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You can find precisely the home you want in the Fort Wayne area, and here’s some data to guide you, thanks to the 2009-2013 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Old house elegance
Find the best woodwork, timeless styles and porches galore in the city’s older neighborhoods and the best-preserved small towns. Ask about West Central, Williams-Woodland and two ZIP codes. First 46807 (median home value $82,200) and lately 46805 ($80,700) are gaining good reputations on their own as desirable, fun, hip places to live. West Central is in 46802 ($52,000), but restored mansions there will cost a lot more. Watch the areas east and south of downtown, 46803 ($42,900) and 46806 ($50,500), and northwest of downtown, 46808 ($77,100), as the next ones to take off.

Steady, stable value
The area’s small towns offer steady growth and stable value, too. Check out Churubusco ($142,500), Monroeville ($111,000), Yoder ($104,200) and Woodburn ($123,000).

Suburban growth, postwar style
It may be the mid-century style or the compact size that draws you to postwar homes and neighborhoods. We have lots to choose from.
New Haven ($106,100), northeast Fort Wayne in 46805 ($80,700) and 46815 ($114,200) and far southeast Fort Wayne in 46816 ($85,100). Southwest Fort Wayne’s 46809 ($83,700) and 48819 ($100,800) where homes were built out in the 1950s and 1960s, respectively, are a special case, very tempting to certain design tastes.

New suburban boom
Since the 1970s a new suburban boom has transformed the landscape with entirely new styles and kinds of homes. Here’s where to find them.
In and around these small towns:
Grabill ($127,600), Harlan ($120,200), Hoagland ($156,400), Huntertown ($145,500), Leo ($168,600), New Haven ($106,100) and Roanoke ($165,000)
In Aboite Township and west
Fort Wayne: 46804 ($142,600) and
46814 ($264,700)
In northwest Fort Wayne: 46818 ($127,100), 46825 ($114,200) and
46845 ($189,700)
In far northeast Fort Wayne:
46835 ($116,300)


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