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Posted on Wed. Aug. 26, 2009 - 12:01 am EDT

Birth listings

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 14.


• Jonas E. Maxton to Jill J. and David M. Maxton.

• Jordan J. Carter to Danielle L. Carter.


• Adam P. Middleton to Judy J. and Brent A. Middleton.

• Aleah J. Brown to Trisha D. and Daniel A. Brown.

• Olive S. Russell to Meagan M. and Adam M. Russell.


• Devynn R. Helfrich to Lindsay R. Helfrich.

Columbia City

• Avery M. Elkins to Jenna M. and Jason A. Elkins.

• Dakota K. King to Brenna L. and Kristopher K. King.

• Zack R. Talati to Lori L. and Peter L. Talati.


• Ava I. Muhlenkamp to Jennifer L. and Keith R. Muhlenkamp.

• Ellie K. Harner to Jenna R. Koons and Steven P. Harner.

• Gabriel J. Myers to Katie R. and Timothy L. Myers.

• Gus B. Heyerly to Elizabeth A. and Jonathan K. Heyerly.

• Kylia M. Hull to Erin E. and James J. Hull.

• Lea K. Koroncevicius to Abby L. and Joe Koroncevicius.

Fort Wayne

• Aayden J. Frantz to Desiree J. Frantz.

• Abrhm L. Forman to Stacy M. and Marc A. Forman Jr.

• Adalia H. Kramer to Jessica R. and Karl P. Kramer.

• Adelyn B. Wannemacher to Tonya J. and David M. Wannemacher II.

• Alexander L. Dray to Autumn M. Mitchel and Michael T. Dray II.

• Allyson Garcia to Sheila Rodriguez and Eddy J. Garcia.

• Alvin L. Jeffreys III to Candace K. Washington and Alvin L. Jeffreys Jr.

• Anion L. Richardson to Temeshia S. Jones and Allen L. Richardson.

• Anthony C. Lowe to Amanda J. and Kevin M. Lowe.

• Audra L. Rhoades to Angela M. and Jason L. Rhoades.

• Ayden M. Daub to Gwen A. Keller and Kameron M. Daub.

• Aymoni A. Honer to Cassandra D. Barker and Mark A. Honer.

• Belem A. Colunga to Paola M. Colunga.

• Bhuvan V. Chamarthi to Pratima P. Guntumadugu and Vasu Chamarthi.

• Blake M. Turnbow to Rebecca A. Gibson and Daniel L. Turnbow.

• Blayd E. Mann to Sydnie A. Mann.

• Brady F. Carteaux to Joanne M. and Jeffery F. Carteaux.

• Braxton M. Smith II to Tiffany M. Dixie and Braxton M. Smith.

• Brielle M. Ryan to Amber L. and Aaron J. Ryan.

• Brielle M. Sanders to Liatresia K. and Jesse D. Sanders.

• Brodie W. Wendel to Samantha M. DeBaillie and Bruce A. Wendel.

• Caleb A. Tosten to Bethany L. and Matthew A. Tosten.

• Chance A. Jahn to Megan M. Archer and Bradley S. Jahn.

• Cole W. Bryan to Barbra K. and Kevin M. Bryan.

• Corrdell L. Edgell to Courtney M. Edgell.

• Daleza Bee to Ah Kie and Than Htoo.

• Damarious J. Walker to Damarlla L. Walker.

• Dayshel D. Woodfin to Ashley D. Jackson and Daylan C. Woodfin.

• Deangelo A. Flores to Yesenia Aguilera and Juan D. Flores.

• Deangelo L. Rauch to Alisha M. Rauch.

• Dereyon D. Howard-Perry to Candice M. Howard-Perry.

• Dylan A. Seitz to Ashley N. and Andrew J. Seitz.

• Dylan P. Franks to Leanne R. and Matthew L. Franks.

• Dylan R. Miguel to Stacey L. and Kevin M. Miguel.

• Dyshawn D. Young to Dasha D. Young.

• Elena G. Albany to Carmen G. and Ryan E. Albany.

• Eli W. Deane to Molly K. and Paul D. Deane.

• Elizabeth G. Cranston to Hiliary A. and Gregory A. Cranston I.

• Elizabeth M. Glosson to Michelle D. and Douglas J. Glosson.

• Emiliano Aguilera to Antonia N. and Emilio Aguilera.

• Emma G. Strack to Rhonda G. and Benjamin A. Strack II.

• Esaus A. Arriaga-Lopez to Maria L. and Jorge A. Arriaga-Lopez.

• Fintan R. Massie to Lena R. and Thurman J. Massie.

• Fiona M. Green to Lindsay M. Green and Travis H. Gipson.

• Gabriella P. King to Jennifer R. and Craig A. King.

• Gabrielle S. Santos to Rashida S. Davis and Stephenol T. Santos.

• Hailey J. Morgan to Natalie M. Pfefferkorn and Christopher T. Morgan.

• Honesty O. Bloom to Megan A. Schatzman and Lawrence F. Bloom Jr.

• Ilya M. Keesler to Aubrey M. Johnson and Christopher P. Keesler Jr.

• Irelynn C. McComb to Monica L. and Jason E. McComb.

