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Learn your whole life long in Fort Wayne

Everyone in Fort Wayne can learn new things, pretty much whenever and however they want to or need to. Families have many options in Fort Wayne for their children’s education, from early childhood through post-graduate degrees. Adults learn here, too, with many opportunities for lifelong learning that qualifies individuals for good jobs, creates successful careers and enables the people who live here to live well and enjoy all the Fort Wayne area has to offer. New initiatives are helping more residents achieve post-secondary education, and a network of continuing education opportunities provides life-enriching classes.

Preschool through high school

The following schools were listed on the Indiana Department of Education’s DOE Compass website as operating in Allen County for the 2014-2015 school year, which is where we got this information. We have listed the State’s final grade information from 2013-2014, the most recent year for which it is available. Visit the DOE website at to learn more about school accreditation and accountability in Indiana. Top-notch information about early childhood care and education is available through Fort Wayne’s Early Childhood Alliance and its website,

Fort Wayne Community Schools

Adams Elementary: 3000 New Haven Ave., Fort Wayne 46803 (260) 467-5850 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-319 State’s final grade-C

Arlington Elementary: 8118 St. Joe Center Road,
Fort Wayne 46835 (260) 467-6000 State
Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-496
State’s final grade-B

Blackhawk Middle: 7200 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 467-4885 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-863 State’s final grade-B

Bloomingdale Elementary: 1300 Orchard St., Fort Wayne 46808 (260) 467-6700 State Accredited.
Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-305 State’s final grade-C

Brentwood Elementary: 3710 Stafford Dr., Fort Wayne 46805 (260) 467-6775 State Accredited.
Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-502 State’s final grade-A

Bunche Elementary: 1111 Greene St., Fort Wayne 46803 (260) 467-4790 State Accredited. Grade
level-PK-KG Enrollment-242 State’s final grade-B

Fairfield Elementary: 2825 Fairfield Ave., Fort Wayne 46807 (260) 467-5900 State Accredited. Grade
level-PK-5 Enrollment-591 State’s final grade-A

Forest Park Elementary: 2004 Alabama Ave.,
Fort Wayne 46805 (260) 467-6850 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-612 State’s final grade-C

Francis M. Price Elementary: 1901 W. State Blvd., Fort Wayne 46808 (260) 467-4950 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-500 State’s final grade-A

Franke Park Elementary: 828 Mildred Ave., Fort Wayne 46808 (260) 467-6925 State Accredited.
Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-562 State’s final grade-A

Fred H. Croninger Elementary: 6700 Trier Road,
Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 467-6050 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-600 State’s final grade-A

Glenwood Park Elementary: 4501 Vance Ave.,
Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 467-6200 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-527 State’s final grade-A

Harrison Hill Elementary: 355 S. Cornell Circle,
Fort Wayne 46807 (260) 467-7000 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-633 State’s final grade-A
Indian Village Elementary: 3835 Wenonah Lane, Fort Wayne 46809 (260) 467-5200 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-509 State’s final grade-A

J. Wilbur Haley Elementary: 2201 Maplecrest Road, Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 467-4510 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-577 State’s final grade-A

Jeff H. Towles Intermediate: 420 E. Paulding Road, Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 467-4300 State Accredited. Grade level-1-8 Enrollment-575 State’s final grade-B

Jefferson Middle: 5303 Wheelock Road, Fort Wayne 46835 (260) 467-4825 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-669 State’s final grade-B

John S. Irwin Elementary: 3501 S. Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne 46806 (260) 467-5310 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-301 State’s final grade-A

Kekionga Middle: 2929 Engle Road, Fort Wayne 46809 (260) 467-6600 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-539 State’s final grade-D

Lakeside Middle: 2100 Lake Ave., Fort Wayne 46805 (260) 467-8625 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-461 State’s final grade-B

Lane Middle: 4901 Vance Ave., Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 467-4400 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-563 State’s final grade-A

Levan R. Scott Academy: 950 E. Fairfax Ave., Fort Wayne 46806 (260) 467-8050 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-414 State’s final grade-A

Lincoln Elementary: 1001 E. Cook Road, Fort Wayne 46825 (260) 467-5400 State Accredited. Grade
level-KG-5 Enrollment-709 State’s final grade-A

Lindley Elementary: 2201 Ardmore Ave., Fort Wayne 46802 (260) 467-5350 State Accredited. Grade
level-KG-5 Enrollment-464 State’s final grade-A

