Andy Paige
Andy Paige doesn't look like a fairy godmother, and she doesn't work her magic with a wand, but it's safe to say she has the ability to make the average woman feel like a modern Cinderella.
Despite an outward appearance of good health, Rachael Juricak, 31, pictured here with her husband, Brian Juricak, is battling many internal and debilitating effects of Lyme disease due to delayed diagnosis. Indiana Lyme cases, confirmed by U.S. Centers for Disease Control guidelines, have tripled in the past decade. In 2013, the CDC said the actual number of new U.S. Lyme cases is likely 300,000 a year, 10 times the number the CDC previously reported.
Joint and muscle pain and weakness; severe fatigue; fevers; memory loss; dizziness; and a nearly 50-pound weight loss.      More..
INDIANAPOLIS — Passenger rail service between Chicago and Indianapolis will be available every day under a two-year contract the Indiana Department of Transportation has signed with Amtrak and a private carrier.      More..
RICHMOND — Police say an eastern Indiana man tried to return to sleep on top of railroad tracks after a conductor woke him to say he had been struck by a train.      More..
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