• Irinay S. Crawford to Sabrina Crawford.

• Isabelle G. Roberts to Catherine S. and Lewis J. Roberts.

• Isaiah L. Porter to Lacey T. Robbins and Joseph L. Porter.

• Jace A. Steinke to Tonya M. Johnson and Timothy S. Steinke.

• Jaden M. Coomer to Elizabeth M. Pollos and Jacob E. Coomer.

• Jalayah R. Kelly to Jenee D. Kelly.

• Jashae S. Barnett to Whitney D. and James U. Barnett.

• Jenna R. Biddle to Tiffany M. Landrum and Philip W. Biddle.

• Joniya D. Totten to Leona A. Totten.

• Josias A. Gerdes to Dana J. and Christopher E. Gerdes.

• Kanila M. Brown to Glenda J. Smith and Aundrell M. Brown Sr.

• Kaylynn R. Handschy to Megan L. Lambert and Monte G. Handschy Jr.

• Khamari J. Shelton to Brittany K. Shelton.

• Khin K. Lwin to Khinlay Swe and Aung Lwin.

• Kira L. Chowdhury to Ashley J. Chowdhury.

• Levi C. Jones to Shaunika S. Jones.

• Lucila M. Towns to Lucila Godinez and Robert L. Towns.

• Madalyn A. Smith to Anne M. and Michael D. Smith.

• Madison F. Doile to Kristin L. and Michael W. Doile.

• Makayla D. Langston to Nikki K. Langston.

• Malyk A. Duncan to Audrey M. and Aaron S. Jordan.

• Marshall J. Hall to Toree F. Riddle and Jeffrey J. Hall.

• Michael T. Hosler to Janet A. Bailey and Thomas P. Hosler.

• Miguel A. Cantu to Dora and Mario A. Cantu.

• Naomi G. Bowland to Kristin D. and Ryan J. Bowland.

• Nevaeh L. Harris to Twylla S. Helvie and Joseph L. Harris.

• Noah J. Gray to Rachel K. and Andrew W. Gray.

• Noah M. Harms to Jeniva L. Harms.

• Nomase D. Ohonba to Oyenmwen and Osaze Edo-Ohonba.

• Olivia A. Mazella to Lisa M. Smith and Michael J. Mazella.

• Ommay Ainar to Than T. Sint and Myint Naing.

• Owen A. Higginbotham to Amber M. and Neil A. Higginbotham.

• Owen E. Murphy to Charity A. and Edward L. Murphy III.

• Parker C. Knoblauch to Abbey K. and Clinton D. Knoblauch.

• Philip M. Topalov to Silvija and Michael R. Topalov.

• Raechelle D. Ervin to Raquel D. Ervin.

• Reid O. Crowder to Jennifer L. and Bradford M. Crowder.

• Riley G. Heard to Jamie N. and Stuart J. Heard.

• Rowyn E. Norris to Melissa A. and Cameron A. Norris.

• Rylee Y. Elick to Yvonne L. and Joseph W. Elick.

• Samantha R. Merkler to Christen A. Chenery and Thomas G. Merkler.

• Samuel D. Crooks to Jennifer L. and Joshua D. Crooks.

• Stefan N. Bellio to Biljana Z. and Argie N. Bellio.

• Surah S. Naazir to Sabe S. and Akil T. Naazir.

• Taylen K. Lamb to Jenirah L. Lamb.

• Tencho J. Camacho to Sara M. Ochoa and Hortencio C. Camacho.

• Thomas J. Sackett to Sarah R. and Matthew W. Sackett.

• Willow E. Crabill to Meredith E. and Jonathan T. Crabill.

• Zachary Q. Peters to Kathy L. and Michael T. Peters.

• Zephaniah A. Minnich to Christen N. and Shawn A. Minnich.


• Kaleb L. Baron to Crystal L. Mires and Daniel R. Baron.

• Leah M. Cook to Christine Simpson and Jason B. Cook.


• Amanda S. Lengacher to Miriam and Louis R. Lengacher.

• Rachel M. Graber to Mary L. and Enos E. Graber.


• Colten R. Turner to Erica L. and Joseph R. Turner.

• Micah D. Yoder to Michelle K. and Lance D. Yoder.

• Richard A. Skaggs III to Kelee D. and Richard A. Skaggs Jr.


• Brooke E. Miller to Shelby L. and Eric L. Miller.

• Jorden N. Loshe to Tria A. Loshe.


• Edgar X. Dominguez Jr. to Maria C. and Edgar J. Dominguez.

• Judy A. Rupnow to Thea M. and Jonathan E. Rupnow.


• Kasey J. Kissner to Heidi J. and Jerome L. Kissner.

New Haven

• Darren L. Schmucker to Anita S. and Melvin Schmucker.


• Chesney L. Anderson to Melissa M. and Darrell E. Anderson.


• Alexander J. Peterson to Suzanne E. and Mark A. Peterson.

• Cameron C. Gamble to Erica H. Putt and Joshua M. Gamble.


• Laila A. Granados to Shandy N. and Jorge Granados.


• Skyler J. Mann to Shonoa K. Mann.


• Emma R. Meyers to Kelly S. Meyers and Brian A. Bork.

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