Mabel K. Holland Elementary: 7000 Red Haw Dr., Fort Wayne 46825 (260) 467-7075 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-538 State’s final grade-A

Maplewood Elementary: 2200 Maplewood Road, Fort Wayne 46819 (260) 467-7150 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-418 State’s final grade-A

Memorial Park Middle: 2200 Maumee Ave., Fort Wayne 46803 (260) 467-5300 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-630 State’s final grade-C

Merle J. Abbett Elementary: 4325 Smith St., Fort Wayne 46806 (260) 467-5800 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-409 State’s final grade-D

Miami Middle: 8100 Amherst Dr., Fort Wayne 46819 (260) 467-8560 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-703 State’s final grade-D

Nebraska Elementary: 1525 Boone St., Fort Wayne 46808 (260) 467-8000 State Accredited. Grade
level-PK-5 Enrollment-227 State’s final grade-B

North Side High: 475 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne 46805 (260) 467-2800 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-1,806 State’s final grade-C

Northcrest Elementary: 5301 Archwood Lane,
Fort Wayne 46825 (260) 467-5450 State
Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-435 State’s final grade-A

Northrop High: 7001 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne 46825 (260) 467-2300 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-2,179 State’s final grade-B

Northwood Middle: 1201 E. Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne 46825 (260) 467-2930 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-697 State’s final grade-A

Portage Middle: 3521 Taylor St., Fort Wayne 46802 (260) 467-4500 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-490 State’s final grade-D

R. Nelson Snider High: 4600 Fairlawn Pass, Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 467-4600 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-1,830 State’s final grade-B

Robert C. Harris Elementary: 4501 Thorngate Dr., Fort Wayne 46835 (260) 467-6300 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-444 State’s final grade-A

Saint Joseph Central: 6341 St. Joe Center Road, Fort Wayne 46835 (260) 467-6100 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-447 State’s final grade-A

Shawnee Middle: 1000 E. Cook Road, Fort Wayne 46825 (260) 467-6525 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-836 State’s final grade-C

South Side High: 3601 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne 46807 (260) 467-2600 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-1,358 State’s final grade-D

South Wayne Elementary: 810 Cottage Ave., Fort Wayne 46807 (260) 467-8100 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-390 State’s final grade-A

Study Elementary: 2414 Brooklyn Ave., Fort Wayne 46802 (260) 467-8500 State Accredited. Grade
level-PK-5 Enrollment-304 State’s final grade-C

Washington Center Elementary: 1936 W. Wallen Road, Fort Wayne 46818 (260) 467-6250 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-484 State’s final grade-C

Washington Elementary: 1015 W. Washington Blvd., Fort Wayne 46802 (260) 467-8150 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-255 State’s final grade-A

Wayne High: 9100 Winchester Road, Fort Wayne 46819 (260) 467-6400 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-1,271 State’s final grade-C

Waynedale Elementary: 7201 Elzey St., Fort Wayne 46809 (260) 467-8820 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-478 State’s final grade-A

Weisser Park Elementary: 902 Colerick St., Fort Wayne 46806 (260) 467-8875 State Accredited. Grade level-1-5 Enrollment-560 State’s final grade-A

Whitney M. Young Early Childhood: 1026 E. Pontiac St., Fort Wayne 46803 (260) 467-8950 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-KG Enrollment-252 State’s final grade-A

Willard Shambaugh Elementary: 5320 Rebecca
Dr., Fort Wayne 46835 (260) 467-6150 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-369
State’s final grade-A

East Allen County Schools

Cedarville Elementary: 12226 Hardisty Road, Fort Wayne 46845 (260) 446-0110 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-3 Enrollment-668 State’s final grade-A

East Allen University: 6501 Wayne Trace, Fort Wayne 46816 (260) 446-0240 State Accredited. Grade level-9 Enrollment-258 State’s final grade-B

Heritage Elementary: 12009 Hoagland Road, Hoagland 46745 (260) 446-0160 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-6 Enrollment-456 State’s final grade-A

Heritage Junior/Senior High: 13608 Monroeville Road, Monroeville 46773 (260) 446-0140 State Accredited. Grade level-7-12 Enrollment-804 State’s final grade-B

Leo Elementary: 14811 Wayne St., Leo 46765 (260) 446-0170 State Accredited. Grade level-4-6 Enrollment-583 State’s final grade-A

