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Max Meyer. Photography by Ellie Bogue

Artist storyteller

April 11, 2016

FWMoA’s Max Meyer began one extracurricular project and ended up creating an important new business helping his fellow artists.

Jennifer Ford, photography by Ellie Bogue

A perfect marriage

January 20, 2016

Jennifer Ford brought home a worldly and wonderful mix of art and interior design.

Matt Kelley, photography by Ellie Bogue

Small but strong

October 1, 2015

Ad man Matt Kelley welcomes us to The B-Side, his tiny sideline music space.

Lauren Nichols, D. Sharon Henderson, photography by Ellie Bogue

all for One at home

June 1, 2015

A new performance home at Arts United’s black box theater in the Auer Center has the all for One theater group thinking big.

Amy Beatty, photography by Ellie Bogue

A friend, indeed

May 12, 2015

Amy Beatty makes no secret of her lifelong love for the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. It’s one of the many reasons she’s such a great fit as president of the Philharmonic Friends.

Johnny Commorato, photography by Ellie Bogue

Music first at the Rail

May 12, 2015

Music is the first consideration at The Brass Rail, a dive bar that’s now an important venue.

Greg Jacobs, photography by Ellie Bogue

A sweeping change

May 12, 2015

TekVenture’s new home welcomes artists and makers of all kinds, as president Greg Jacobs and volunteers clean it up and make it ready.

Mark Paul Smith and Jody Hemphill-Smith, photography by Ellie Bogue

A home for the arts

May 12, 2015

For two decades, the Castle Gallery has provided a regal home for the arts in West Central.

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