The myth of parking

Get smart about finding a space when you need it

That old saying about the inescapability of death and taxes doesn’t properly address the real challenges of daily life in even a moderately sized, moderately busy, polite and civilized city like Fort Wayne.
There will come a time when you will need a parking space and one will not magically appear where you want it. It might happen more than once if you don’t learn your lesson and start planning ahead. With only the tiniest amount of effort, though, you can escape the myth and settle into the happy reality of knowing where and how to park in downtown Fort Wayne.
Downtown, you’re juggling the possibilities of on-street and parking lot-or-garage spots. More and more parking lots are either sold out to monthly customers during the day or having something built on them, but they do still exist.
A good tip: On-street further divides into one- and two-hour spots, so read the signs posted on the blocks and pay attention when you put your quarters in the meters.
Best tip of all: Use the information compiled by the masters.


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