Leo Junior/Senior High: 14600 Amstutz Road, Leo 46765 (260) 446-0180 State Accredited. Grade level-7-12 Enrollment-1,335 State’s final grade-A

New Haven High: 1300 Green Road, New Haven 46774 (260) 446-0220 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-933 State’s final grade-C

New Haven Intermediate: 1065 Woodmere Dr.,
New Haven 46774 (260) 446-0190 State Accredited. Grade level-3-5 Enrollment-416 State’s final grade-A

New Haven Middle: 900 Prospect Ave., New Haven 46774 (260) 446-0230 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-530 State’s final grade-C

New Haven Primary: 1445 Berwick Lane, New Haven 46774 (260) 446-0150 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-2 Enrollment-468 State’s final grade-A

Paul Harding Junior High: 6501 Wayne Trace,
Fort Wayne 46816 (260) 446-0240 State Accredited. Grade level-7-8 Enrollment-289 State’s final grade-B

Prince Chapman Academy: 4808 E. Paulding Road, Fort Wayne 46816 (260) 446-0270 State Accredited. Grade level-3-6 Enrollment-574 State’s final grade-B

Southwick Elementary: 6500 Wayne Trace, Fort Wayne 46816 (260) 446-0250 State Accredited.
Grade level-PK-2 Enrollment-541 State’s final grade-B

Woodlan Elementary: 17215 Woodburn Road, Woodburn 46797 (260) 446-0100 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-6 Enrollment-498 State’s final grade-C

Woodlan Junior/Senior High: 17215 Woodburn Road, Woodburn 46797 (260) 446-0290 State Accredited. Grade level-7-12 Enrollment-688 State’s final grade-C

Southwest Allen County Schools

Aboite Elementary: 5004 Homestead Road, Fort Wayne 46814 (260) 431-2101 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-536 State’s final grade-A
Covington Elementary: 2430 W. Hamilton Road, Fort Wayne 46814 (260) 431-0501 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-757 State’s final grade-A

Deer Ridge Elementary: 1515 Scott Road, Fort Wayne 46814 (260) 431-0701 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-424 State’s final grade-B

Haverhill Elementary: 4725 Weatherside Run, Fort Wayne 46804 (260) 431-2901 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-377 State’s final grade-A

Homestead Senior High: 4310 Homestead Road, Fort Wayne 46814 (260) 431-2202 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-2,308 State’s final grade-A

Lafayette Meadow Elementary: 11420 Ernst Road, Roanoke 46783 (260) 431-0601 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-516 State’s final grade-C

Summit Middle: 4509 Homestead Road, Fort Wayne 46814 (260) 431-2502 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-693 State’s final grade-C

Whispering Meadow Elementary: 415 Mission Hill Dr., Fort Wayne 46804 (260) 431-2601 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-465 State’s final grade-A

Woodside Middle: 2310 W. Hamilton Road, Fort Wayne 46814 (260) 431-2701 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-976 State’s final grade-A

Northwest Allen County Schools

Arcola Elementary: 11006 Arcola Road, Arcola 46704 (260) 625-3161 State Accredited. Grade
level-KG-5 Enrollment-172 State’s final grade-C

Carroll High: 3701 Carroll Road, Fort Wayne 46818 (260) 637-3161 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-2,137 State’s final grade-A

Carroll Middle: 4027 Hathaway Road, Fort Wayne 46818 (260) 637-5159 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-978 State’s final grade-A

Cedar Canyon Elementary: 15011 Coldwater
Road, Fort Wayne 46845 (260) 637-6101 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-522 State’s final grade-A

Eel River Elementary: 12723 Bethel Road, Fort Wayne 46818 (260) 338-5395 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-507 State’s final grade-B

Hickory Center Elementary: 3606 Baird Road, Fort Wayne 46818 (260) 637-3758 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-430 State’s final grade-B

Huntertown Elementary: 15330 Lima Road, Huntertown 46748 (260) 637-3181 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-564 State’s final grade-A

Maple Creek Middle: 425 Union Chapel Road, Fort Wayne 46845 (260) 338-0802 State Accredited. Grade level-6-8 Enrollment-779 State’s final grade-A

Oak View Elementary: 13123 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne 46845 (260) 637-5117 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-424 State’s final grade-B
Perry Hill Elementary: 13121 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne 46845 (260) 637-3158 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-5 Enrollment-485 State’s final grade-B

Charter schools

Smith Academy for Excellence: 6806 Embers Court, Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 749-5832 Not State Accredited. Grade level-5-9 Enrollment-63 State’s
final grade-F

Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy: 2310 Weisser Park Ave., Fort Wayne 46803 (260)
755-0193 Not State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-115 State’s final grade-C

Timothy L. Johnson Academy: 4615 Werling Dr., Fort Wayne 46806 (260) 441-8727 Charter Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-241
State’s final grade-F

Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend

Bishop Dwenger High School: 1300 E. Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne 46825 (260) 496-4700 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-1,063 State’s final grade-A

Bishop Luers High School: 333 E. Paulding Road, Fort Wayne 46816 (260) 456-1261 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-601 State’s final

Most Precious Blood School: 1529 Barthold St.,
Fort Wayne 46808 (260) 426-5904 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-8 Enrollment-220 State’s final grade-B

Queen of Angels School: 1600 W. State Blvd., Fort Wayne 46808 (260) 483-8214 State Accredited.
Grade level-PK-8 Enrollment-168 State’s final grade-A

St. Aloysius Catholic School: 14607 Bluffton Road, Yoder 46798 (260) 622-7151 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-94 State’s final grade-B

St. Charles Borromeo School: 4910 Trier Road, Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 484-3392 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-785 State’s final grade-A

St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School: 10650 Aboite Center Road, Fort Wayne, 46804 (260) 432-4001 State Accredited. Grade level PK-8 Enrollment-448 State’s final grade-A

St. John the Baptist Catholic School: 204 Rufus St., New Haven 46774 (260) 749-9903 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-8 Enrollment-317 State’s final grade-A

St. John the Baptist School: 4500 Fairfield Ave., Fort Wayne 46807 (260) 456-3321 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-241 State’s final grade-A

St. Joseph Hessen Cassel Catholic School: 11521 Old U.S. 27 S., Fort Wayne 46816 (260) 639-3580 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-120 State’s final grade-A

St. Joseph Catholic School: 2211 Brooklyn Ave., Fort Wayne 46802 (260) 432-4000 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-5 Enrollment-86 State’s final grade-A
St. Jude Elementary School: 2110 Pemberton Dr., Fort Wayne 46805 (260) 484-4611 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-500 State’s final grade-A

St. Louis Besancon Catholic School: 15529 E. Lincoln Highway, New Haven 46774 (260) 749-5815 State Accredited. Grade level-PK-8 Enrollment-102 State’s final grade-A

St. Rose of Lima School: 401 Monroe St., Monroeville 46773 (260) 623-3447 State Accredited. Grade
level-KG-8 Enrollment-99 State’s final grade-C

St. Therese School: 2222 Lower Huntington Road, Fort Wayne 46819 (260) 747-2343 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-185 State’s final grade-B

St. Vincent DePaul School: 1720 E. Wallen Road, Fort Wayne 46825 (260) 489-3537 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-749 State’s final grade-B

Lutheran Schools of Indiana

Ascension Lutheran School: 8811 St. Joe Road, Fort Wayne 46835 (260) 486-2226 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-123 State’s final grade-B

Central Lutheran School: 1400 Elm St., New Haven 46774 (260) 493-2502 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-369 State’s final grade-B

Concordia Evangelical Lutheran School: 4245 Lake Ave., Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 426-9922 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-329 State’s final grade-C

Concordia Lutheran High School: 1601 St. Joe River Dr., Fort Wayne 46805 (260) 483-1102 State Accredited. Grade level-9-12 Enrollment-739 State’s final grade-A

Emmanuel St. Michael Lutheran School: 1123 Union St., Fort Wayne 46802 (260) 422-6712 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-359 State’s final grade-A

Emmaus Lutheran School: 8626 Covington Road, Fort Wayne 46804 (260) 459-7722 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-148 State’s final grade-A

Holy Cross Lutheran School: 3425 Crescent Ave., Fort Wayne 46805 (260) 483-3173 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-419 State’s final grade-A

Lutheran South Unity School: 5401 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne 46807 (260) 744-0459 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-181 State’s final grade-D

St. Paul Lutheran School: 1125 Barr St., Fort Wayne 46802 (260) 424-0049 Freeway Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-194 State’s final grade-A

St. Peter’s Lutheran School: 7810 Maysville Road, Fort Wayne 46815 (260) 749-5811 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-220 State’s final grade-B

St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School: 12912 Franke Road, Monroeville 46773 (260) 639-0123 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-138
State’s final grade-B
Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran School: 6318 W. California Road, Fort Wayne 46818 (260) 483-9371 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-155 State’s final grade-B

