Mind blown

My trip beyond wine mixology

Occasionally I like to break out of my wine trend and try something a bit different. Usually I stick to gin or bourbon, but this time, this time my mind was blown! I was asked to be a guest judge at a Lime-A-Rita Mixology tasting.

Lime-A-Rita has five different varieties, Lime, Strawberry, Cranberry, Raspberry and Mango. Although Raspberry and Mango won’t be available until early summer, they are a must-try when you are sitting at the sandbar …  ahhhh, the sandbar … anyways, back on track. Typically, when I would tickle my palate with one of these beverages, it would strictly be over ice with a lime in it. If you haven’t tried it yet, branch out, Fort Wayne. Adding another element to these favorites will give them an entire new flavor profile.

Employees at the company that sponsored the contest got really into it; as I walked in I didn’t think there would or could be that many different flavor profiles. Oh, boy, was I wrong! My top favorites of the night are the following:

Straw-Basil Sensation:
Muddled basil and splash of tonic
Fill the rest of the glass with Strawber-rita

The Purple Phase:
1 ounce vanilla vodka
2 ounces Cranberita
Splash of Blue Curacao
Top off with tonic

Tangy Coconut Rita:
2 ounces Mango Rita
1 ounce 99 Coconut
Muddled kiwi and orange

Mint Surprise:
Muddled mint leaves and lemon
1 ounce Svedka Vodka
3 ounces Lime-a-rita
Top with tonic

I prefer things to be much more refreshing then sweet. If you are like me, stick with the Mint Surprise and the Straw-Basil Sensation. If you gravitate more to the sweet side, the Tangy Coconut Rita and the Purple Phase are the way to go. Even simply rimming a chilled glass with salt and adding a shot of tequila to a Lime-A-Rita over ice was a pleasant surprise (mainly because I am not a tequila fan).

As much as I enjoy making and drinking intricate and elaborate drinks, you have to keep it simple. In my mind, (for the most part) the fewer ingredients, the better. In the art of cocktail making, stick with ingredients that complement each other and bring out the best flavor profile. And don’t be shy or timid choosing different ingredients for your cocktails.

So, do what I do when it’s just too cold to do anything else: sit inside and get creative with your favorite Lime-A-Ritas. And, as always, wine on, Fort Wayne.


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