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Miles High, photography by Ellie Bogue

Miles away

May 12, 2015

Miles High takes a core group of musicians and then takes a lot of chances.

Talbot Rue, photography by Ellie Bogue

Male call

May 12, 2015

Talbot Rue rides a rising tide of male ballet dancers to new heights.

The Wickersham Brothers, photography by Ellie Bogue

Room to create

May 12, 2015

Fernando Tarango and the Wickersham Brothers perform a unique blend of jazz and rock throughout the region.

Sameer Patel, photography by Ellie Bogue

Conducting collaboration

May 12, 2015

Conductors put musical performances together, and Sameer Patel even put together his degree in conducting.

Johnny Commorato, photography by Ellie Bogue

Music first at the Rail

May 12, 2015

Music is the first consideration at The Brass Rail, a dive bar that’s now an important venue.

Greg Jacobs, photography by Ellie Bogue

A sweeping change

May 12, 2015

TekVenture’s new home welcomes artists and makers of all kinds, as president Greg Jacobs and volunteers clean it up and make it ready.

Theoplis Smith, photography by Neal Bruns

Painting the moment

May 12, 2015

Local artist Theoplis Smith creates messages with his murals and portraits.

Sarah Thompson of Sarahmics, photography by Neal Bruns

Making art

May 12, 2015

People who make a living creating art here do so in a variety of ways. From music to video to sculpture, we’ve found Fort Wayne folks who are inspired by their nature.

Kat Bowser, photography by Kyle Quandt

New arrangements

May 12, 2015

Kat Bowser channels Janis Joplin and creates a new CD.

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