. Hoskins to Marinda L. and Andrew V. Hoskins.

• Xavier M. Huguenard to Yesenia I. and Jason A. Huguenard.


• Allyson E. Curtis to Sarah E. and Pat R. Curtis.

• Audrey L. Grimm to Jill M. and John M. Grimm.

• Caroline R. Myers to Elizabeth E. and William B. Myers.

• Frank C. Morgan to Ann M. and Richard L. Morgan.

• Lila G. Ringger to Sarah J. and Jeremy J. Ringger.

• Luci V. Noblitt to Vicky M. and Ryan C. Noblitt.


• Dena R. Graber to Joann and Lewis A. Graber.

• Mikah A. Lopez to Jessica S. Lopez.

• Sharryn E. Graber to Rhoda R. and Steven J. Graber.


• Landon J. Sielschott to Angela M. and Adam J. Sielschott.


• Alivia C. Everidge to Amy L. and Samuel T. Everidge.

• Aubriana E. Jones to Jennifer L. and Randy A. Jones.

• Breeana M. Burnworth to Jessica M. and Clifford S. Burnworth.

• Cohen R. Bushnell to Cristi H. and Ryan T. Bushnell.

• Dane E. Eltzroth to Beth A. Freiburger and Heath L. Eltzroth.

• Ethan M. Kelsey and Evan A. Kelsey to Angela R. and Michael D. Kelsey.

• Haley A. Baker to Tasha L. and Adam M. Baker.

• Jackson G. Lewis to Krista L. Cook and Gregory T. Lewis Jr.

• Madolyn G. Hipskind to Anne M. Hipskind.

• Ryker J. Wilburn to Heather M. and Jeremy A. Wilburn.


• Dane T. Pippenger to Melinda R. and Joel T. Pippenger.

• Kaylee J. Hudnall to Danielle J. and Bradley D. Hudnall.


• Madelyn J. Arnold to Danielle J. and Justin K. Arnold.


• Kierra G. Yoder to Eilene K. and Galen W. Yoder.


• Isabella J. Beezley to Robin F. and Marion E. Beezley.


• Olivia G. Heindel to Julie A. and Joseph D. Heindel.

• Tenley J. Hendricks to Melanie A. and Matthew R. Hendricks.


• Anthony D. Jackson to Sally A. and Douglas A. Jackson.

New Haven

• Alexandra G. Woodbury to Andrea G. and Brian A. Woodbury.

• Joseph S. Lengacher and Lukas S. Lengacher to Saloma D. and Noah J. Lengacher.

• Madeline C. Reddinger to Shannon E. and Charles F. Reddinger.

• Samantha G. Rumschlag to Jennie L. and Joshua B. Rumschlag.

• Westley J. Perez to Cecilia M. Perez and Craig J. Dunifon.


• Lucas R. Ford to Amy S. and Robert T. Ford.


• Camden L. Connett to Kaylee M. Connett.

• Nathaniel A. Dow to Amanda J. Walton and Nichalos A. Dow.

Pleasant Lake

• Allanah M. Hentzell to Melissa A. Pearson and Allan W. Hentzell Jr.


• Aaron M. Foster to Candy B. and Kevin R. Foster.

• Aubrey E. Tyler to Holly C. and Patrick A. Tyler.

• Katherine R. Hill to Andrea M. and Brian T. Hill.

Saint Joe

• Cole D. Ranger to Jill M. and Jason R. Ranger.


• Lillian L. Crites to Megan L. and Scott M. Crites.

• Melinda S. Steury to Susanna and Joseph R. Steury.

• Ty S. Biddle to Hilary L. and Brandon J. Biddle.

• Violet E. Hilger to Carrie J. and Philip H. Hilger.


• Addison A. Abel to Andrea A. and Joseph A. Abel.


• Andrew M. Jones to Debra S. and Stephen S. Jones.

• Greyson G. Wonderly to Valerie J. and Paul A. Wonderly.


• Hunter J. Rosenogle to Krista R. and Joshua R. Rosenogle.

Winona Lake

• Harper L. Escapule to Emily W. and Kevin W. Escapule.


• Braxton L. Hardesty to Bridget S. and Wendell E. Hardesty.


• Iestyn T. Roe to Kelli R. and Jason E. Roe.


• Laurie E. Brandyberry to Sara D. Knapp and Zachary D. Brandyberry.

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