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Posted on Fri. Jun. 18, 2010 - 12:01 am EDT


Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through May 14. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


• Matthew E. Reed to Keesha M. and Clifford D. Reed.


• Kaylee J. Dennis to Ashley L. and Nicholas J. Dennis.


• Cortland M. Lynch to Stefanie L. Yingling and James C. Lynch.

• Sophia F. McCracken to Dawn M. and Shawn D. McCracken.


• Ahryah N. Laney to Stacie M. and Bradley E. Laney.

• Diamond A. Pope to Laura L. Cripe and Robert G. Pope.


• Callen E. Stauffer to Angela T. and Cary E. Stauffer.

• Colton A. Sprunger to Denise M. and James F. Sprunger Jr.


• Adalynn M. Fiechter to Jessica R. and Nick D. Fiechter.

• Aiden J. Martin to Angela C. Coffman and Barry J. Martin.

• Alex L. Anderson to Montoya L. and Ricky L. Anderson.

• Corban M. Wheeler to Abbey E. and James I. Wheeler IV.

• Kaleb A. Boots to Megan M. and Shane M. Boots.

• Kate M. Byerly to Chery L. and Blake A. Byerly.

• Robert J. Cahoon to Lisa A. and John M. Cahoon.

• Tenley R. Gerber to Dixie D. and Wes W. Gerber.


• Aiden D. Stroder to Kristi M. and David W. Stroder.

• Eleanor G. Gibson to Annetta M. and Michael V. Gibson.

• Makayla L. Korte to Angel L. and Christopher C. Korte.

Columbia City

• Alexis D. Curry to Kimberly N. Curry.

• Anthony C. Little Jr. to Ashley M. and Anthony C. Little.

• Beckett G. Cripe to Danielle M. and Rick D. Cripe.

• Brayden C. Silvestre to Brandy J. and Carlos Silvestre.

• Courtney J. Kincaid to Kayla M. Kidd and Adam M. Kincaid.

• Layne D. Baron to Dana E. and Lyle D. Baron Jr.

• Maxx O. Ihrie to Tarah L. Lehman-Ihrie and Joshua T. Ihrie.

• Paige E. Hinen to Amanda N. and Bradley R. Hinen.

• Taven Z. Brock to Hilary L. and Eric L. Brock.


• Brady O. Hake and Emmerson W. Hake to Sommer A. and Clint D. Hake.

• Breanna S. Tonner to Natalie K. and Jacob A. Tonner.

• Brock D. Baker to Amanda M. and Chad D. Baker.

• Grant C. Houk to Erin R. and Matthew B. Houk.

• Joseph K. Kozlowski to Kathleen A. and Joseph H. Kozlowski.

• Lucy M. Heller to Melissa A. Wood-Heller and Brian P. Heller.

• Macy E. Norman to Michelle L. Prater and Noah J. Norman.


• Madisyn M. Delooff to Heide M. and Thomas D. Delooff Jr.


• Mia E. Lopez to Lindsey N. Bevilacqua and Demetrius C. Lopez.

• Myra A. Choi to Carla K. and Tony S. Choi.


• Blake L. Rediger to Nicole R. and Benjamin M. Rediger.


• Benjamin A. Miller to Natalie M. and Jason A. Miller.

• Zurielle F. Buckholz to Jenny G. and Timothy A. Buckholz.


• Laronda J. Schmucker to Becky and Arlyn Schmucker.

• Sara B. Brandenberger to Marilyn K.and Enos S. Brandenberger.


• Addison K. Stoy to Sondra C. and Lee M. Stoy Sr.


• Matthew L. Graber to Joanna M. and Marlin L. Graber.


• Alaina J. Kyle to Kristie J. Kyle.

• Carl D. Smerdel to Amanda K. and Carl D. Smerdel.

• Dominick A. Green to Rebecca L. and John D. Green.


• Abby J. Good to Elizabeth A. and Jacob D. Good.

• Braylon M. Gerdes to Sheri E. and Eric M. Gerdes.

• Kennedy E. Hawkins to Megan E. Sargent and Brandon R. Hawkins.

• Kenzlee R. Bir to Ashla S. Sands and Aaron M. Bir.

• La Breanna Z. Culver to Jennifer M. Culver.


• Iva M. Ames to Kimberly M. and Andrew W. Ames.

• Reed A. Miller to Courtney M. Petersen and Dwight A. Miller.


• Matthew L. Helmuth and Michael L. Helmuth to Rachel A. and Leonard J. Helmuth.


• Benton R. Flaherty to Jessica R. and Jarrod B. Flaherty.


• Corey J. Cook to Nichole J. Carmichael and Chadd M. Cook.

• Elise C. Case to Rebecca C. and Dustin T. Case.

• Remington K. Byers to Jennifer L. and Benjamin W. Byers.


• Joel A. Moreno to Elvia P. and Jose G. Moreno.


• Layla R. Frisch to Shelly D. and Jason J. Frisch.

New Haven

• Andrew D. Miracle to Sydney L. and Raymond S. Miracle.

• Dylon J. Plott to Natassia M. and Clifton D. Plott.

• Mckenzi R. Oxner to Jessica L. Buescher and William C. Oxner.

• Rowan J. Magner to Kandi L. and Andrew J. Magner.

North Manchester

• Destiny A. Aust to Amanda J. Aust.


• Jillian C. Bischoff to Heather J. and Jason M. Bischoff.

• Kaitlyn M. Collins to Michelle A. and Jason M. Collins.


• Ainslee J. Hall to Victoria L. and James D. Hall.

• Bristyn K. Bonewitz to Jennifer L. and Paul A. Bonewitz.

• Caleb A. Esterline to Natalie A. and Benjamin M. Esterline.

• Paloma Palacios to Maria D. Perez and Jose M. Palacios.

• Spencer S. Proffitt to Jennifer T. and Scott A. Proffitt.

Saint Joe

• Wyatt A. Morhart to Heather R. and Adam D. Morhart.


• Dayne T. Roth to Janelle L. and Brian W. Roth.


• Kalista H. Custer to Kimberly A. Custer.


• Montgomrie L. Dawes to Brittny M. and Jason C. Dawes.


• Emma R. Short to Leah A. and Michael R. Short.

• Lisette Gonzalez-Ahualt to Leticia Ahualt and Jesus Gonzalez.

• Lucille R. Pierce to Sarah C. and Andrew L. Pierce.

• Malaina J. Leek to Trudy J. and Jeffrey M. Leek.


• Sydney S. Dunn to Jillian S. McHenry and Kyle A. Dunn.

Winona Lake

• Gage W. Ring to Sarah J. Wobrock and Aaron W. Ring.


• Sevin L. McNeal to Angela S. and Nathan K. McNeal.


• Kash W. Borger to Tammy K. and Scott A. Borger.


• Chloe S. Comer to Trisha S. and Bobby B. Comer.

• Easton P. Pine to Jamie L. and Zane P. Pine.

• Parker T. Cousineau to Raeshelle J. and Anthony R. Cousineau.

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