John Sampson

March 16, 2016

His Regional Partnership won $42 million for Northeast Indiana, but John Sampson is unwilling to rest on his laurels. Find out why as we play 20 Questions.

That’s how they roll

March 14, 2016

The need for a warm spot to practice in the winter led to the opening of the Fort Wayne Indoor Skatepark.

Dr. Gohar Salam

February 16, 2016

In an era when anti-“other” sentiment runs high, Dr. Gohar Salam wants to spread a message of peace. Learn how he brings both sight and insight through his medical and religious practices as we play 20 Questions.

Dr. Ruby Cain

January 19, 2016

Her interests are wide and her passions run deep, and Ruby Cain is learning while she is teaching and leading change. Learn why she loves it so much as we play 20 Questions.

Judge Wendy Davis

December 11, 2015

Judge Wendy Davis pulls no punches when she describes what her work day is like. Find out what she wants for Christmas as we play 20 Questions.

Being Brightpoint

November 27, 2015

Brightpoint’s Steve Hoffman leads toward a familiar goal under a bright new brand.

Martin Fisher

November 24, 2015

Martin Fisher is really is happy about Science Central. Find out his secret ambition as we play 20 Questions.

Eric Doden

October 30, 2015

Find out what Greater Fort Wayne Inc. head Eric Doden thinks we should be reading as we play 20 Questions.

Dogs at their best

October 29, 2015

Debbie Ward wasn’t always a dog lover, but today she helps guide canines and their humans to excellence.

Fred Beckman

October 10, 2015

Fred Beckman Fred Beckman, one of the founding partners of Beckman Lawson, LLP, was honored with

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