Woodburn Lutheran School: Box 159 4502 Ind. 101 N., Woodburn 46797 (260) 632-5493 State Accredited. Grade level-KG-8 Enrollment-136 State’s final grade-A


Brown Mackie College-Fort Wayne: 3000 E. Coliseum Blvd., (260) 484-4400,

Concordia Theological Seminary: 6600 N. Clinton St., (260) 452-2100,

Harrison College: 6413 N. Clinton St., (260)

Indiana Tech: 1600 E. Washington Blvd., (260)

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort
Wayne: 2101 E. Coliseum Blvd., (260) 481-4739,

Indiana Wesleyan University-Fort Wayne
Education and Conference Center: 8211 W. Jefferson Blvd., (260) 918-1230,

International Business College: 5699 Coventry
Lane, (800) 589-6363,

ITT Technical Institute (ITT): 2810 Dupont Commerce Court, (260) 497-6200,

Ivy Tech Community College Northeast: Coliseum Campus 3800 N. Anthony Blvd., (888) IVY-LINE,

MedTech College: 7230 Engle Road, Suite 200,
(260) 436-3272,

Ross Medical Education Center: 4122 Lima Road, Unit A5, (800) 833-7677,

Trine University Fort Wayne: 9910 Dupont Circle Drive East, (260) 483-4949,

University of Saint Francis: 2701 Spring St.,
(260) 399-7700,

Western Governors University: Online for Indiana students, www.

Continuing education

ARCH, Inc.: 818 Lafayette St., (260) 426-5117 ARCH, Fort Wayne’s historic preservation organization, provides programs and tours to further your education about the city’s built environment.

Artlink, Inc.: 300 E. Main St., (260) 424-7195, Artlink’s space in the Auer Center offers expanded and improved space for its classes and workshops for young people and adults.

Embassy Theatre: 125 W. Jefferson Blvd., (260) 424-5665. An education program for children fills the Embassy with activity, and its regular programming
is a source of learning experiences for all patrons.

Fort Wayne Ballet: 300 E. Main St., (260) 484-9646. A full curriculum of ballet and dance is blooming in its Auer Center location.

Fort Wayne Community Schools Neighborhood Connection: 1200 S. Barr St., (260) 467-1075. Provides affordable, high-quality educational and recreational opportunities.

Fort Wayne Dance Collective: 437 E. Berry St.,
(260) 424-6574. Fort Wayne Dance Collective’s studios host classes for everyone from preschool to adult, from novice to tested performer.

Fort Wayne Museum of Art: 311 E. Main St.,
(260) 422-6467. Fort Wayne Museum of Art sponsors regular presentations related to its exhibits and collection of American art, in addition to children’s classes, lectures and bus trips.

Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department: 705 E. State Blvd., (260) 427-6000. Offers classes and activities in many categories: Adult special interest, computers, outdoor programs, preschool programs, senior programs, special events, sports & fitness, travel and youth programs.

Fort Wayne Youtheatre: 303 E. Main St., (260)
422-6900. For more than 70 years, Fort Wayne Youtheatre has enlightened and delighted the youth of our community, using the dramatic arts to teach values and stimulate the imagination.
The History Center: 302 East Berry St., (260)
426-2882. The Allen County-Fort Wayne
Historical Society sponsors lectures and programs
to continue your education about the origins, highlights and prospects of the Fort Wayne area.

IPFW Continuing Studies: 2101 E. Coliseum Blvd., (260) 481-6619. Offers professional continuing education credits in a number of fields in addition to personal improvement, personal interest and academic subjects.

Lifetime Sports Academy: 3900 Hessen
Cassel Road in McMillen Park, (260) 427-6760. Open to boys and girls ages 8-18 and offers
group lessons in the lifetime sports of golf,
tennis and swimming. Certified coaches and
highly trained professionals and volunteers
provide the training. The Lifetime Sports
Academy is funded by the Fort Wayne Sports Corporation and the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department and is offered to area
youth free of charge.

McMillen Center For Health Education: 600
Jim Kelley Blvd., (260) 456-4511. Having
welcomed more than 1.5 million student visitors,
the McMillen Center continues its mission of providing health education in the Fort Wayne

Three Rivers Co-op Natural Foods & Deli:
1612 Sherman Blvd., (260) 424-8812. Offers
cooking classes and instruction on health and
wellness topics.


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