Going vintage

February 12, 2015

Going old school is one of the most current styles in wedding themes. Many of today’s couples are opting


The social wedding

February 12, 2015

People and their phones can’t be parted for long. While Rachael and Jaime Jacome asked their guests to power down


Keep calm and wedding on

February 12, 2015

From navigating family politics to dealing with 1,001 details during your lunch break, planning your big day can lead to


How Mom can lend a hand

February 12, 2015

Have a potentially overbearing motherof- the-bride and/or mother-of-the-groom on your hands? Give her something to do with all her nervous


Your wedding, your way

February 12, 2015

For couples who prize individuality above all else, an at-home wedding is the easiest way to achieve automatic, affordable character.


The smartphone vs. the wedding

February 12, 2015

It might seem strange for two technophiles to tell people to put away their cell phones, but that’s just what


Say yes to your perfect dress

February 12, 2015

Fort Wayne-area brides are in for a treat at the 2015 Bridal Extravaganza sponsored by Fort Wayne Magazine’s Weddings on

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