Sidewinder Farms hops, photography by Neal Bruns

A resurgence of suds

August 31, 2016

Fort Wayne is a beer town again, with breweries crafting a splendid variety of beers for us to enjoy in some great places.

Ash Skyline Plaza, photography by Dustin McKibben

Worth the wait

August 22, 2016

Everyone is sharing their first impressions of the new Ash Skyline Plaza and the new dining, service and shopping opportunities there. It’s all good.

Celeste Sexton of Fusion Yoga, photography by Neal Bruns

Be well

August 1, 2016

We move toward wellness in mind, body and spirit, mindful of the deep connections of our multifaceted mental and physical states.

Lasting Lites Emporium in Berne, photography by Neal Bruns

Shop around the block

July 5, 2016

We present a shopping tour of Northeast Indiana, a guide to great places to find wonderful items for your home, family and friends and yourself. And of course you’ll need lunch (or dinner!) while you’re out and about.

The Great Lakes Region of New France in 1755. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

Fort Wayne in 1816

June 6, 2016

In 1816, the year Indiana became a state, Fort Wayne was nothing but potential, with a long list of forces pushing it downhill and a few key strengths able to take it uphill to today.

Best place for coffee: Fortezza. Photography by Neal Bruns

Best in the City: Social Guide

April 5, 2016

We know social life is important and fun and not necessarily easy, so our Social Guide recommends the Best in the City answers to the top burning questions on everyone’s mind.

Alex Hall stands with her portrait of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs on display at the Fort Wayne International Airport. Photography by Neal Bruns

Hands on

February 1, 2016

For these Fort Wayne residents, their hands are not just the wiggly bits at the end of their arms. Their hands are the mechanisms by which they craft, create and heal.

Michelle Chiang and Yi-Kuang Chiang, photography by Neal Bruns

Cooking the American Dream

January 5, 2016

A restaurant was the idea and heritage the inspiration for these Fort Wayne residents who traveled from far away to welcome us with food every day.

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