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Nothing cools like white wine or sangria

There is nothing better than pouring a glass of white wine or sangria after a long summer day at work or working in the yard. There are some phenomenal summer wines out there.

Easley Traminette has won gold medals in the San Francisco Wine Chronicle and Tasters Guild wine competitions. Established in 1974, Easley Winery is Indiana’s oldest family-owned winery. Depending on the year and season, Easley Winery offers more than 20 different wines. The tradition of making great wines people will enjoy is the passion of second-generation owners Mark and Meredith Easley and winemaker Jeff Martin.

While swirling my glass, I picked up several aromas of flowers, tropical fruits, kiwi and starfruit. This wine had to taste amazing after giving off aromas like that. My palate was awakened with hints of honeysuckle while the tropical fruits danced around my mouth. Pair this semi-dry treat with spicy noodles or some creamy Gouda cheese.

Another must-try this summer is the new Rex Goliath Sangria. I am not the biggest fan of pre-made sangria. Most of them taste like syrup and don’t have the complete citrus flavors you really need in a sangria. The packaging is super fun and instantly will draw the eye. The screw-top cap makes it perfect for summer days on the boat or summer nights camping with friends. Limes, oranges, cherries and strawberries will jump right out of your glass and on to your palate. I prefer to drink this as a cocktail, over ice and topped with tonic with a fresh lime and orange to garnish. I definitely recommend trying it this way. It pairs great with barbeque or simply by itself as an aperitif.

On a sad note, I must let everyone know this will be my last column as I am moving on. My last bit of advice for all you wine lovers out there is to treat wine like an adventure, and every time you open a bottle remind yourself that the different flavors, profiles and aromas you are tasting are different parts of the world. Wine is always best enjoyed with great friends and family. There is always time for wine. As always: Wine on, Fort Wayne.


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