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Doug Fasick, City Utilities' senior program manager for energy engineering and sustainability services, displays a boiler used to convert methane into heat used by the sewer treatment plant. Soon, however, the gas will be used to produce electricity. (News-Sentinel photos by Kevin Leininger)
Who would’ve thought that the source of a nearly endless supply of “green” energy would turn out to be brown?
After the dedication of statue of Abraham Lincoln this week, Allen County Public Library Director Jeffrey Krull talks with some of those present. (By Sheryl Krieg of The News-Sentinel)
In 1986, when he visited the main Allen County Public Library to interview for the job of library director, Jeffrey Krull was awed by the size and scope of the library.      More..
Members of the Southwest Fire District hold a banner welcoming Cindy Fankhanel and her two sons John Louis, 12, and Julian, 6, to Fort Wayne.
Dirk Fankhanel idolized the fire departments in the United States.

Already a firefighter in his homeland of Germany, the husband and father of two wished for the chance to travel to the U.S.      More..
Sgt. Michael Dawson, left, a native of Warrenton, Ore., and Sgt. 1st Class David McMahon, a native of Fort Wayne, both with 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, demonstrate July 15 recovery operations for an overturned car at Adazi, Latvia. About 600 paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne are deployed throughout Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve for NATO obligations aid to allied forces. (Photo by  U.S. Army Sgt. Michael T. Crawford)
Sgt. Michael Dawson, left, a native of Warrenton, Ore., and Sgt.      More..
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