Finding a good fit

May 12, 2015

Jessica Henry and the Allen County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are a match made in heaven. The data, the people and the animals agree.

‘Extra’ challenge

May 12, 2015

Fort Wayne’s own Mike Brouwer is front and center in a new action flick.

Doc West

May 12, 2015

He’s the doctor who prescribes rock ‘n’ roll and lives for the music. Learn why as Doc West plays 20 Questions.

George Kalamaras

May 12, 2015

IPFW professor George Kalamaras is Indiana’s Poet Laureate. Find out what he thinks of rhyming as we play 20 Questions.

Charles Miller

May 12, 2015

Charles Miller is Tula, whose life has not all happened on stage. Learn the rest of her story as he plays 20 Questions.

Susan Mendenhall

May 12, 2015

Arts United searched far and wide for its new executive director and found her right here. Meet Susan Mendenhall as she plays 20 Questions.

Betty Stein

May 12, 2015

Betty Stein has spent her life bringing the love of learning to Fort Wayne. Find out why and what she’s reading as we play 20 Questions.

The art of healing

May 12, 2015

Terry Doran is using his journey from abused child to master storyteller to help children using the arts.

Mark Becker

May 12, 2015

Mark Becker has held public and private leadership roles. Find out why economic development is a theme as he plays 20 Questions.

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